Jonathan Wong Does Not Depend on His Wealthy Parents

Since debuting 11 years ago, Airport Strikers <機場特警> star Jonathan Wong (王梓軒) has dabbled in a little bit of everything. Though he broke into the entertainment industry as a singer-songwriter, he eventually became a host on the TVB program Big Boys Club <兄弟幫>, and then starred in various dramas, including Limelight Years <華麗轉身>, which earned him a Best Supporting Actor nomination, and Wonder Women <多功能老婆> . Aside from having an extensive resume in the entertainment realm, Jonathan also has a wealthy family background.

The 33-year-old’s father is Wilfred Wong (王英偉), who was an elected member of the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China for 15 years. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Executive Deputy Chairman of Hsin Chong Construction Group Limited, Chairman of Hong Kong International Film Festival Society Limited, Chairman of the Court and Council of the Hong Kong Baptist University, and a member of the Hong Kong Film Development Council.

Despite Wilfred’s net worth of more than 500 million yuan, Jonathan said he doesn’t depend on his father. “I worked hard to achieve what I have today. I don’t have a big company’s support so I must rely on myself to make a name for myself,” Jonathan expressed.

Talented Since Young

In fact, he has been working toward his future since young. Jonathan, who was born in the United States, was a straight-A student. He picked up violin, piano, swimming, basketball, and track at the mere age of six. After graduating from high school, he became the first Chinese student to be awarded the Dance Art Award in the school’s 200-year history.

The artiste later enrolled at Cornell University, one of the top ten universities in the United States, where he double majored in psychology and modern dance. On top of that, he served as the music director and arranger for the school’s all-male acapella group. He led the group to perform in various places like California, New York, and Boston. When Jonathan graduated, he was the single recipient of the 2008 Cornell Undergraduate Artist Award.

After his studies, he learned arranging, composing, and producing with composer Tsang-Hei Chiu ((趙增熹). Afterward, he released Cantonese, Mandarin, and English albums. He also joined a Japanese record company and held his own concerts. He had the fortune of doing arrangement work for Kumi Koda, producing records for TVXQ, and arranging and conducting for TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship.

His work did not go unnoticed. He won a special award at the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia for his micro-film. Two years ago, Jonathan won an award at the China Music Awards. In the same year, he and violinist Jue Yao (姚珏) led the Hong Kong String Orchestra and students to play “Below the Lion’s Rock” <獅子山下>. Within those five minutes, he set a new record for the World’s Largest String Instrument Ensemble consisting of 1,021 players.

Still working hard to accomplish his goals, Jonathan expressed he is not looking to date. However, he previously revealed that he had a friend who wanted to play matchmaker and introduced him to Grace Wong (王君馨). Although the two did not end up dating, they are still good friends.

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    1. @oligodendrocytes Exactly! Wow, his resume sure seem impressive but wasted in TVB. I remember when I was on utube and they recommended on a clip while looking for updates on CV19 and he seems pretty nice in showing people on how to/what to while still in his LA home and I just thought another hk actor that lives overseas but didn’t know he comes from money.

    1. @pisces2019 agreed. while i love jonathan and appreciate his music, I am not blind to the fact that having a wealthy background helps you more in life than if you were born poor. not saying he doesn’t deserve his merits, but it’s nice to know that if you fail in life, there’s always a fallback. that mentality can change a lot of things for people.

      i wish for once someone wealthy would say something like, “my family’s rich. i benefited a lot from their nurture and the environment I grew up in. OR i understand the privilege i grew up with. i am very blessed. i will work hard to not ruin what I’ve been provided with.” instead of some defensive statement like, “i don’t rely on family money, i never took a dime from them, etc.”

  1. Wow! Didnt know hes so well off With so many feather in his cap? Why the hell he ended up here?.

  2. I remember watching a video on YouTube of Jonathan singing and thought Wow, how is this talented guy not a famous singer but only a minor support at TVB…

  3. Impressive resume. He might not financially depend on his wealthy parents now, but it is misleading to say he did it all on his own. Who paid for all those violin and piano lessons? Who spent the time taking him to classes and teaching him work ethics? This does not diminish his accomplishments, but it is silly to imply that he didn’t have privileges.

    1. @potatochip agreed. that’s what i said before about some other wealthy spawn who got into a good college and people on here were praising his abilities. I’m not saying they don’t deserve what they’ve accomplished, but there’s usually a whole lot of resources that were invested behind the scene for their benefit. to not acknowledge that fortune is to not acknowledge their unspoken advantages.

    2. @potatochip
      Agree. Can’t ignore all the behind the scenes resources for Jonathan. He didn’t exactly buy a violin and piano with his own earned money and self taught. His family background obviously gave him a huge advantage and taking all those lessons gave him the confidence to be a leader in many categories at college. At least he excelled unlike many other wealthy kids…

  4. “In fact, he has been working toward his future since young. ”

    Ok. What is this future that he is working toward?

    “Still working hard to accomplish his goals, Jonathan expressed he is not looking to date”

    Ok. What are these goals that he wants to accomplish?

    Does he even know?

    Is he one of those “Jack of all trades, master of none” person?

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