Hugo Wong’s Brush with Death

Last December, actor Hugo Wong (黃子恆) tarnished his reputation after sleeping with his fan, Michelle, who got an abortion after Hugo denied having impregnated her. Not only did his career plummet, but so did his health. Recently, the 37-year-old artiste revealed on social media that he was plagued with illness a few months ago.

To this date, his sickness has not been cured. He wrote, “Once, I had difficulty breathing while sleeping and I had to call 999 for help. This is the closest to death I’ve ever been in my 37 years of life.”

Afterward, Hugo began taking sedatives for relief and started paying more attention to his eating and exercise habits, as he believes a healthy lifestyle can be more effective than medicine. Tormented by poor health, he said he doesn’t seek fortune or glory and, like most people, he just hopes to be happy and healthy.

Hugo added, “I also believe in today’s generation, not many people can live without any worries or restrictions, but I hope that you will find your elixir and live a healthy and happy life.”

Many fellow actors left supportive comments, including Tony Hung (洪永城), who suggested Hugo try meditation. Meanwhile, Derek Wong (黃建東) said he should do a thorough body check.

Source: Oncc

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  1. Ya better do full body checkup for any HIV and STDs since he had been sleeping around

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