Jackson Lai’s Wife Leaves Hospital After Giving Birth

By on June 8, 2020 in NEWS

Jackson Lai’s Wife Leaves Hospital After Giving Birth

With his career frozen by TVB after his cheating scandal with Ashley Chu (朱智賢) broke out, Jackson Lai (黎振燁) has been spending time with his wife and hoping to patch up problems in their marriage. The former Mr. Hong Kong was seen accompanying his wife out of the hospital after she recently gave birth.

Jackson went to the hospital early this morning to help her prepare for checking out of the hospital and bringing their newborn son home. Although Jackson’s wife was only supposed to stay in the hospital for two days after delivering a healthy baby via Cesarean section, her stay was extended due to the rainy weather.

Describing his feelings as a first-time father, Jackson expressed, “We went back to my parents’ house for [my wife’s] postpartum recovery. She is breastfeeding but if the baby doesn’t get enough milk, we’ll add in a little bit of milk formula. I help out as well – I have a niece and a nephew so I have a bit of babysitting experience. Right now, I’m taking advantage of whatever time I have with holding the baby. After all, I have been waiting for a really long time.”

The couple has not decided on a name for their son yet, and will just refer to him as “the baby” until a name has been chosen. As to what aspirations he has for his son, Jackson said he will be grateful as long as he is healthy and happy in the future. Jackson also disclosed that he will try to give his son a little brother or sister once his career becomes more stable.

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  • 4 comments to Jackson Lai’s Wife Leaves Hospital After Giving Birth

    1. chena says:

      So in Hong Kong, pregnant women can’t be discharged because its raining?

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    2. “once his career becomes more stable”. Yep that’s not gonna happen anytime soon got to wait a couple of years maybe even more.

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    3. sev2 says:

      he may get some advise from his senior, steven, or andy lol

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    4. pinkhelmet says:

      He cheated his wife with open eyes and I dont think he deserves any sympathy whatsoever.

      One minute glorified his wife, next minute packing up his bags to leave home leaving his pregnant wife stranded.

      TVB must send out a clear message to get rid of these scums as soon as possible.

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