Mr. Hong Kong, Jackson Lai, Breaks Out in “Another Era”

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Mr. Hong Kong, Jackson Lai, Breaks Out in “Another Era”

After struggling in the entertainment industry for eight years, 32-year-old Jackson Lai (黎振燁) is finally gaining notice as a hot-blooded foreman in TVB drama, Another Era <再創世紀>. Viewers complimented his acting and good looks. Jackson thanks his wife for believing in him and giving him courage to persevere during the tough times.

It turns out that Jackson had dropped his stable and highly-paid fashion designer job in 2009 to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor. But after graduating from TVB’s 23rd acting class, Jackson was only given cameo roles.

Working in the industry for years with no recognition, Jackson thought of giving up his acting dreams to find a more stable job or return to the fashion industry. However, his wife’s consoling words eased his worries and gave him strength to continue pursing his dreams. She said to Jackson, “My wage is enough to support us, so stop thinking that you can’t take care of me. Just put your heart and soul into doing what you love for a career.”

To accelerate his path, Jackson decided to join the 2016 Mr. Hong Kong competition and eventually won first place.  But initially, Jackson had less onscreen roles than Karl Ting (丁子朗), the first-runner up in the competition. When asked if he envied Karl, Jackson expressed, “Each person has their own unique path to walk on, so focusing and working hard for yourself is the most important. Even though my path is longer and harder compared to others, I would view it positively and believe that any failure is a learning opportunity.”

He also addressed comments that he was not working enough, “I’ve always been working, but viewers don’t know that because a drama completed may air in a year or two later. So, there’s no need to worry because there will be more chances in seeing me on television soon.”

Jackson can be seen next in upcoming TVB Anniversary drama, OMG, Your Honour <是咁的,法官閣下>. Currently filming Airport Security Unit <機場特警>, Jackson remains humble despite increased opportunities. Believing that his hard efforts will eventually pave the path he desires, Jackson said, “I won’t think about whether or not I am the main character, but I hope that I’ll have a representative role in the future.”

As for his personal goals, Jackson hopes to become a father soon. He and his wife have been trying to have a baby for awhile. He is not afraid that fatherhood will get in the way of his acting career. “I’m not concerned. I believe having my own baby will be a memorable and joyful experience.”

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Mr. Hong Kong, Jackson Lai, Breaks Out in “Another Era”

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