Hugo Ng On Falling From Glory Back In His Heydays

Once a top actor, Hugo Ng’s star dimmed after he allegedly offended TVB and was forced to temporarily exit the entertainment industry. 

With a heartwarming and motivational theme, TVB drama Finding Her Voice <牛下女高音> stars many veteran actors and exudes the charm of old Hong Kong. As part of the story arc, Hugo Ng’s (吳岱融) character, who is diagnosed with cancer in the drama, starts singing in a pub in order to chase his dream and spend his days meaningfully. He wins over a group of middle-aged female fans, in a role that is a breakaway from his badass characters, bringing to life the hilarious role of a wife-fearing husband who listens to his wife’s every word.

In real life, Hugo has also experienced highs and lows career-wise, falling from popular male lead to that of a supporting actor, and was even brutally beaten by the triad once. His wife, former actress Lily Chung (鐘淑慧), thankfully never left his side and supported him wholeheartedy, which is why he pampers her so well now.

Handsome Period Styling

Born in Singapore, Hugo came to Hong Kong and grew up in a chicken sty in Kwan Tung, doing night studies while working at a factory while growing up. When his father’s factory business stopped, he worked as a part-time singer in a lounge to support his two younger sisters.

Due to a chance encounter, he took part in an actors’ training class and started working for Singapore’s TV station, quickly becoming a popular actor with the reputation of “Singapore’s most handsome” in the 1980s. In 1987, he left for Hong Kong where he signed a contract with TVB. Starring in many classic period dramas, such as Two Most Honourable Knights <絕代雙驕> and The Silver Fox <玉面飛狐>, he became a first-rate actor at TVB, with his period styling in various dramas being extremely well-received. Not long ago, netizens dug up and shared Hugo’s old photos online which went viral, with comments praising his good looks, “Hong Kong celebrities were so good-looking in the past, after Sam-Gor (Micheal Miu) he’s next” and “He’s handsome and so masculine-looking, much more attractive than those in K-pop.”

Merely Trying to Explore His Interests

Just as his star was rapidly rising, Hugo reportedly incurred the ire of TVB management when he promoted his album at rival station Asian Television (ATV) of his own accord in 1993. His career took a downward turn as he was banned and had his contract terminated, but he clarified that he only ventured out to explore other areas he enjoyed, such as production and directing, saying “As I kept playing important roles, I wondered if there were other things I could do. I don’t mind those untrue rumors.”

Leaving TVB thereafter, he married his wife in 1995, and the couple starred in an adult-rated film Daughter of Darkness <滅門慘案之孽殺> together, which was unfortunately not well-received by the public. However, Hugo remained optimistic and was happy enough to just be with his wife and have enough to spend.

In 2015, he returned to TVB. Knowing that he is no longer in the prime of youth, Hugo departed from his past acting route and took on memorable antagonist personas in Brother’s Keeper II <巨輪II> (his character raped Grace Chan’s 陳凱琳 character), as well as Burning Hands <乘勝狙擊>, winning viewer recognition with his cunning characters and powerful eloquent delivery.

Wife’s Strong Support Touched Him

Hugo Ng with son and wife, Lily Chung.

While his wife’s unwavering support helped Hugo survive his most downtrodden days, the couple had faced much tension at the start of their marriage due to the pressure from continuously moving house and job difficulties. One night in 2001 when he was out enjoying nightlife, Hugo offended a triad boss who gave him a severe beating and even broke his nose. Sent to the hospital with a bleeding face, Hugo thought his wife would be furious, but she showed her concern upon reaching the hospital and did not scold him even once. That led to Hugo’s realization, as he summed up, “She was wholly supportive towards me. I’m most touched that she did not further attack me. I was then convinced that she will be my lifelong partner, and felt very lucky to have met her.”

Since then, Hugo began treating his wife wholeheartedly, expressing his love with his “four romantic moves”, which includes: (1) Letting her manage all his finances, including putting the real estate they owe under her name; (2) Sharing photos of the couple on social media frequently; (3) Avoiding regular contact with other women; (4) Dedicating his song “Going back to love you ten million seconds” to her and inviting her as the lead of his music video. No wonder his wife says that they are ‘sweeter than newly-wed couples’!

MV of Hugo Ng’s Love Song to his wife:

Source: Sky Post

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Hugo Ng Doesn’t Regret Filming Category 3 Movie with Wife

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  1. he wasnt bad looking at all still good looking till this day ….. wonder why he choose to film catergory films to make ends meat??!! Now this is what i call true love he and his wife still stayed together until this day both devoted to each other glad to see him filming for TVB again hopes he gets more n more oppurtunities!!!

  2. Hugo Ng is a talented actor and I like watching his acting even if he’s playing the antagonist roles. He can carry both the badass and comedic roles very well in his recent years TVB series that i have watched, including his new series which i’m currently watching, i.e. Finding Her Voice.

    Speaking of the new TVB series, Finding Her Voice, it is actually a nice & relaxing drama to watch if we don’t focus too much or maybe just neglect the scandalous Jacqueline Wong who is also part of the casts. After all, her story arc is not really the main focus of the show.

    Besides, it is rare for TVB to let the veterans lead a series such as in Finding Her Voice, therefore I think audience should support this series as a sign of supports to the veterans. They are actually playing the main characters in the series (as i notice so far) and being veterans, they all are very dedicated in their acting.

    Hopefully if the series manage to garner good reviews and ratings, it will encourage TVB to give more opportunities to the veterans to play prominent roles in their future productions.

  3. He was really great as Fu Hong Suet in ‘Black Sabre’.
    He was so dedicated in his role, he limped in the whole time in the series, and it’s not an easy limp. It’s exactly like describe in the book where he moved the good leg first and drag the bad leg forward. Even me watching him feel tired for him. Many other actors playing Fu Hong Suet just do away with the limp all together or do an easier limp.

  4. Haha, why bother mentioned that info about his char in Brother’s Keeper. I’m sure he had other memorable acts in the series.

    I do like Finding Her Voice thus far. The vets chemistry is hilarious! Bromance to the max! I’m really curious how Ram Chan char fits in! I wonder if he really wasn’t a student?

    I wouldn’t have minded if TVB cut out all Jaq solo and couple with Owen scenes/stories; not bc I care about the scandal, but bc their love story is a yawn fest. Jaq is decent in her role but her char is annoying. She looks cute in her lazy persona get up. She looks weird when she got glamorous at that wedding party. Owen on the other hand, well, he hasn’t have much to show.

  5. he is one of my fav. actor. He plays his role perfectly either bad or good guy. At his prime, there were so many other good actors. I love the 80s and 90s actors and actresses.

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