Vicky Chan Looks for Work Outside of TVB

Actress Vicky Chan (陳偉琪) was receiving popularity from her role as Max’s spoiled, petty wife in Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛·回家之開心速遞> until she was arrested for driving under the influence and hitting a taxi last year. It was rumored that TVB management was displeased and ordered Lo and Behold scriptwriters to change the storyline, announcing that her character had gone to the United States. Without work from TVB for half a year, Vicky is ready for a career change and took initiative to send out her resume to several public relations companies.

A graduate of the University of British Columbia, Vicky won Miss Vancouver 2011 first runner-up. She has experience as an image consultant and has helped the mayor of Vancouver during his election campaign. She is also athletically inclined and musically talented. When she was 6 years old, she started learning how to play the harp and the piano and is advanced with both instruments. With her qualifications, it should not be hard to find a job.

As she has not heard from TVB for half a year after her DUI arrest, Vicky is considering other career options and wanted to become a YouTuber and film lifestyle videos, but has not started due to the pandemic. For the time being, she has been busy with MC jobs referred by friends. When asked to confirm if she will definitely be switching careers, Vicky only gave a vague response indicating it would be depend on where there are opportunities.

Even though her personal income has significantly dropped, fortunately Vicky’s family is very rich and supportive of her. As an only child, she is treated as a princess by her family. Travelling overseas often, she drives nice cars and wears brand name watches to work. Currently renting a 1000-square-foot house in Sai Kung, Vicky may be looking for work for her own interest rather than the necessity of financial survival.

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  1. TVB has double standards, always quick to forgive men like Matt Yeung. Vicky Chow is decent on the show they should’ve kept her

    1. @hbc1 Unfair, but understandable. Matt Yeung is on the rise while Vicky is still quite green. Honestly, her talent and intelligence surpass her position at TVB. She deserves better.

      P.S. Chan*

  2. She’s better off outside TVB, she already typecast there, I don’t think she will be promoted to any significant roles ever in TVB and will be limited to those mistress, seductive women, supporting villan role. What a waste of her talent.

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