Regina Ho Had a Promising Career in Finance

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Regina Ho Had a Promising Career in Finance

Taking part in Airport Strikers <機場特警>, Miss Hong Kong 2017 first runner-up, Regina Ho (何依婷) talks about her first acting experience as well as her career prior to entering the industry.

Having attended Stanford University as an exchange student, Regina previously went to City University of Hong Kong where she majored in global business management and minored in psychology. Besides Stanford, the actress received scholarships to go to Leeds University and Fudan University in Shanghai in an exchange program. Prior to graduation, Regina did a brief internship at Alibaba in Hangzhou when she had intended to pursue a career in finance. Although Regina ended up accepting a career at Ernst & Young as a financial consultant upon graduation, she left shortly afterwards to pursue her acting dream.

Starring in her very first drama opposite Mat Yeung (楊明) in Airport Strikers, Regina recalls the tedious but rewarding work experience. She expressed, “There were times when I didn’t sleep for a night, three nights, and even a week. During this period, I thought I would suffer a mental breakdown. I often thought to myself, why wasn’t I able to sleep?”

Despite the hard work and long nights of filming, Regina added, “However, now that I look back at the experience, I feel like it was really fun. I was able to accomplish something that I previously thought was impossible. It’s really fulfilling, and I think acting is a lot of fun.”

Although Regina understood that her previous finance job offered a lot of stability and had a high paying salary, she said being happy and content had nothing to do with the job’s earning potential. Revealing that her family is highly supportive of her entering the entertainment industry, Regina expressed, “My family would watch all my shows and programs. They also like sharing things that I post, which I think really shows their support and encouragement.”

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