Brian Tse Buys Home to Prepare for Wedding with Ashley Chu

Late last month, Ashley Chu (朱智賢) and Jackson Lai‘s (黎振燁) careers came to a halt when their affair, dubbed as the “Sum On Scandal 2.0,” surfaced. Given that Jackson has a pregnant wife and Ashley is dating actor-singer Brian Tse (謝東閔), the two rising stars received a lot of backlash for their infidelity even though Jackson’s wife forgave him and Ashley publicly apologized. Despite Ashley’s betrayal, Brian continued to stand by her and defend her. Now, rumors are circulating that he bought a new home in Tuen Mun for 10.8 million HKD to continue with his original plan of marrying Ashley.

However, given the sudden events, it is reported that Brian has been decorating the new home by himself since Ashley wants to rest and reflect during her two-week hiatus from work. Once things are ready and settled, they will allegedly prepare for marriage.

Brian and Ashley’s Relationship

The forgiving and thoughtful Brian is known to be a “hot property” among the entertainment circle with his wealthy background coming into play. His father owns a salon, and his mother has a domestic helper referral agency. In 2013, he opened a foot massage business with his family, and it’s been earning a lot of money. On top of the family businesses, he was also getting promoted at TVB and receiving a lot of jobs. His recent song “The Coldest Day” <最冷的一天> was also very well-received.

It wasn’t until 2017 that Ashley broke up with restaurateur Derak to snag this “hot property.” Though Ashley and Brian’s dating rumors surfaced, the two have never admitted to being in a relationship. However, they would always show up at events together and appear at each others’ gatherings with friends. Though they were recognized as a pair in the entertainment circle, it wasn’t until Ashley’s cheating came to light that they finally acknowledged their romance.

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  1. Maybe Brian should’ve worn that green hat… he’s starting to look real dumb by giving her another chance.

    1. @hazel
      Yeh green hat people will get laughed at. He is helping career by being supportive in the immediate aftermath. In long term his image will take a huge hit if stay with Ashley for being ‘green hat’ guy.

  2. Madness if true, this is finally his chance to climb the ranks with all the new opportunities, he should focus on work. Ashley doesn’t deserve this guy and getting married certainly won’t save their relationship. There’s plenty of nicer and pretty women out there!

  3. When she’s without makeup, she looks like Michelle Ye although she’s probably younger and skinnier. Dude is just like his character in Line Walker; all kinds of stupid.

    1. @wm2017 Lol. I thought she looks more auntie without makeup on. I think Brian should be in that movie Dumb and Dumber!!!

    2. @wm2017 lol… totally agree like his character in Line Walker 2. Honestly i do enjoy his role despite so dumb

      1. @bennyjr
        People should calm down about Brian’s role in Line Walker 2. He copied this from award winning Chapman To performance in ‘Infernal Affairs’.

  4. This post explains this guy takes stupid to another level. Don’t forget to celebrate with a cake at housewarming

  5. Either he is really into her or he is just using this opportunity to make her feel indebted to him. I don’t know but I am not getting good vibes from this guy. It seems like he wants to be seen as a “white knight” so badly.

  6. I don’t know how much you can trust RUMORS. Ashely is wealthier than Brian herself.

    Cheating is deal breaker for me, but I have seen couples “recover.” If one party is a big mess while the other is focused and thriving, that’s co-dependence. If both are a hot mess, then it’s all good (cheat on each other?). If both are focused and thriving, that’s the ideal situation. Just because he looks all shiny on the surface or he’s labeled “hot property”, it don’t mean anything right? I feel like when you are “hot property”, you don’t have to prove it.

  7. If this is true, then this guy needs a wake up call because he is 100% delusional. That or he needs some good friends to slap some sense into him. Doesn’t matter how much he is into her, she cheated. The trust is broken. Even after she got caught, she still insisted her relationship with Brian was just friends. I think he is just a super nice guy. And unfortunately, like men who love a good chase, some women (especially immature ones) don’t like nice guys. They’re boring. I have a good guy friend like that. Nicest guy in the world and had a cheating ex. Forgave her and everything. Welp… she moved on. And he is still single. He is considered “hot property” too if I want to list his stats. But ultimately, money isn’t enough for true love.

    Hope Brian wakes up soon before he marries her and wears more green hats over the years. For her sake too, she should just break it off with him and move on because she’s obviously not that into him.

  8. I don’t think this Ashley will turn up at a Benjamin Yuen party anytime soon. She was the least known nobody there anyway…

  9. Really don’t know what is true because I’ve also read somewhere that Brian wanted to break up with her before the scandal happened. He was just being a good friend to support her through this difficult time. Planning to get married now seems to be a little ridiculous, lol like what happened with Vivian Chow.

    But tbh, celebrities are generally pretty ridiculous. Lastest breaking news, Gillian Chung and her husband are divorced!

  10. Yeah, It’s a tough call. ofcource you want people to start off on the right foot when you get married. They have been dating since 2017. I’m sure they probably have built up a great relationship up to now. He seems like a classy guy for standing by her. I dont watch too many Chinese dramas only a few every few months. So, can’t comment on eithers acting. I’m pretty sure their both under tremendous pressure from their family and friends if their marriage was already planned and to go through with it as planned. They should take 3+ months off, have a rethink. And take it from there. The ball is literally in Ashley’s court, meaning no mess ups from here on. This would put her under alot of pressure. I dont know if its healthy or not for her and him. 3 year old relationship is not that old. I think their both around 34, not getting any younger. If He/She are willing to settle down have kids. Then I think it should be ok, IF they are ready. But if He/She are still ambitious about reaching new highs in their careers. There will be be alot of hot scenes to come, lol. Maybe not the right move and should move their relationship bck to as good friends for now. Him/Her/Me/You cheating is nothing knew, it should not happen though. Its embarrassing when your family, friends, etc., find out about it. But it can happen to the best of the best. So to make the long story short which is already quite long. There are no kids involved, he needs to trust her same as b4 and she shouldn’t marry him out of guilt. And media will be a million times more aggressive. Wish them the best!!

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