Jackson Lai’s Salary Goes Directly into His Wife’s Account

The 33-year-old actor thanks his wife and recounts his toughest years.

Re-entering the industry after becoming champion of 2016’s Mr. Hong Kong Contest, Jackson Lai (黎振燁) had completed TVB’s 23rd artists’ training class as early as in 2009.

So Tall He Was Told to Avoid the Cameras

The Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛.回家之開心速遞> star recounted the difficult start he had, “The first three years were really a struggle, while interning I had no income and felt really down…after debuting I still did not see an increase in terms of income, but what I learned and gained was much more than that,” Jackson even asked himself often if he ought to remain in this industry due to the meager income and lack of breakthroughs, but he did not want to give up his passion. Due to his tall height, Jackson was asked to avert the camera and had few speaking lines in his roles.

“In 2012 I decided to leave and explore the world outside acting not because I chose to give up, but to help my growth as an actor. During this period, I felt very insecure as work was not stable – I could earn several thousands (HKD) this month, but (would have) no jobs at all for the next few months. I returned in 2016 to take part in Mr Hong Kong, wanting to act again and wasn’t not expecting a win.”

Being an Actor is Really “A Test of Endurance”

Jackson, who wanted to be an actor since he was 10 years old, felt that he was suited to be an actor more than a star, as he enjoys acting whereas celebrities had to deal with celebrity baggage.

“A veteran once told me, starting out in this profession is a battle of speed at the beginning. If you lose, then it will turn into a battle of endurance.” To Jackson, his love for this career makes him more than happy to be in for the long haul, for he willingly hopes to “use his life to contribute to this industry” for  as long as he has a place there.

A “Wife, Lover and Friend” With Whom He Can Share Everything

Playing the character “Jacky” who is extremely loyal to Mandy Lam‘s (林淑敏) character in Come Home Love: Lo and Behold, Jackson is amused that his onscreen mimics him in reality as he is someone who enjoys creating surprises for his other half.

Married for ten years, Jackson admits that he definitely owed his wife since she had to suffer along with him. Dating since their high school days, the couple’s strong relationship foundation meant that she was very supportive and understanding, although she had taken some time to “understand his reasons for being an actor.”

When Jackson expressed his desire to sign up for the actors’ training class at 20 years old, she initially opposed his career choice and advised him to be more realistic. Going against her wishes and signing up nevertheless, Jackson’s wife did not speak to him for a week when he later broke the news to her about being accepted. For the first six months of his training class, she behaved indifferently but Jackson could tell that she did not dislike him being an actor, but merely “lacked understanding about the profession.”

Indeed, she later realized with time that Jackson really enjoyed acting per se and was not hankering after fame. Now, she would even practice his lines together with Jackson to prepare for each role, watch shows with him and also give him feedback. “I want to perform my best to repay her, and find more time to be with her.”

The actor set his monthly salary to go into his wife’s bank account, “I thought that since I wanted to pass all my salary to my wife, I’ll have to go withdraw and then she had to go deposit the money, I might as well as put her account name directly for convenience’s sake. But it isn’t what everyone thinks about me being such a great guy, most importantly my wife is better at managing finances than me, and she’s someone I trust most. It would be disastrous if I were managing finances!”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @wm2017 Jackson was also in “OMG, Your Honour”. He’s good looking and has decent acting skills. I hope to see more of Jackson, but his buzz seemed to have slowed down last year. TVB seems to be giving Karl Ting, who won first runner-up in Mr. Hong Kong 2016 (the same year Jackson competed) more opportunities perhaps due to his younger age.

      1. @jayne Ohhh…I didn’t watch that series either as I didn’t care for any of the casts. lol… I might check it out if nothing on Netflix which would be never. haha lol… But good to know. Karl Ting – oh that cute one w/the Vincent Wong series. He was ok but this one looks more manly. You know perhaps they should give it to younger generations more opportunities as isn’t it always older actors leading all the time for TVB? All other countries they have younger casts but just NOT HK. Not sure if they have just 0 talent people who can’t promote or HK is just stuck in the older generation casts era. Depressing but when they have scripts that suck I guess no younger/older generations can help w/any of it.

      2. @wm2017
        Problem is in TVB lots come from Mr HK or come into the industry with zero experience. They are mainly beginners so can’t be given the change for big roles. The more educated performers since a child I would expect be start in theatres and movies rather than waste their time acting alongside untalented people at TVB…

      3. @jimmyszeto It’s also depressing how all these female leads came from Ms. HK too….lol haha…Like none of them were from acting classes or anything and it’s like go participate in Ms. HK if you want to be an actress. So sad!!

      4. @wm2017
        Like most occupations, you need to start with significant interest in subjects related at a very young age before you can build up enough knowledge and experience gradually to become successful. The majority of the ones entering the entertainment industry especially at TVB through Miss HK etr have one thing in common which is ‘to make big easy money’ or the ones from rich families are to seek fame and glory. Stage presence and performing skills cannot be gained overnight in a make shift ‘one month acting class’ after Miss HK. Anita Mui is a great example. She performed from when she was a kid so when she entered the industry young, she fitted in straight away. Wong Cho Lam had an education in performing arts and made it straight away. Others at TVB without education can take decades to gain the experience to become established good actors. Many never make it and disappear from the screens.

      5. @wm2017 TVB is too focused on pleasing local viewers (population of 7 million) foremost that they’re afraid to take risks by casting younger actors to lead series. In recent years, most don’t lead until nearing their thirties. Matthew Ho (31) is probably one of the younger leads in recent dramas.

      6. @jayne Yeah, it’s like a different world w/China or Korean leads. They have as young as 17 or 18. 31 is young in HK. haha… Funny

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