Introducing TVB’s “Airport Strikers”: Synopsis, Characters, and More

From actors’ scandals to the anti-police movement, TVB’s Airport Strikers <機場特警> faced multiple setbacks. But now, after nearly two years since completing production, TVB is finally ready to release the drama to the public.

Premiering on March 30, 2020, Airport Strikers is about the Airport Security Unit (ASU) of the Hong Kong International Airport, also known as the airport police. The ASU is responsible for airport security, and is specifically trained in targeting terrorist situations, such as airplane hijackings.

Similar to TVB’s Tiger Cubs <飛虎>, which is about Hong Kong’s Special Duties Unit (SDU), Airport Strikers is TVB’s first drama to focus on the ASU and its training process. The ASU team are faced with life-or-death situations every single day, and they carry the responsibility of protecting citizens from danger. Like the SDU, the ASU are top paramilitary officers who are trained to problem-solve in the most stressful of situations.

Airport Strikers is filmed on location at the Hong Kong International Airport, and is supported by Hong Kong’s Airport Authority and Police Force. Several cases that will be explored on the show were based on real-life events, in which one case was filmed in the cabin of an A380 airbus.

The drama starts off with a robbery—the suspect escapes and gets involved in a serious traffic accident. Off-duty ASU officers report to the scene at the airport, and together with other police units, they successfully capture the suspect. One year later, a rookie team of police officers successfully pass the ASU boards after 12 years of hell-bound training. The new blood clashes with the old, but when it comes to countering terrorism, they come together as one.

Main Roster


Owen Cheung (張振朗) plays Cheung King-shan, who is clever, agile, and eloquent. During school, he was known for his wits and physical skills. Growing up in a single family household, Shan develops an inferiority complex, which pushes him to succeed so he can prove to others that he is worthy. Unfortunately, this makes Shan a very arrogant, forthright, and competitive person.

Mat Yeung (楊明) plays Ma Yung-yee, who acts like Shan’s foil. Easy-going with high emotional intelligence, Yee is very popular among his teammates. He wants to live an easy life free of stress. Though he has no strong ambitions, he is a righteous man with a sense of dignity.

Hugo Wong (黃子恆) plays Cheung Chun-hak, the stoic and principled teammate of Shan and Yee. He has a strong sense of responsibility and loves his job. A strong leader, Hak holds high expectations of himself and his subordinates. His greatest flaw is his overconfidence, causing him to overestimate his abilities.

Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) plays Sun Hoi-ching, one of the few women of the ASU who has a strong fighting spirit. To keep up with her male co-workers, she develops a strong sense of individuality and honesty. Although she appears strong on the outside, Ching carries the burden of taking care of her family after the death of her older brother.

Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) plays Anna Yu, a kind-hearted flight attendant who believes in true love, that she will meet the prince of her dreams in a fairytale romance.

“Airport Strikers” Trailer

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  1. My mom was watching the first episode today and so far, it’s pretty much typical TVB series, formulaic and boring. The only time I actually paid attention was when they started playing the Police Cadet ‘84 theme song…normally I would be excited when there are nostalgic references in a series, but nowadays, I just get pissed that TVB is once again trying to use old-time nostalgia in a desperate attempt to get people to watch their garbage shows…goes to show how badly TVB has deteriorated in my book…

    1. @llwy12 I agree, a typical TVB series, been there done that. It’s very boring, won’t be wasting my time on this.

  2. Matt is very likeable, the BEST character in the drama so far. Hugo, as usual is a little “wood” while owen is the most irritating! always so over confident of himself to the extend of being abhorrent! sisly is ok ok and so is roxanne. the rest of the ASU crew is quite fun to watch too except a few (at the academy) which i felt is so wrongly casts even they don’t have a single dialog throughout. (Their faces suits better as bad ass crooks!)

  3. I gave it a go and watched 10 eps but I don’t like it. Too much time training and not enough action. I want something like “Tiger Cubs” which is more case-focussed.

    Sisley is actually OK. It is the guys which I find boring. And their spouses/girlfriends are boring as well.

    I’m going to jump ship tomorrow and start watching “brutally young” instead.

  4. I am really enjoying it though for its entertainment value. I did a marathon session of 6 episodes today. I think Owen Cheung is just playing the role the way it has been written (typical over-confident “rookie” with a good heart). What I thought didn’t make sense was that these guys are NOT rookies, they are experienced cops (CIDs whatever) and upgrading to the special airport squad. Some of the reactions are what you would expect from the real rookies such as the ones in Police Cadet, not from experienced police officers. Ah well… let’s just suspend reality and enjoy it for the action and script !

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