“Come Home Love” Star Sophie Yip is a Kingston Graduate

The new actress does not mind working her way up slowly as “every actor has had it tough.”

Twenty-seven-year-old actress Sophie Yip (葉蒨文), best known for her role “Candy” in long-running sitcom Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛‧回家之開心速遞>, graduated with a degree in fashion design, but chose to pursue her dream as an actress as she “could not stand a regular nine-to-five day job.”

Accidentally Got Cast in “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold”

An alumnus of the prestigious Sacred Heart Canossian College in Hong Kong as well as England’s Kingston University, where singer Eason Chan (陳奕迅) also graduated from, Sophie took part in 2016’s Miss Hong Kong pageant despite revealing that striking poses and taking photos was not her cup of tea, as she decided she wanted to enter the industry early on and hone her craft. “I really love acting, but had also once thought being an actor was a dream. However a regular nine-to-five office job was really intolerable for me, so I decided to take part in Miss Hong Kong to fulfill my dream,” which led to Sophie going for acting classes and officially signing on to TVB as an actress.

As Sophie did not have any prior acting experience, she would visit Andrea So (蘇韻姿) on set after her actor’s training class to observe how the cast and crew got their work done, even taking notes in a notebook. “Once the director spotted me unintentionally, and since they happened to be looking for a classmate of Xiong Xinru (Andrea’s character), he gave me a chance to try out the role,” Now in her third year of starring in the well-received sitcom, her character Candy has since transformed from a minor role in the drama to a well-rounded character who was involved in the main plot.

Family’s stance: From Opposition to Support

Sophie  described herself as someone who was clear about what she wanted since young, perhaps because she grew up among elder siblings who were almost 20 years her senior. Returning from her fashion design studies in London, Sophie’s family thought that she was just having fun in the pageant, but her genuine joy after becoming an actress led them to support her new career.

Thankful to have been favored by circumstances as she entered the station at a time when there were many opportunities, Sophie’s ongoing performances in minor roles, has assured her of a steady income, though not luxurious lifestyle.

Actors Deserve More Respect

Although she had a slow start to her career, the optimistic Sophie does not mind slowly working her way up, saying, “I did not get a big role right from the beginning, so I wouldn’t be missing something I did not have…every actor has had it tough.”

However, the actress thinks that those in the profession should get more respect. “Why does society determine one’s value through career? Are we less worthy of respect because we are actors? Although we aren’t doctors, lawyers, accountants , one’s worth should not be based on our career, but on how much time and effort are spent on the job.” To Sophie, being an actor not only requires a great deal of effort, but also an understanding of philosophy and psychology in order to portray different personas well.

“Being an actress will get you used to observing the people and matters around you, and become more empathetic to others’ encounters. In the past I was more self-centered and had the occasional temper, but after entering the industry I became more empathetic, and learn to look at things from another perspective,” she shared.

Despite irregular work hours, Sophie is also an avid volunteer, involving herself in back-end operations and marketing efforts for Operation Smile, an organization which aids children with cleft lips.

Source: hket

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com

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  1. She is clear what she wants since young but yet took a detour to fashion designing instead of drama class. And fashion designing is hardly 9 to 5 job. I will say education wasted but hopefully shes a good actress. She sounds confident in herself, as every actress worth their salt will. Never seen her yet.but she already has that glazed blank look on her face as any actress in tvb

    1. @funnlim
      Yup, she is going to be another typical
      TVB actress. Wanting something is one thing but are you able and willing to pursue it is another thing.

    1. @ak47 is that supposed to be an insult? lmao. She said in the article above, “Why does society determine one’s value through career? Are we less worthy of respect because we are actors? Although we aren’t doctors, lawyers, accountants, one’s worth should not be based on our career, but on how much time and effort are spent on the job.”

  2. Of course people will judge you on your job and career. For example, women who work at nail salons are mostly women who are new immigrants with no education and need an easy way to make money. They may make a stable income but do not get much respect due to their job. One of my cousins works at a casino but was born in the US and refused to get properly educated. Therefore, people will look down on her due to her job which is understandable. A teacher for example, may not make much money but gets a lot of respect as they are teaching and educating the younger generation. Doctors and people in the medical field are doing an important job which are saving lives and dealing with health related stuff. Therefore, professions in the education and medical field are held in high regards for many good reasons. Your career does define a big part of who you are so of course people will judge you for it.

    I remember my late mom telling me how actors and singers very heavily looked down on in ancient society. I can see why but not to say they do not deserve respect as acting, singing and any kind of entertainment type of job is a hard job. They are definitely more respected now then they were back in the olden days.

    1. @hetieshou i wouldnt say nail salon workers have a easy job. They’re disproportionately likely to lack health-care coverage, despite daily toxic exposures. Many don’t get break time. Please see this article https://www.thenation.com/article/nail-salon-worker-safety/

      If nobody takes on the jobs that you consider to be less respectable, then who will do those jobs? Actors, just like any other job is necessary to meet the needs of society.

      Some people dont pursue higher education for many different reasons. Maybe you should ask your cousin what he wants to do, so you can give him some guidance.

      1. @luye
        I get what you mean but I hate the attitude that many of the nail salon workers have. They think just because they make money that they are above others that have less money doing more respectful jobs like teaching. One time, another one of my cousins who works at a nail salon but is one of the few decent people that do and is thrifty. Her niece in law mocked her for always looking for sales items as her niece in law makes money doing nails too. My cousin was very mad and I discovered how a majority of them are like that. Not trying to disrespect them and I know their job is not easy but I hate their attitude! It is not true that they do not get breaks as many just sit there all day with only 1-2 customers a day if they are lucky. The industry has died down over the years.

        I agree but regardless of what you do, have a modest and good attitude and do not get haughty just because you make a bit more money then others. But sadly in a money oriented world like this people just seem to care how much you make and not what you do.

        My cousin is a she by the way and she is a college drop out so she is never going back to school again. Plus she has 3 kids and is married to an unemployed husband. It is her life but I just hate her attitude and how she brags about the amount of money she makes doing a job like that. She rubs it in my face too just because I make less. Basically, just be modest and maintain a good attitude regardless of what job/profession you do.

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