Hugo Wong Reflects on His Scandals

Hugo Wong’s (黃子恆) career opportunities were thwarted when he slept with a Mainland Chinese fan in 2018. Thereafter, a series of events painted Hugo to be a playboy, further tarnishing his image and reputation. He was frozen by TVB for nearly a year, but is slowly being given chances to hopefully revive his career again.

Pregnancy Scandal with Female Fan

Hugo shared that he and his female fan were actually in a relationship. However, they could not work out some differences, and Hugo decided to end the relationship. He expressed, “Actually, before the relationship was exposed to the public, the female fan already warned me more than half a year before that she would do something to damage my career.”

Although he knew the relationship would be exposed eventually, Hugo did not know when she planned to take actually take action. This led to a lot of anxiety for him. “As artistes, when we select a significant other, whether it is a male seeking female or vice versa, we have to be extra careful. At the time, though, I was still extremely naïve and thought that a relationship was between two people. In actuality, an artiste’s love life is not just between two people; it is the business of the entire world.” Now, Hugo claims that he is much more cautious and selective when getting involved with someone.

Further discussing the incident, Hugo laid out a timeline to clear his name and prove that he could not have been the father of the female fan’s pregnancy. “When the media published this piece of news, I had not seen her for almost a year. However, she said she was four months pregnant. This is something that cannot possibly happen! A lot of the news outlets only published the piece about me saying we took protective measures.”

Flirty Messages with TikChi

Hugo’s bad luck with the paparazzi did not stop there. Not long after this, Hong Kong singer, TikChi (迪子), revealed a series of texts in which Hugo was seen trying to bed her. Reflecting on this incident, Hugo neither defended himself nor argued the authenticity of the messages.

Instead, he expressed, “If she was unhappy about something, she should have told me. However, the timing [of its exposure] was a little suspicious. I can’t say for sure though. People can cut and rearrange text message screenshots very easily. I don’t want to discuss it. I can only say that if you are chasing a girl, in a relationship with a girl, or if you have already split up with a girl, I hope that we can still maintain cordial relations.”

Counting His Lucky Stars

Despite a series of negative press that led to a short hiatus from his career, Hugo nonetheless was given a second chance. Feeling fortunate, Hugo reflected, “At the time, I guess I was quite brave when it came to relationships. I felt that I could handle it. However, when it comes to other baggage such as the media and negative coverage, it would impact the family and friends around you. At the time, I did not think it through. After experiencing it a few times now, I realize that my decisions would worry my friends and family, and cause them pressure and unhappiness. As a man, this is something that I have to take responsibility for. It’s not just about what I want, but rather, I have to take others into consideration too.

“Honestly, I am thankful to TVB. They could give the role to anyone. They have a lot of choices and do not necessarily need to cast me. I am thankful that they did not give up on me,” Hugo said.

Source: HK01

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  1. Hugo, just don’t do 1 night stand with fans, don’t sleep with married women, and don’t sext female colleagues. Be like Patrick Tse, an open player dude.

  2. Good thing he’s not a woman, no one would ever let his career recover then because… *checks notes* … the rules are different for women at TVB.

    1. @tatsumakijim
      Name one other Asian media organization that is any different. It’s the same in HK, China, Taiwan, South Korea, etc, so it’s not a TVB thing. Men and women are treated differently.

      1. @anon The saddest thing is when my mom was reading this she said “That’s just how men are.” Traditional views are not only toxic, but unfair. Asia is still far behind from accepting the modern woman. If you sleep with a guy for a month, in the US it’s called dating and non-exclusive if you haven’t DTR. In Asia, you are a whore whether that guy is married or not. I would really like to ask the last generation, what’s wrong with Charmaine Sheh who is pass her 40s and has had over 10 relationships lasting 2-3 years each? Aren’t men and women equally likely to cheat and hence should be treated equally after cheating?

  3. This guy is a f***boi, but in US this will be non-news and his career won’t be affected at all.

    I like him in series, hopefully he gets his act together now and gets promoted more.


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