Forgiven for Scandal, Hugo Wong is Back Filming for New TVB Drama

Hugo Wong‘s  (黃子恆) image hit a scandalous note last December when he admitted that he had slept with his own fan. A 28-year-old fan from Mainland China, Michelle, claims that Hugo had even gotten her pregnant. Hugo denied the allegations and said he had used protection. TVB had initially reacted sternly to the scandal, and even temporarily “froze” Hugo for six months before recently casting the 36-year-old actor in new drama, Amelia Rhapsody <愛美麗狂想曲>.

At today’s costume fitting for Amelia Rhapsody, Hugo was asked whether he has reached closure on his dispute with Michelle. He replied, “We haven’t been in touch afterward.” When asked if he knew if Michelle had gotten an abortion as she claimed, Hugo said, “It’s impossible because [her pregnancy claims] were false. So it couldn’t have happened.”

Asked whether the scandal has changed his approach towards his fans and whether he will now keep a distance from them, Hugo said, “Yes, there will be distance. Whatever the reason is, I’m afraid they won’t accept me. I’m concerned they’ll be afraid of me. I need to improve myself first. As long as I do better, then my fans will increase.”

Although he is currently single, Hugo hopes to date. “I’m already [36] and I see how happily [married] Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) is. But the most important thing now is work.”

In Amelia Rhapsody, Hugo will portray a businessman. The romantic comedy also stars Moses Chan (陳豪), Ali Lee (李佳芯), Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho (曹永廉), and Amber Tang (鄧卓殷).


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  1. this horn dog is back in filming for TVB guest the station really crashing!!! He wants to get married already puuuuleeassse I wish any women the best of luck if they decide to take his hand in marriage!!!

  2. he’s a decent actor. it’d be a waste to just let him go. after a while people will forget and he’ll be fine. but one thing, his female co-workers will stay away from him.

  3. If this was TVB of the old, he would’ve been abandoned for years (if not forever) because TVB has a serious talent drain these days that they are forced to accept whoever they can get their hands on.

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say this again. I give TVB 10 years.

    1. @anon

      Your so nice to give them 10yrs with the competitor station like ViuTv i say it’ll be less…… besides they took in most of the aritist in which TVB didnt not cherish back in the old days most of them i say are good actors but too bad the golden station didnt give them any oppurtunities

      1. @sherla1019 They were given opportunities, it’s just that TVB still treated them like crap and didn’t cherish them….and of course TVB’s antiquated, restrictive policies had a lot to do with it too. The current talent drain is TVB’s own doing and if that means they have to settle for artists like Hugo, then too bad for them.

        Speaking of ViuTV, I’m happy to see that they’ve really come into their own the past few years. Yes, their series have been inconsistent and not all are worth watching, but I like their refreshing cast mix and also their willingness to try new things (as opposed to the constant rehash of the “tried and true” formula from TVB). I heard that the series ViuTV is airing right now (the teacher one starring Liu Kai Chi and Amy Chan) is really good – some people have even said it overshadows TVB’s currently airing (and majorly hyped) series Big White Duel (which, despite the hype, is pretty much the same TVB thoroughfare). I haven’t watched ViuTV’s second currently airing series yet, but they brought Flora King back out of retirement to star in the series (along with Keung To, the dude who won that ViuTV talent contest King Maker last year), so I’ll probably check it out….

      1. @tatsumakijim LOL…Nothing illegal and no one would even blink an eye if this happens in Hollywood. He is just a playboy who toyed with this FAN girl’s heart and had a sexual relationship. Who knows what the truth was besides themselves but the girl is of age it’s not like she’s a minor so it really takes two to tango. I thought he’s a decent actor to and ok looking but just no fame luck in TVB just like alot of them.

      2. @wm2017
        Hugo also kept sleeping with an actress who had a husband. Amazing the many chances TVB give in this lack of talent era. Back a couple of decades ago, these borderline support/leads would have been rid of quickly.

      3. @tatsumakijim he’s just gross. aside from the fan scandal, he tried to pick up someone else’s gf too. no ethics or morals when it comes to finding someone to hump.

        of course that’s not a death sentence, but imma give this dude a wide berth if i know him in real life. similar to the tristan thompsons of the world. avoid like the plague!

    2. @anon
      It’s sounds embarrassing but the likes of Hugo Wong and Joel Chan are irreplaceable at TVB right now. They are in need of strong support or experienced to step up with leads. No male talent coming through apart from Matthew Ho and Owen Cheung…

  4. Guys are forgiven so easily in comparison to females…

  5. Forgiving Hugo is one thing… Could TVB be paving the road to forgive Jacqueline Wong in the near future.

      1. @coralie Well, most people would argue it’s because he was married to the Queen of pop and she was dating someone else. To me yes, all the same but HK media/ppl have such different views on these so called scandals. I still remember Him Law and the Teresa girl. She was a victim and got frozen really? Him Law didn’t get a scratch on him did he and managed to snag so called # 1 actress from TVB.

      2. @wm2017 most people’s argument is based off the idea that she was unfaithful or that she lacked morals/ethics going after someone’s husband? if the former, then i guess hugo didn’t meet that criteria (that we know of) & his partner wasn’t someone famous. but at least the people impacted by JW’s scandal have forgiven her. can’t say the same for hugo. so if he can be forgiven by the company, i think she stands a good chance, too.

        not to mention previous parties like him law as you noted or amigo chui or joey leung. they did forgive actress queenie chu though, which was surprising.

      3. @coralie
        It does not work like that. Fans and sponsors won’t blacklist series involving Hugo Wong but almost certainly do not want to be associated Jacqueline. It does not matter who committed the worse act. It’s all about the financial potential…

      4. @jimmyszeto okay, point taken. it’s not about what they did, but WHO they did it to lol. basically, their main issue is with the fact that JW did the deed to someone famous and loved, so that makes her unforgivable and unbankable in the eyes of the hypocrites.

      5. @coralie That’s why I wonder why people/TVB would be so forgiven towards Sheren Teng was it who Kong Wah cheated with? Why was she different? She was older than JW as well I think no when it happened? She’s like my mom’s generation so I assumed she was older lol….Can we say they have easily forgiven her due to she was never that popular back in the days to begin with and KW n the singer wife also is not super legendary than Sammy C & Andy H so they didnt
        think much of it? That KW and the wife even also had kids at the time. Why is ST forgiven and ppl find it so much harder for JW? Yes, again b/c she was also cheating on goody goody Kenneth Ma? hahah That was more the reason to hate her right? I mean come on if you think about it cheating is cheating all the same no? lol..hahaha

      6. @wm2017 yeah i have those same questions myself. what makes her so much more unforgivable than someone like michelle reis or anita yuen or sheren tang or heck, even queenie chu? the bottom line is that while her actions are despicable, the nail in the coffin is that she did it to someone loved and famous. with sheren, kong wah’s wife was a nobody, so doesn’t generate buzz.

      7. @coralie kong wah’s wife was a nobody? haha LOL..Really see that’s the difference right there!!! She did it to a well liked queen of pop in HK that’s why it’s unforgivable. I know right, all those mistresses still have buzz in the circle after their mistress days why can’t JW? lol…haha…

      8. @coralie woah there. Jacqueline was cheating while she was in a stable relationship…

        Hugo had a consenting encounter with his fan. While what Hugo did is not acceptable as a celeb, Jacqueline’s actions are not forgivable in the hk culture. Hugo’s a douche but Jacqueline hurt two of the most respected celebrities in HK, she’s not going to ever be used by TV stations again.

      9. @bubbles23 okay, HK might not find her forgivable, but that’s because HK is a misogynistic, hypocritical city. that’s the main reason why she’s not forgivable.

        plenty of HK celebrities have been caught cheating – mostly men, but they’re still adored and accepted by the public. alan tam, george lam, joey leung, jackie chan, etc. but they all got away mostly unharmed. so if it’s just from her actions alone, it doesn’t explain the intense hate.

      10. @coralie HK is a misogynistic, hypocritical city …Right? omg…esp they would go to the extremes like writing letters/or calling to have TVB fire her?? Really citizens? haha LOL..Crazy. Then all the mistresses should have the same treatment as well.

      11. @wm2017
        i’d like to think it’s whose toes you stepped on. the spouse whose cheated on don’t have the legion of fans to demand justice for their idol.

      12. @coralie JW has a video so is not easily forgettable and forgivable. Also she is not a likeable actress to begin with.

      13. @hayden
        i thought she had a sweet outgoing image that most guys liked. as a girl, i thought she was sweet too but not the pretty type.

      14. @hayden videos, pictures, we have a lot of celebrities who were caught in the media. the medium in which they’re caught makes no difference except one’s longer than the others.

        @orchid123 i mean, we’re just going to agree to disagree on that. how do you qualify bringing shame and terrible image to TVB? Hugo Wong definitely brought shame and embarrassment to TVB too, but not to the extent JW did…only because her cheating & cheated partners were famous.

        @ricky721 yes, it does seem to be double standard with these cheating celebrities.

      15. @coralie
        Their issues were quite different.

        Jacqueline Wong acted inappropriately in the public (inside a taxi with a 3rd party). She brought shame and a terrible image to TVB for being a TVB artiste.

        Hugo Wong acted inappropriately, too, but not in the public. It was just his lousy personal life made public.

      16. @coralie with these things, it appears that it’s easier for a guy to make a come back then a girl. In Jacqueline’s, with Sammi’s fan base and with Sammi being the Queen in the music industry, I think the come back will be much tougher.. I’m sure TVB will be playing the deck of cards carefully. But I always wonder thou…

  6. He should quickly find himself a girlfriend so for the sex part, he need not jeapordise his career and sleep with just anyone. Anyway he committed no crime. Was it immoral? No. Was he a cheap jerk? Yes. Douchebag. Did she really got pregnant and had to have an abortion? Story unknown. Matter settled. Careers shouldn’t be lost over such allegations. He was cheap. Maybe that itself hurt his more. He’s no gallant gentleman but fans rejoice (or beware, whichever perspective you take), you got a chance to bed him.

  7. Tvb is lack of male actors so they had no choice but to still use a douchebag like him.

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