Hugo Wong Wants to Refresh Viewers’ Impression

The actor breaks out of the baddie mold in his latest role as a tough but loving family man in “Airport Strikers”.

In the industry for 21 years, 37-year-old actor Hugo Wong (黃子恆) had been on the rise at TVB, but had his career progress halted by personal scandals in 2016 and again in 2018. Contrary to his stereotyped appearances in baddie roles, he plays a good husband at home and a respected team lead at work in the currently airing series, Airport Strikers <機場特警>.

Wants to Show His Versatility

“Actually many actors like to play the antagonist because it’s challenging. There are more layers to explore, so its more fun. I believe producers I’ve worked with felt that my looks were okay and got me to play those roles. Being an actor is passive, so I didn’t mind and just tried my best to make my delivery more interesting. At first many people admired the (type of) roles I received and I enjoyed them, as long as the viewers were accepting. Of course, it’ll be great if I can achieve a balance. This time I hope to give viewers a brand new image so they wouldn’t think I can only do baddie roles, and I’m very happy to get this Ah Sir role, who is well-liked, has leadership skills and brings positive energy. I hope viewers can accept it after watching.”

Thanking the company for not giving up on him after his last scandal, Hugo hopes to change his onscreen image and chase back his popularity stakes. “Although viewers may think that it’s because there are fewer artistes around, so its always the same faces onscreen, but actually there are over a hundred actors and at least over dozens of male actors at the same level as me. Under such competition, I’m glad that I can hold my own and that the crew at the very least sees my value.”

In the past, Hugo’s name would come to mind whenever baddie roles are discussed. Hugo believes that each actor needs something unique for directors’ casting decisions. He thanks the producer of Airport StrikersTan Yeow Chuan (陳耀全), who had also cast Hugo to play a good character in OMG, Your Honour <是咁的,法官閣下>. “I’m really grateful that he is always showing my righteous side to the audience, and (also) created such a role for me this time.”

Any Role Can Leave an Impression on Viewers

While the most important thing is for actors to gain a sense of satisfaction, Hugo thinks that every character, regardless of his/her screen appearances, are all equally important to a drama’s success. “Of course the leads have to carry the entire drama, and have a greater weight, but this doesn’t mean other actors aren’t important. It doesn’t matter how much you appear, so long as your part is delivered well, you’ll leave an impression on viewers and gain their compliments.”

Hugo puts his sights far and knows acting is “a very long road” during which he would take on varying roles and responsibilities. He hopes to be able to gain satisfaction from his work, and win viewers’ approval so the crew and production team would feel that casting him was worth their efforts. Even if a barrage of comments ensues thereafter, it would merely be a kind of entertainment. “As an actor, many things actually don’t matter. For those jobs and commercials from which there is real money to be earned, not everyone may look for those who play antagonist roles. There’s no choice if you’ve appeared as too many bad characters!”

Injured Himself

Eager to show off a muscular physique on screen, Hugo realized while filming on-set that he had injured himself. “If you want results, you definitely have to go beyond your body’s limits. It’s really tough. After a push-up scene, I had a shooting scene next. I accidentally twisted my right arm and couldn’t do many movements with my right hand; my left hand too made a sound when I moved it around.” The doctor attributed his injury to incorrect postures when he did his weightlifting. The injury was further strained when Hugo made light of it, hence requiring a few follow-up appointments to help him slowly recover.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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  1. he’s not a bad actor. whatever bad thing people he did was certainly not respectable but not unforgivable.

    btw, airport striker’s got some thing to see for the ladies.

  2. Despite his scandals, he really is a decent actor. However, the person who acts as his wife is the series is super cringe worthy. Whoever wrote her character made her into super stupid person who only says “sorry mother-in-law” and has a surprised pikachu face all the time.

  3. He’s good-looking, has a nice voice and can act pretty well. I didn’t think that his previous scandal was a big deal. He should definitely be given more roles.

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