Hugo Ng Doesn’t Regret Filming Category 3 Movie with Wife

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Hugo Ng Doesn’t Regret Filming Category 3 Movie with Wife

Having left TVB more than 20 years ago, 57-year-old Hugo Ng (吳岱融) returned to the station in 2015 to film dramas again. After taking part in The Executioner <刀下留人>, Hugo portrays a corrupt real estate businessman in the currently-airing series, Brother’s Keeper II <巨輪II>. Despite being one of TVB’s leading men in the 1980s, Hugo has only been cast in minor supporting roles since his return.

After leaving TVB in the mid-1990s, Hugo ventured into filming Category III movies, in which he filmed with his wife and former actress, Lily Chung (鍾淑慧). Often portraying the heroic protagonist during his TVB days, Hugo did not consider whether his departure from TVB would lead him down the path of Category III films.

Hugo said, “It did not even cross my mind. But every place has a different culture of its own. Once 80 or 90 percent of the people in a place has a certain way of thinking, then it becomes the norm. For example, in Japan, teenage girls begin to film AVs [adult videos] at an early age. Would you say that AV is wrong? They have accepted this as part of their culture ever since they were young, so it really depends on how you perceive it. You may feel that [my career] took a nosedive, but I had gained some and lost some. If I had a fitter physique today, I would still consider filming [Category III movies]. A lot of people may feel that I plummeted, but I am living my life the way I want to.”

Hugo Ng wifeAlthough many people would be wary of having their significant others film erotic scenes, Hugo’s professional mindset deterred him from restricting his wife’s career decisions. “She actually got the script first. I thought the script was okay. After I looked through it, I said I didn’t mind. A lot of people don’t like their other half [to film erotic scenes], but I am also in this line of work. Everyone has different standards. I was not forced by anyone. Rather, the script rendered it necessary, so why not? I feel that it is just work, so it cannot be compared [to real life].”

On why he left TVB during the peak of his career, Hugo shared that there were many reasons for his departure. In addition to wanting some change in his life and growing tired of the demanding filming schedule at TVB, Hugo also wanted to spend more time with his family. Other than his gigs in the Category III arena, Hugo also took a stab at directing. “There’s no explanation for it. Life flies by in mere decades, so go with your heart! But I enjoy returning to TVB for filming, because I like acting.”

Hugo Ng with son and wife, Lily Chung.

Hugo Ng with son and wife, Lily Chung.

Source: East Week

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16 comments to Hugo Ng Doesn’t Regret Filming Category 3 Movie with Wife

  1. orchid123 says:

    Hugo Ng filmed category III movies with his wife. I don’t think many guys would like this idea.

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  2. nori says:

    I think he also starred together with his wife in a TVB drama in early 90s. Anyway, I like Hugo Ng after watching Chut Tai Sheung Kiu. He’s certain the most handsome Fa Mo Kuet that I have seen.

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    • went replied:

      OMG, I thought so too. He was certainly the most handsome Fa Mo Kuet in comparison to all those remakes they did over the years. It’s sad he is one of those that career never really took off same as the wife. I remember her face but I didn’t even know her name.

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    • tiffany replied:

      @nori Yes! It was a drama about magic. He’s such a versatile actor. His wife is also talented.

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  3. creditor says:

    The sad truth is that after leaving TVB, Hugo was in such a doldrums that he had no choice but to act in Cat 3 roles. All his talk about accepting different mindsets and culture is mere attempt to justify why he did it.

    But having said that, it’s good to see him back in TVB again, his acting in recent dramas had been superb. This is where he belongs and where he can excel. Looking forward to more of his dramas.

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    • m0m0 replied:

      i agree that his career was really going downhill after leaving tvb, probably due to lack of connections etc. when i read the title of the article, i though to myself, who in the world would ever admin that it was a mistake? i know some would say they were dumb and naive but this guys can’t use that b/c he wasn’t that young or naive.

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  4. asian2015 says:

    Is it me or I think he looks like Kent Tong? I remember I have watched Daughter of Darkness it was a very sad story because of her sicko father who rape his own daughter and nobody in the family seems to care about her so at the end she’s going crazy she ended killing all her family I think it’s been in a long time can’t hardly remember. I also remember his wife is also in one of tvb drama with Gigi Lai it’s called The Link it’s also very interesting drama.

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    • went replied:

      Gigi Lai – Hummm…some might called her a gold digger but I think she’s one of those that’s a bit more favorable b/c she did it to help her brother or something b/c he got into an accident and so she needed to marry this rich guy? Let’s face it, she’s getting old too right so she didn’t have anything to lose and now people saying she made the right choice. I never like her acting much but she seemed ok when she did come out on those super trio shows before when she was still around.

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      • asian2015 replied:

        @went I know she is such a good sister I do wish have a sister like her who stand up for the family first and this day you can’t hardly find one like that. Yes she’s not getting any younger but she still got the looks and have such a good heart who cares so much about the family. I also can tell she’s now very happy with her life.

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  5. aiya says:

    He only regrets that he did not film any more cat3 movies with someone other than his wife. LOL!!

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    • went replied:

      Lmao….hahhaa … honestly, I remember the woman but she’s just never popular as well. No idea she did cat III and was already this guy’s g/f. haha interesting really.

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  6. aiya says:

    Let me apply this Hugo guy’s logic to another scenario:

    “Many Thai girls begin their “careers” in the sex slave trade at a very young age. Would you say that underage sex slave trade is wrong? They have accepted this as a part of their culture since they were young so it really depends how you perceive it.”

    What a legal genius this guy must be to be able to frame the issue in such inarguable fashion. ROTFL!!

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    • went replied:

      haha lol…. I guess his point is I do what and I want and I won’t regret it but when he did such comparisons it is quite funny. lol…

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    • went replied:

      And some people can be self contradictory and they don’t realize it. Just like I was watching this Taiwan show, clips here and there on utube and I don’t remember if it was Xiao S show or some other. Anyway, so these young leads came on to the show to promote their movie and this Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa was invited to film it w/them and I had no idea she was a Jap AV star haha lol…just that ohhh she looks cute and find clips later on who she was on utube. And they would say they have to start AV business at a very age and ppl ask her what kind of guys she likes and she said romantic, cute and she doesn’t kiss/do anything on first dates, she had to get to them better like normal relationships. hahaha LOL… People are like how do you expect/draw a balance on that and to have a slow motion relationship w/you when you star in this business? lol..haha ….So that’s self contradicting to other people’s ears but they probably think they are so very normal. lol….

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  7. tetsuo says:

    I love Hugo’s old series. I watched and loved them all. He can be a bad and good guy. His acting is super.

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  8. isay says:

    What a whole load of bull and lame attempt at justification. I would have respected him more if he had just admitted that he did it for the money.

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