Jackson Lai Decided to Get Divorce in March

Airport Strikers <機場特警> actor Jackson Lai‘s (黎振燁) affair with TVB actress Ashley Chu (朱智賢) was exposed yesterday. After falling for Ashely, the 2016 Mr. Hong Kong winner allegedly decided to divorce his wife, who is currently eight months pregnant, and has already moved out of their home.

Sparks sizzled between Jackson and Ashley on the set of TVB drama Zombie <食腦喪B>. Although their drama wrapped up filming two weeks ago, Jackson drove Ashley to a secluded area for their secret meetup. When the paparazzi walked in on them, the pair were eating cake in the backseat of Jackson’s car. Stunned by the sudden intrusion, Jackson said they were “on their way to work” and denied their relationship.

Jackson Ready to Throw Away His Marriage for Ashley?

Meeting his wife in high school and together for 15 years, Jackson had expressed his gratitude for her support in previous interviews. Struggling in his early acting career, Jackson ventured into modeling before hitting it big when he won the 2016 Mr. Hong Kong Contest and landed a TVB contract. Appearing in OMG, Your Honour <是咁的,法官閣下> and Airport Strikers, Jackson’s stardom seemed to be on the rise until his affair with Ashley was exposed.

Rumor has it that after meeting 33-year-old actress Ashely Chu, the 34-year-old actor decided to call it quits in his five-year marriage. In March, Jackson told his wife he wanted a divorce and has packed his belongings and moved out of their apartment in public housing project, Upper Wong Tai Sin Estate.

Although Jackson’s wife is currently eight months pregnant, she was sighted going to hospital checkups by herself for the last two visits. On the day that Jackson and Ashley were having cake in his car, his wife was taking the metro to Kwong Wah Hospital for a checkup.

Outraged Public Reaction

After the scandal broke, reporters reached out to Ashley’s boyfriend, singer Brian Tse (謝東閔), for comment. Brian said curtly, “Thanks everyone for your concern. I hope everyone gives the two of us some space!”

Ashley has already completed filming her scenes for Legal Mavericks 2 <踩過界II>, while Jackson doesn’t have any filming projects on hand. Anticipating public backlash, both artistes have already turned their Instagram accounts private and have not returned press calls since their affair was exposed.

Sources: HK01, On.cc

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

Jackson Lai and Ashley Chu Caught Cheating on Date

The Woman Behind Jackson Lai

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  1. What a scumbag of a husband that cheated on his preggo wifey with a female doggie!! They should kiss their carrier goodbye…..

    1. @niangniang
      i heard from my husband that his friend in china cheated on his wife with many visits to the brothel while she was pregnant. men are just pigs.

      1. @m0m0
        Some men just can’t keep it in their britches while wifey can’t fulfill their needs due to pregnancy….They are dogs and pigs….

  2. So apparently he was also filmed taking Ashley to see doctor and visiting the same hill spot with her in the evening but drove away before reporter can ‘raid’ their car.

    Anyway Jackson wife now have enough evidence for their divorce suit and perhaps sole custody of their unborn child. It was rumoured that his wife friend tipped off the reporters on the affair.

  3. What kind of “animal” would do this to an eight months pregnant wife? Also what kind of “b..ch” would cheat with that “thing” while his wife is pregnant? They deserve each other. This is so horrible for the wife. She should take all the money and leave this thing. In the long run it’s better for her and the baby. I know it’s going to be hard, but it will be less painful later on. A cheater will always cheats again later.

  4. Oft what a homewrecker! So many cheating scandals in HK entertainment. I wonder what’s now worse the OnSum scandal or this? Both cheaters they’re made for each other. I feel bad for the pregnant lady who now has to raise the child alone as a single mother.

  5. From a guy’s perspective, not a fan of both of them as actors, but I don’t see anything wrong IF IT’S TRUE that Jackson requested a divorce back in March, and that the two are now secretly dating. Yeah, it’s a d!ck move that he asked for a divorce while his wife was pregnant. But I think it’s worse if he doesn’t ask for a divorce and keeps seeing Ashley behind his wife’s back, when the wife finds out through the media that he was having an extramarital affair. That is far more devastating IMO.

    Nonetheless, Ashley’s career is over in the entertainment industry as she was a nobody to start with. Jackson will likely be gone too as his career was built on being a good family man with high moral values. All of those good values are down the drain.

    1. @anon one doesn’t tell his very pregnant wife of his decision to divorce then dated another a month later. The dickhead and homewrecker likely already started before he mentioned divorce or at the very least those two already knew they were eyeing each other before hand when he was still very much legally married and she was still attached. So when did they “start” dating is not important but rather when did they know they were interested in each other and because of that decided to dump his pregnant wife.

    2. @anon
      From a female’s perspective, I am sure he told wifey the reason he wants a divorce is because of the female dog. Whether wifey heard it from the scumbag hubby directly or thru media both are equally devastating.

      1. @niangniang
        The wife had no choice but to soldier on and give birth after such a devastation. Great timing by Jackson. Hope he has some kind of back up for a career because he’ll need it…

      2. @jimmyszeto
        Agreed, at least with Hugo, everyone knew that he could act, he was single, and he only had an one-off affair with a “fan”. But Jackon’s career was built on this good boy image with strong family values. That was all that he could cling on to, but now it’s gone.

      3. @anon
        The same guy that boosts about his wage going directly into his wife’s account. His was probably 4 figures HK dollars TVB minimum wage and showing off to represent a decent man….

      4. @niangniang

        It’s devastating either way, but I think it’s better if I heard it straight from the person than from a third party.

      5. @anon
        The situation is like this, IF pregnant wifey heard it from Media or third party I am sure she will feels that she still have a tiny hope that scumbag hubs will choose to get back to her for the sake of the baby (she is 8 months pregnant and no mother wanna raises a child alone. Many wives chose to stay with cheating hubs for the sake of the children) or at least she has time to prepared her heart and mind for the worst scenario.

        But hearing it straight from the hubs’ mouth is like hearing a slam of gavel from The Judge that announces a death penalty.

  6. Well done Ashley for throwing away her future for this loser guy with no career! Maybe she is rich otherwise this is a very odd move or a sudden lapse of judgement…

  7. something was obviously wrong in the marriage if they are already in the process of divorcing. nothing wrong with starting a relationship then.

  8. Hmm. This is a rather delicate situation.

    If reports are true and Jackson did bring up divorce in March, at least he did the right thing to call it quits with his wife at the same time he’s pursuing a relationship with Ashley. His timing is the worst though.

    No one cheats unless they want to. And judging by his wife’s pregnancy, he probably fell for Ashley some time during the pregnancy period. Even if he never physically cheated, emotionally he was done already. He cheated at the wrong time. Timing is completely awful.

  9. Comparing the 2 artists Ashley Chu is more famous I’d say compared to Jackson Lai. TVB mostly gives more opportunities to Miss HK than Mr HK pageant contestants.
    Ashley has regular appearances as news host in Scoop and was also in one of TVB’s biggest production dramas – Big White Duel. With this scandal I assume she’s now lost her role. And Jackson is only noticed now more because of Airport Strikers. So in hindsight Ashley had potential in the future, but now that’s gone.

      1. @karina True… with the abundance of young actors/actresses nowadays from other parts of Asia, these 2 are really nobodies.
        Sad for the wife though. Sacrificed 15 years of her youth and when the guy just started to gain a little recognition from one drama, he’s already cheating on her. Hope the home wrecker female dog will get same karma when she’s 8 months pregnant so she can experience how it feels.

  10. Geez if he’s not ready to settle down why even bother to get married or get your wife pregnant? If they get into a divorce I’m sure his wife can still survive with the help from her family side? Shirley Yeung is one good sample she raised her daughter on her own as a single mother until she finds herself another man. Tvb might have to frozen these two for a while just like the rest Hugo Wong and Jacqueline Wong.

  11. He is a bastard for leaving his pregnant wife but if he’s already separated from his wife, it’s not really cheating.

    1. @ariesbaby Totally agree!!

      Obviously the cheating has started before he decided to leave his preggy wife in March. What a scumbag!! TVBshould just forget about this cheating immoral couple altogether.

  12. Jackson lai can’t act anyway, he’s crap in airport strikers

    His career is history now,

    Ashley Chu was on the rise, she’ll be frozen now….she can come back as she just did a press conference to apologize with Brian Tse her boyfriend who is sticking by her….so long as they are still together , she can make a come back, but that’s at least a year away now

    1. @mulder99
      This Ashley is a nobody anyway. This kind her press might actually do her good and make her well known. She’s got nothing to lose. As for the Jackson guy, he’s a goner…

  13. So……….8 months ago, when he impregnated his wife, he wasn’t thinking of divorce back then? What a piece of scum! If you no longer hold feelings for your wife, don’t f–king sleep with her!!!

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