Hugo Wong Avoided Offscreen Contact with Female Co-Stars

 The actor took precautions to avoid any misunderstandings during filming of Airport Strikers.

Thirty-seven-year-old TVB actor Hugo Wong’s (黃子恆) personal life has been marked by scandals, earning him the unflattering label of “despicable man of the century.” He allegedly broke up singer Hiromi Wada’s (裕美) marriage in 2016, revealed to have impregnated his Mainland Chinese fan at the end of 2018, and accused by singer Tik Chi (迪子) of sending indecent sex invitations. Recently, the actor’s onscreen appearance in Airport Strikers <機場特警> earned praise, giving him a sense of relief that he has not implicated his co-stars due to his own mistakes.

Still Takes Medication for Panic Disorder

Rumors of Hugo impregnating his Mainland fan spilled precisely during the filming of the Airport Strikers, which greatly stressed him. “On my off days, I was extremely worried about what kind of reports would surface. I feared of making things worse with what I said, so I said little and the stress then was immense.” While his co-stars had given him encouragement, his mood was inevitably affected.

Due to the emotional pressure and uncertainty about his future, Hugo was diagnosed with panic disorder then. He recalled, “During that time one shouldn’t hide in the house, as the worse symptom was breathlessness, and feeling like my heart was blocked. Although two years have passed since, I still take medication.”

Asked if he is regretful, Hugo replied that many decisions in life may not be the best but there is no room for regret. The most important thing is learning his lesson and understanding more about himself and the boundaries he should not overstep.

Avoided His Female Stars Offscreen

Hugo admitted that he has paid a heavy price for his mistake, and has shunned the opposite sex for 16 months. “Even if I really have good feelings towards someone, I would feel fearful and rather focus on my career, since I know romance is not my forte so I shouldn’t be stubborn.” Breaking contact with the said female fan, Hugo does not dare to date now, let alone think about other possibilities.

Thankful to TVB for continuing to use him, he calls the “punishments” dished out to him by the station “reasonable,” such as giving him less screen time in transitory guest roles in the dramas Amelia’s Rhapsody <愛美麗狂想曲> and Legal Mavericks 2 <踩過界II>, and hopes that viewers would see the change in him in the future. In Airport Strikers, Hugo plays the team lead of the airport security force, a righteous and well-layered character, giving him lots of room to reveal his acting panache.

To avoid his female co-stars having misgivings about him due to his bad press, Hugo would keep his distance from actresses in Airport Strikers including Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯), Gloria Tang (鄧佩儀) and Erin Wong (王卓淇).

As for his onscreen wife played by actress Snow Yuen (孫慧雪), they had known each other for over a decade, though it was their first time pairing up and sharing many intimate scenes, he felt that Snow did not show any tentative feelings. Snow said, “Hugo was very good and professional. This was my first drama after I gave birth, so I was very nervous but he kept encouraging me.”

Besides Snow, Hugo’s character also had scenes with a few other actresses, including Erin who played his ex-girlfriend. She described, “I didn’t sense that he was avoiding me. He is a very nice senior. Since I did not have many scenes, we did not interact much. The first program I appeared on after entering the industry was Own Sweet Home <安樂蝸> where he was the guest star. I reminded him when we were filming and he said he recalled that.”


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  1. I find him very attractive in Airport Strikers (or maybe it’s the role he was playing). It is easy to imagine a fan falling for him….

    1. @summerdale
      Agree though I’m a Male. Hugo and Matt look hunky in Airport rubbish series while Owen does not look too good. Hugo is robotic in a lot of series but there are many bots who are doing well in the industry…

  2. The guy didn’t even do anything illegal. Tabloids in US won’t even pick up a story like this since its so common for fans to get with
    celebs/sports stars there. Its just in HK this can get blown up like this. He had consensual sex with a girl that finds him attractive.

    1. @mike Actually as well as being involved with a married woman he turned people off by pestering a fellow female colleague to hookup even though she kept declining and saying she has a boyfriend. Shows he has low ethics.
      And even if the affair the consensual and not illegal, it doesnt mean he wasnt wrong.

    2. @mike Yes, it’s somewhat true. The girl was his fan so probably didn’t use her head much other than I am so happy my celeb crush was also on to me. He’s probably a player b/c he knows he can and he’s not really bad looking.

    3. @mike
      Agree! There are much worse scandals which are an open secrets amongst the entertainment circle but not exposed to the public…

    4. @mike
      probably not a bad story but it would make a blemish in anyone’s career. not exactly a shining moment.

  3. I agree pestering a colleague and getting involved with a married woman is not the best behaviour. Yes he’s a bad boy. That being said, I don’t think anyone would really try their luck with someone without getting some kind of signal from the other party before doing so…..just my two cents worth…

    1. @summerdale
      It’s quite nasty that celebrities abuse their power of being in the Entertainment circle but that has always been the way. Hugo is just one of the unluckier guys to get exposed a number of times…

  4. Aiya.. he will prey on more fans in the future.. I can see it in him hee I wonder if he will consider filming porn down the road since he will attract gullible fans

  5. It’s not just the scandal that ruined his image; it’s his unsavory personality and actions. Lots of eternal bachelors date around, but they were either respectful about it or they were clear about expectations. That’s why you don’t hear exes talking smack about Dayo Wong or Johnson Lee. If they’re not respectful, cheating, etc, that’s when their “scandals” are exposed and their image takes a nosedive. See: Steven Cheung, Joel Chan, Hugo Wong, Hu Yi Tian, etc.

    Moral of the story? Don’t take advantage of women. It will come back to bite them in the @$$

  6. This man is a douchebag. I’m shocked tvb has unfrozen him. No looks no talent poor character. I’m surprised he still has fans.

  7. @mike…well leaving behind his scandal. From this series airport strikers he act very well. But there is room for improvement. He should given more chance on performing in main role to enhance his skill and expression.

    All the best Hugo.

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