Brian Tse Calls Jackson Lai a Liar

The Hong Kong entertainment industry has been rattled with the cheating scandal involving Zombie <食腦喪B> costars, Jackson Lai (黎振燁) and Ashley Chu (朱智賢). The former is married with a baby on the way, and the latter has been dating Brian Tse (謝東閔) for three years.

On April 29th, Ashley held a press conference to formally apologize to all those involved. Brian was also present to support Ashley. Brian held onto Ashley’s hand as she cried.

According to rumors, Ashley and Brian’s relationship was already reaching an end before the scandal even happened. The two had also been living together for some time. As they were already at the brink of splitting, Ashley fell hard for Jackson, who played her boyfriend in Zombie. After the scandal, Ashley immediately apologized to Brian in tears. It was said that Brian couldn’t bear the person he had loved fall into misery, and decided to not split with Ashley at this time.

Yesterday, Jackson appeared in public with his pregnant wife. He told reporters that his relationship with Ashley was just a fling, and that they had only dated for a couple of weeks. He said he believes that he will eventually be able to disconnect from his character in Zombie. His reasoning is similar to what Ashley gave at her press conference, when she too said that she dated Jackson because she couldn’t get out of character.

Jackson’s response seemed to have hit a nerve in Brian. At around midnight, Brian responded to Jackson’s comments on Instagram, calling out the Mr. Hong Kong winner as a big liar.

“How can a person still be able to stand so high even after lying?” he wrote, and added a Jackson Lai hashtag. Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), Adrian Chau (周志文), Jazz Lam (林子善), and more had liked his post.

Reporters reached out to Brian for clarification, who said, “I was definitely acting on emotion last night. But if a person is still standing tall after saying a lie, and that person is lying because he needs to protect his pregnant wife’s heart and his family, then I will suck it up. As for what lies, he knows!” Brian added that he will not leave Ashley’s side, and will be staying with her through thick and thin.

As for claims of him being a liar, Jackson responded with, “No comment.”

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  1. “Brian added that he will not leave Ashley’s side, and will be staying with her through thick and thin”

    Brian I would say just mostly pity her now more than love her if it’s true their relationship reaching an end before it happened. So now that she shed some tears and sad and that makes Brian feel obligated to cheer her up b/c he’s a kind person or he just can’t act like a angry boyfriend and has to keep that “nice guy” image in the media.

    I think Brian should have handled it like Kenneth. He handled it the best way possible as it was clear that he couldn’t forgive Jaccqueline b/c he broke up w/ her but whenever the media asked him about it he handled it in a mature way. Too bad Brian decided to play the “nice guy” card

    1. @emmy yeah the “nice guy” card was a little overrated and I don’t believe in the “through thick and thin,” right after her cheating. Nicholas Tse said similar things during his ex-wife’s scandal and they eventually broke up. I don’t buy Ashley’s reason either. So far, the excuse is quite new tho. lol

      1. @mi520

        Yes, I was about to chime in about Nic Tse too.

        These ‘nice guy stand behind the woman through thick and thin’ FAKE spiel do NOT mean a thing. It’s damage control strategy they have to do for mutual benefit, of all. And prob company enforced.

  2. I think Brian is more into Ashley than her into him. It’s evident in their body language at the press conference. It’s the sub-conscious body language that speaks volumes. I didn’t see her looking at him with any sort of care or concern that what was going on was hurting him. Based on her body language (and everything she had said), it seemed that she was only concerned about her own well being (career, family etc). If I were Brian, I’d move on in a heartbeat. I get the sense that she’s aiming for someone in the big league (a son of one of the many Hong Kong tycoons) and not settle for anyone less than that.

    1. @summerdale agreed. but don’t forget also that Ashley’s wealthy. that’s always hard to let go since Brian’s still a nobody

  3. Brian you should dump the girl, I get you acting as nice guy for image wise, but now it seems like you are desperate. Like others say I don’t feel Ashley likes Brian that much, she wouldn’t even admit that he is her boyfriend how embarrassing.

    1. @teaalltheway
      No chance Brian will stand by Ashley for long. Whether it is the Company’s suggestion or a moment of mad adrenaline to show support, this isn’t going to last. We have all been in relationships and for it to last for a few weeks without sexual activity is physically impossible in the fresh early stage. Once Brian thinks the picture through repeatedly, he will feel disgusted and leave. It won’t even do his career good long-term if he stayed with her because he will be embarrassed and a laughing stock. Brian will get praise like Kenneth for forgiving nature proving he is a nice guy.

  4. #hashtag

    When u r in entertainment line this happens as expected.

  5. In takes two to tango. The g/f is also unbearable since she knows he’s married and a preg wife at home. Don’t just blame the guy, your woman is the issue here as well. I remember reading somewhere that this guy is rich? Why do you even bother putting up w/that press conference knowing what she did? If he really did it for his career then he is doing it too for his own benefit? Seriously, all these 3 involved are not even popular or known. This guy I remember him in Line Walker but the wife I don’t even know where she came from. Airport series guy is TALL at first glance nothing else. Now it’s like this scandal is helping them to be a bit more known.

  6. The Jacqueline Wong scandal happened in April 2019 ! What a coincident. One year on and she hasn’t made a comeback. It’s going to be hard (or harder) for Jackson. It’s such a waste of all the sacrifices he had made over the years. The only good thing that has come out of this mess is that it is a good reminder to the young TVB artistes to exercise more restraint and self-discipline. Their career depends on it…

    1. @summerdale but how come Hugo Wong was able to make a comeback? What difference is Hugo Wong vs Jackson.. both are just as bad

      1. @meilin – Can’t say for sure. I reckon cheating on a heavily pregnant wife and asking for a divorce (now, rather than wait till later) crosses certain standards. Hugo Wong on the other hand is a player but that wouldn’t quite sound the death knell on his career.

      2. @meilin major difference. Hugo and the “fan” were both single. They weren’t photographed or recorded together. Jackson has a wife, and Ashley has a boyfriend, there is proof they were together.

      3. @jcc10 True, fair enough.

        I would think that TVB would still freeze Hugo for longer since he just randomly took advantage of a “fan”

  7. I wonder what Brian is referring to.. I wonder what Jackson lied about

    1. @meilin my guess is that Jackson lied when he said his affair with Ashley “was not long” Ashley probably “came clean” with Brian and said their affair is months.. Jackson even drove Ashley to the hospital for a checkup on April 22. A married man would not drive another woman whom the wife doesn’t know, and who is “just a friend” to the hospital if they were only friends. Clearly they have built some kind of relationship or closeness where he can drive her for her check up. They look so suspicious in the video…

  8. if it was a real fling than they wouldn’t be caught just having cake in the car

    1. @m0m0 they were also photographed coming out of a clinic. They might have had other dates, but they have to be careful not to get caught and they can’t go to each other’s homes either, so eating in the car it is !

  9. It takes two to tango. He can say all these things about Jackson, but what about his own gf? Sure they were BOTH lying.

  10. Ashley is as much responsible for the affair as Jackson. If Brian is upset and calling Jackson a liar, so is Ashley. Brian shouldn’t lash out and blame everything on Jackson then act like Ashley is a victim.

  11. I think the reason Brian haven’t break up with Ashley because she’s all loaded with money? Remember Joel Chan his side of the story?

  12. In my opinion, out of all the new tvb artists Jackson has the most potential and the best look and height. Memorable face. You cannot buy or train that. It’ll be a waste for tvb and the HK entertainment industry if they want to compete with the mainland.

    What a waste

    1. @antibaka
      Are you saying a 34 year old married man Jackson has the most potential? Potential is reserved to younger people. Either you haven’t got a clue or TVB must be at the dumps with lack of talent..

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