Hugo Wong’s Fan Ready for Abortion; Upset TVB is So Forgiving

Earlier, Hugo Wong (黃子恆) admitted to sleeping with Mainland Chinese fan, Michelle. She is now 18 weeks pregnant and will be having an abortion in Guangzhou. Suffering depression since Hugo stopped responding to her texts in July, Michelle revealed his irresponsible behavior hoping Hugo would lose his job. But TVB’s apparent leniency towards Hugo upset Michelle.

Although getting an abortion harms her health, Michelle had no choice or it would be too late later. She uploaded a clip of herself hooked to an IV bag at a medical facility today, while crying non-stop in the background, as she prepared for the abortion.

When Michelle saw Hugo’s recent news, she felt very angry, “I don’t understand how someone with such a bad reputation could keep appearing on the screen. Once the news went out, he has not contacted me since. I tried to message him through various platforms and he won’t respond since July. I’m surprised TVB is still giving him so many opportunities. Like yesterday on the news, he said he will work harder and that TVB just told him to be more careful. Are they implying that he should just be careful when he is playing around? I just want to know what Virginia Lok (樂易玲) thinks about this situation.”

Hugo’s irresponsibility has led to her countless pains and she cannot have a normal lifestyle anymore. Michelle’s health has been deteriorating, and she suffered from depression for a year. She cries almost every day, since Hugo’s fans have been scolding her. “Every time I close my eyes, all I can visualize is the harm he has caused me. It’s almost like I never really understood who he is. He said he has been suffering for a year after [breaking up with] Hiromi Wada (裕美), but four months later he started having flings. Reality is way too cruel.”

Michelle also revealed a photo of the hotel in which they stayed at. She ridiculed his behavior, “Once he put on his pants, he can’t remember me anymore.”

When the press reached out to Virginia Lok on TVB’s handling over Hugo’s scandal, she said she couldn’t really comment in great detail. But Ms. Lok did question Michelle’s honesty, “[Michelle] said Hugo lied, but what she is saying may not be the truth!”

Sources: Oriental Daily [1,2]

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    1. @sugadough either the rich second gen player really did played around with their relationship and she wanted revenge under a massive rage. Nowadays, scandals are unavoidable, but easy to forget and forgive. It’s not like its sextape, blackmailing, or unconsent illegal under age type of thing. Or it’s a money thing. People knows no shame nowadays with Internet bringing the darkest out. Since everyone just fake an apology and get High five support from his or her peers . Or continue to play the villain instead of trying to pretend to change in Edison Chen case. Then people follow the suit. These shameful news are mark for life under apple daily next plus scummy news source library, but it’s in it with so much more. People don’t care anymore about faces when everyone around are the same. There’s little to no repercussion. Look at Jackie Chen acting High and mighty with his morality speeches while doing shady and hypocrite things bts.

  1. She’s basically trying to ruin his career because it didn’t work out with Hugo and she feels like she was used. But she can’t just blame him. She needs to take responsibility too. She was stupid enough to fall for it. He picked the wrong woman to have a fling with

  2. Hugo is a real sex addict and scumbag. I do not respect such guys at all.

    Work harder? Does that mean he will get more jobs?

  3. Hugo has been a scumbag. I didn’t know about his relationship with married Japanese actress.

    His acting is not bad and he has the looks, but a pity he is one who flirts and doesn’t take responsibility. A little like Jackie Chan who doesn’t acknowledge his daughter.

    However, this woman should have known better too. She is a grown woman and had a relationship. As a fan, I know it feels good to be able to meet my idol but to enter a hotel bedroom with him would be something I find fishy.

  4. His interviews show no remorse or shame at all… Can’t imagine what his behavior could be like if he was more famous.

  5. I am not sure the baby is or isn’t his since she offered no evidence. She slept with him, twice by her own account. Once, she was fooled. 2nd time and she is the fool. I am not excusing him but let’s face it, he didn’t commit any criminal offence, she isn’t some minor, she willingly followed him into the room and I find it incredible any girls will walk into a guy’s hotel room to just watch tv or whatever. You know what you are getting into. He did not force himself upon her, so in a way that salvaged his image a bit. Did he utter sweet nothings to her year? Promised marriage and relationship? At worst, he is a lothario who sweet talks and women be forewarned from now on. I can see why he is not remorseful since he didn’t think he did anything wrong. He wasn’t sure baby is his, even if he is sure, he will of course deny it. This is not a man seeking marriage and children when he said hi to a woman. He wants sex, pure and simple. In a way I feel sorry for her but if she expected a prince charming and a glass slippers, this is a rude awakening. She could sue him, if there’s any basis for any action. but to ruin a man’s career and life because he was careless (oh why he didn’t use protection? or maybe he did, which was why he was so sure? Surely she should be more concerned with diseases) and she was easily fooled. being vindictive is not good for her image at this moment. I dislike the whole victim’s card, neither do I like that he seems to swat that away so casually. At least try to be diplomatic, remorseful, say you will take a sabbatical and check yourself into some therapy even if you don’t really mean it. I feel he is a talented handsome actor, i was impressed with OMG Your Honour which I feel was his breakout role after so many years but I don’t like how he is handling this. Clearly he is not saying she is some crazed fan.

    In short, the girl will be wiser and move on. He’s not worth the depression. For the guy, he should have his career but frankly for me, there are other equally handsome talented actors I can cheer for. I did say his moral behaviour is none of my business, his personal life is none of my business but if he had been more gentlemanly, behaved more thoughtfully, perhaps there is some decency in him. I’d rather cheer for decent half talented actor than a SOB talented actor. He can still live through this and be ok, but he really should just lie low for half a year, and think about his personal life. I don’t like a jerk.

  6. I have not been following this story closely at all but how could she be 18 weeks pregnant if last contact was in July?

  7. Not taking either side but I do agree that at minimum, Hugo should lie low and avoid the public eye for a little bit until things calm down. Instead, he’s going around acting like nothing happened, even attending the Anniversary Awards ceremony yesterday when he already knows the scandal affected his chances for any award.

    And to be honest, no one should be surprised that TVB didn’t punish Hugo — TVB is notorious for being inconsistent with this kind of stuff. When it comes down to it, TVB really doesn’t care if an artist has these kinds of scandals, since for them, it generates publicity and as they say in the industry, it’s better to generate negative publicity than no publicity at all. Now if Hugo were to film for a rival station (or gives off the impression that he is associating with another station), then yes, TVB will fire him in a heartbeat, no questions asked. That has always been the reality of how TVB operates…

    1. @llwy12 Yes I was surprised to see him at anniversary award acting as if nothing happened. The way he was smiling etc did not even show at all remorseful. The way he handled his fan and after that really shows he is such a jerk.

    2. @llwy12 actually i am surprised that tvb didn’t punish him more severely, considering coffee lam incident. then again, coffee lam didn’t have much value to begin with. i think he’ll go the way amigo chui did. which is to say, he’ll come back after being frozen for some time.

  8. Still feel most sorry for the innocent baby.

    “Although getting an abortion harms her health, Michelle had no choice or it would be too late later.”

    The only one who has no choice whatsoever is the baby.

  9. Sigh… We have 2 immature, irresponsible people here. He for being a player. Her for being unrealistic and vengeful. He needs to be clear beforehand that this is just a fun fling.

    I had a lot of sympathy for her, but with her posting this over-dramatic, crying video; it is fading. Did she expect him to marry her? Maybe she just wanted him to take responsibility for the pregnancy. But with the way she is acting, it is no surprise that he would not want to be linked with her the rest of his life.

    BTW, an abortion would not harm her health. Pregnancy itself can be much more dangerous. A friend just lost her sister, who died giving birth. Michelle does not sound ready to be a mother and any baby from this relationship will suffer.

  10. Bottom line is.. theses are two ADULTS who consented to a sexual relationship. Maybe she was hoping he will date and marry her so she will become famous. Well, he didn’t. So the relationship ended. So he is a #%$&^#% (whatever bad name you want to call him). But, she DID agree to the sexual relationship and without protection. End of day, she can be miserable because the relationship never blossomed into what she hoped and she can be depressed all she wants.. but it was 50% HER CHOICE. Actually it was more than 50% her fault, because she purposefully did this without protection. She needs to take ownership of that.
    If a person is good at his/her job and did not do anything to harm the company he/she works at, then there is no reason to punish or fire that employee because he/she mistreated his/her friend, partner, family, etc. TVB once used to control all the artists’ lives, not allowing them to do this and that.. giving them no personal freedom. However, over the years TVB has learn to loosen the reigns a bit in order to retain good artists. That is why you see artist getting married left and right, artists openly admitting to dating this or that person… years ago, TVB would not allow it, they wouldn’t even allow them to disclose that they are dating. Things have changed, and hopefully for the better.

  11. In the states, people are very open and accepting of
    outer relationship sex. If both parties are single and mature enough, they can go at it and neither party would be to blame and the star would just walk away unscathed by explaining that he/she will take responsibility but is not ready for a child yet. Hugo and tvb gotta replace their marketing director and general publicist.

    Let’s talk risk management. It’s not hard to be like, “AFTER SO MANY YEARS AS A PRETTY BOY, YOU’RE FINALLY GETTING GOOD ROLES. YOU CANT AFFORD A SCANDAL RIGHT NOW. PRACTICE SAFETY. SAFE SEX. CONDOMS!!!” Hell, the company knows that with so many beautiful, single people around, sex will happen- just look at the American companies! It has gotten to a point that some companies will place condoms in the bathroom for their models/artists. But honestly, Hugo was dumb for not using condoms in the first place. He’s having sex with practically a STRANGER. Who wouldn’t use condoms? They’re not THAT expensive in Hong Kong!

    Damage Control. As a publicist, I can tell you that this is the last spot any artist wants to be in. But with careful treatment, bad publicity can be turned into good publicity. It would be easy to determine a paternity test (as Hugo claimed to not have gotten her pregnant) and if Hugo is right (and should have used condoms), that would easily disprove the girl and give Hugo his innocence back. An expensive paternity test is nothing compared to an artist’s brand. If Hugo was proven to be the father, then he steps up and do the responsible thing. Not push her to an abortion and have it blasted on the media.

    And what did TVB do instead? Have Hugo admit to having sex with her even though he’s over 10 years older than her, try denying that he’s the father, Issue a half assed public apology, leak out promises that Hugo will be placed into the refrigerator, let Hugo walk the carpet for the anniversary awards. REALLY, TVB, REALLY? This is marketing 101! ANY MBA would know how to tackle this type of marketing issue. Either they’re hiring poor talent like their artists, or the ones who actually know how to handle the situation left because tvb doesn’t treat their employees correctly.

    Now, onto the girl. Not trying to pin the blame on her (even though she should bear some of it), my question is why did she wait so long to have an abortion? If she knew she did not want to keep the baby, why wait until 18 weeks (over 4 months along) to abort the baby? Why wait until it was UNSAFE to do so, then announce to the world that she was pregnant with Hugo Wong’s baby? Wouldn’t it make sense to abort it before 3 months so her body is safe and save face so people wouldn’t know she got an abortion? No, this all reeks of a preplanned conspiracy that she put into action to gain benefit. She did this and cried for all this attention because she felt used and embarrassed- so she tried to bring him down with her. Now she’s bringing a baby down with her too. Honestly, she could have gotten more out of him if she had the baby and forced him to provide child support.

  12. “Once he put on his pants, he can’t remember me anymore.”….I really loled at that. When he dropped his pants, did she say no? She’s 28 not 18 for chris’ sake. Probably experienced in the bedroom too.

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