Ashley Chu Apologizes for Dating Jackson Lai

Two days after Ashley Chu‘s (朱智賢) secret date with married actor Jackson Lai (黎振燁) was exposed, the TVB 33-year-old actress stepped forward to apologize for her actions. Ashley explained that she was too immersed in her onscreen role in Zombie <食腦喪B>, and had developed feelings for her co-star, Jackson. Already forgiven by her boyfriend Brian Tse (謝東閔), Ashley cried throughout the press conference.

“I feel that I’m too inexperienced in acting. I’m not professional enough to withdraw from my character. Thanks to Brian for being by my side at this time. I know he put up with a lot, and felt more hurt than me,” Ashley said.

Apologizing to her family and the cast and crew of Zombie for her behavior, Ashley said, “I’m sorry for my lack of professionalism in affecting everyone. I’ll do better from now on. Hope everyone can give me a chance. I’m truly regretful and feel guilty about my actions. Even I can’t accept my own mistake.”

Comforting Ashley, Brian believes that he had neglected her earlier. The singer, who is under The Voice Entertainment Group label, said, “I’m very concerned that she couldn’t face the pressure. She already told me everything. I’m going to help her get through this. Before, I was too busy with work and neglected her. She’s a wonderful person, and is very hardworking. I hope everyone gives her a chance, to reflect [on her actions] and can continue to work at TVB.”

Ashley apologized again, “I’m sorry for disappointing everyone. I know I’m wrong. I’m sorry towards the people who love me and gave me opportunities. I disappointed my company, and I apologize to the people whom I hurt.”

TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) was also present at the press conference, but she did not speak with reporters and stepped away to dodge questions.


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Ashley Chu Ousted from “Scoop”

Jackson Lai and Ashley Chu Caught Cheating on Date

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  1. What a load of horse manure. Nobody will believe that. You’re just in damage control now to save face and career.

  2. Brian is truly a kind person. Forgiving her, deciding to help her and blaming himself even though it wasn’t his fault. She truly doesn’t deserve him

    1. @emmy Brian Tse has a TVB contract and is also a singer under The Voice Entertainment Group, which is founded by TVB. While Brian does seem earnest at the press conference, I think it’s also difficult for him to say no if management wants him to accompany Ashley and play the part of a forgiving boyfriend.

      1. @jayne hi. Yes I also think it is difficult for him to say no and does not want to be harsh to Ashley at such situation. based on the video I feel that he was extremely awkward, speechless & so unprepared to start the conversation on behalf. He looks as if is so difficult to finish up the sentence even though is only few point to mention. Probably is not really what he want to express?

    2. @emmy seriously ! Can’t believe he blames himself for not treating her well enough in hope to save her ! And she is now crying because she’s afraid her career is over before it even started ! She keeps on asking for people to give her a second chance, meaning not boycott her appearances so she can keep her job. And she cannot get out of character ?! That’s her excuse for snatching a married, soon-to-be father man ?! What a load of BS. Jackson is also an a**hole. I wonder when he’s gonna speak up.

  3. What is wrong with all these celebrities eating without cleaning up, getting caught here and there … lol

  4. Not sure why need a press conference for a nobody. However, this is a nice excuse to get out of the situation. Now this portrays herself as a naive young girl, too immersed in character while Jackson took knowingly took advantage of her. Brian’s support of Ashley helps her case too. Jackson now seen as even more lowlife sc*m for doing this. Whether it is true or it is mutual, it doesn’t matter now. Jackson is an experience man and he let it happen…

  5. What a bunch of BS! Ashley should’ve came out with Jackson, not Brian who is also a victim.

    TVB’s handling of these cheating cases make my brain hurt. Where was Jacqueline Wong’s apology? That scandal was arguably bigger.

    1. Jacqueline Wong was caught on camera kissing and fondling Andy Hui. Jacqueline initiated the incident in the taxi, while Andy responded to her actions. While both are equally guilty in my opinion, I guess TVB thought Jacqueline’s in-person apology wouldn’t be received well, so the company never arranged a press conference for her.

      Jacqueline’s gestures were also more sexually suggestive than Ashley and Jackson’s secret date, which only involved eating cake in a car. If Ashley was caught in a more compromising situation, then the public apology may take a different form.

      Although both Ashley and Jackson are not big stars, TVB does want to clear the negative press so the dramas they star in can be aired. Jackson also has a ten-year contract with TVB.

      1. @jayne It’s unclear who initiated because from the looks of it, the taxi incident wasn’t their first time being intimate. Jacqueline flew to LA after the incident, but appeared in front of the press at the airport as soon as she went back to HK.

        Maybe if the paparazzi waited a bit longer, Ashley & Jackson would’ve kissed.

      2. @luye I think the paparazzi were afraid they would eat their cake and drive away, so the reporters rushed in at that moment. Also, they shouted questions at Ashley about Jackson’s wife being married to get a reaction. Ashley and Jackson’s reactions are enough to make them look guilty even without more intimate acts captured on camera.

  6. everything seems to forced. tvb is so quick to respond this time around, probably due to heavy criticism from how they handled the JW incident.

    1. @m0m0
      It is the best of interest for TVB and all 4 individuals that quick action of forgiveness is displayed to minimise the damage.
      1. For TVB- possible salvage the careers of the 2 culprits and push out the name of Brian’s
      2.For Brian- Improve image and fame for being a good forgiving victim like Kenneth.
      3. For Ashley- to try salvage career
      4. For Jackson- nothing more to lose now other than hope to save career.
      5. For Jackson’s wife- Forgiving Jackson in the hope of saving his career is financially the best decision for her whether they split in the future or not.

      1. @jimmyszeto the best thing to come out of this press conference is that Ashley has ended her ties with Jackson. If her career is more important Jackson is, then this was nothing more than a fling. Better to end this early.

      2. @jayne
        The fling was always going to end whether it was exposed or not. It happens a lot in the industry during filming but after a while the actors/actresses go back to leading their normal lives. For example Vincent, Bosco, Toby. Countless cheating but just more careful in not getting caught red handed.

  7. Maybe they could’ve played it off by saying we are celebrating us finish filming or something idk. But their nervous/scared reactions really gave it off

  8. @jayne hi. Yes I also think it is difficult for him to say no and does not want to be harsh to Ashley at such situation. based on the video I feel that he was extremely awkward, speechless & so unprepared to start the conversation on behalf. He looks as if is so difficult to finish up the sentence even though is only few point to mention. Probably is not really what he want to express?

  9. Goes without saying…. Don’t sht where you eat lol.
    Poor Brian. He did nothing wrong and he still has to face the press with this cheater. Tbf this is the biggest press con these people are getting in their career so.

  10. What a load of crap. Why the heck is Brian there and that he spoke first? If it’s asked by TVB to support her and play the part of a good boyfriend , I hope he breaks up with her in a couple of weeks! I think it’s cop out that she “was too immersed in her role” . She emotionally cheated on Brian… they are good as done. It takes two to tango…. I’ve save my comments about that
    jerk Jackson on the next post!! Lol

  11. Boy! I am imagine now that she’s pregnant also then she doesn’t know who’s the daddy of her baby unless she gets a DNA test or something.

  12. Definitely looks good on Brian for being there and saying kind supportive words. Also Ashley looks bad without makeup

  13. I don’t see how this is anyone’s business but the people involved. She owes her boyfriend and Jackson’s wife an apology. What’s up with needing to apologise to the public?

  14. At least she came forward in person and apologised to her friends and family and the media. Unlike Jacqueline who disappeared into thin air with a social media post.

  15. I also think it is difficult for brian to say no if the management seek his assistance to not add more fire into the situation and help Ashley and probably he also does not want to be harsh to Ashley. From the video interview I feel that he seems kinda reluctant to give supportive comment when he haven’t calm down emotionally yet. He literally cry a little during the interview . Compare with Kenneth Ma statement which is more clear & steady on how he cope & deal with it. The way Kenneth delivering the msg also with calm, firm & sounded confident on what he wanna say. That kind of expression u get, ‘ look this is exactly what I am talking about’ where else Brian his gesture to me shows that he probably feel extremely awkward, speechless & so unprepared to start the conversation on behalf. He kept on pause after 1-2 words as if its was so difficult for him to finish up the sentence in just a few seconds even is only a few words.he trying his best to to be extra careful on his words! I wouldn’t use the term victim for 100% to be fair to them also, they can’t just thrown tantrums or mentioned negative on the public even they are non celebrities status. Especially they aren’t the *main cast* of the news

    Ashley and Brian definitely had 1 to 1 conversation without anyone interrupt, we never know what exactly what’s the outcome after the conversation.

  16. Omg these asians countries are bat **** backwards, stop with shaming of people private lives. All these people are grown adults they can date and sleep with whomever they please. People breakup every effing day grow up mind your effing business. Stop the shaming for effing sake it’s 2020.

  17. No sorry to the douchebag’s pregnant wife?
    Can’t help rolling my eyes whenever these people cried and apologize during press conference. I’m too cynical, it just comes across that they are sorry for getting caught and cry because they are scared of losing their career.
    Nevertheless, hope this female and the douchebag will just disappear from the entertainment industry.
    TVB is awful in handling this. First trying to get pregnant wife to be there for douchebag press conference (pregnant!) Then now making this boyfriend to sit through this nonsense. Hopefully he’s not forced into it because of his contract.

    1. @bearbear It’s all about image. TVB doesn’t care about those involved, it’s all their image they are protecting. They should have the press conference and let the douchebag and the bimbo explain themselves, leave the wife and the boyfriend out of it.

  18. I read the article, but I don’t see anywhere she apologizes to Jackson’s (Mrs. Lai) wife. Mrs. Lai deserves much more than an apology, but Ashley didn’t make an attempt. She apologizes to Brian, her family, cast of Zombie and everyone else. I thought it was funny when that’s she is too “inexperienced in acting. I’m not professional enough to withdraw from my character.” Is that her excuse going forward should she cheated with her costars?

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