Tavia Yeung Buys Bricks to Ascend to Landlady Status

Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Wong Hei (王喜), and Zeng Min (曾敏) appeared as guests at a real estate ribbon-cutting ceremony in the Ho Man Tin district. Tavia revealed that she was interested in a 1,000 square feet apartment, which had an asking price of more than $20 million HKD. Tavia joked that she will need to ask the real estate developer for a discount, “The value of Hong Kong dollars do not have staying power; of course I have to buy bricks!” 

Admitting that she was interested in purchasing property, Tavia joked that TVB needed to increase her salary, so that she can ascend to landlady status. Regarding rumors that this year’s TVB Anniversary TV Queen Award was a battle between Fala Chen (陳法拉) and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Tavia did not deny that she will cast a vote for herself, “Whoever wins is okay; the most important thing is to look beautiful!” 

Entering the mainland China market recently, Wong Hei vowed that he will be able to save enough money to purchase the special feature apartment unit. “I will not ask for a discount; I have the ability.” Wong Hei refused to compare his former TVB compensation with his mainland fee. 

Regarding claims that Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) was branded as being a “traitor” by leading a recruitment effort to lure TVB artists into joining rival television stations, Wong Hei stressed that changing jobs was natural and should not be labeled as a traitorous act. 

Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: Does Tavia already own her dream home and thus she wishes to purchase a second condo unit to rent out? 

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  1. what happend with tavia? her face looks so plastic on the above pic.
    and her nois is not so pointy anymore

  2. Everyone is buying house, but, Kevin has to move from big house to small house. I don’t know how long ago this news it. I read it in golden forum. Maybe it’s before BBJX. The article said Kevin has to move from his rented house in Sai Kung to a smaller house because the landlord of the Sai Kung house want to double the rent and Kevin can’t afford it. The article said Kevin’s basic salary is only HKD4000 per show, lower than Bosco and Ron. It is because during the time Dai Si Chung sent him lawyer letter to ask for the 10% commission for his life time contract, TVB helped him settle it. In return, he has to sign a 10 year contract with TVB with no increase of salary.

    It’s good that BBJX rise his fee in Mainland. Hope he can earn some good money now.

    1. Kidd,
      I am surprised that Kevin doesn’t own his own home, as he has been in the industry for a long time. Even without the increase in salary, Kevin should have raked in sizable income from endorsements?

      1. Maybe Kevin is not very good w/ finances. Wastes money on changing cars and collecting special edition sneakers.

    2. Wow, how can one sign away 10 years of one’s life without any increment? That is vicious. How many 10 years are there in an entertainer’s life? Not that many.

      Poor Kelvin.

      1. @Canto: A lot of ppl signed 10 years contract with TVB, some even longer. Bosco 11 years, Ron 11 years, Ha Yu 10 years, Ruco 10 years. The list is so on.

      2. Maybe in Korean, there are only 1-2 10 years of an entertainer’s life, but in TVB, it’s so much longer :P. When you are 50-60, you will start to act the father. Still can be main lead.

      3. LOL, nowadays you can be 50-60 and still act like in your 30s in tvb series.

        gave up on royal harem after few min.

      4. I wonder if tvb wants their money back on ha Yu’s 10 yr contract.

        For 50-60 yr olds, it’s ok for them to be supporting but please not the main lead. I cannot bear to watch Adam Cheng date women 30 yrs younger than him anymore. Grosses me out.

  3. $20m for a 1000 sq ft apt? Wow HKG apts are really expensive. Wonder where is this place?

  4. not reli an ardent fan following the latest gossips of KH celebrities. just picking up some along the way. But my gut is telling me tt the HK paparazi has something against tavia? Purposely picking up ugly photos of her to be uploaded etc.? in fact, this is not the first time i have seen ugly pictures of Tavia being used. wonder why? prejudice?

  5. The picture used here – when plastic surgery goes awry…

  6. Is it just me but Tavia looks older than Liza Wong in the picture…

    1. You are the second ppl who said this. I rmb someone else also said the same thing.

    2. haha, funny liza wong looks so old…

      have to admit though that tavia looks rather old recently as so do most of the fadans. perhaps its due to work overload and 5inch makeup 24-7

      1. Yes I am, but I dun like to live under the bed of other ppl 😛 so can’t noe you have another or not. BTW, after this can say that you are a loyal person, only love 1.

      2. don’t look under your bed at night 😛

        btw “like” is a more appropriate word, too bad there are only a very few i like in tvb nowadays…

  7. “Whoever wins is okay; the most important thing is to look beautiful!”

    Sorry Tavia, but you lost that important thing!

  8. Tavia cheekbone more stand out. Not only makeup fault but also she too underweight.

    1. Maybe tis is just me, she doesn’t look underweight in Men with no shadows but look underweight in other pics..weird.

      1. ‘Men With No Shadow’ was filmed quite a while back. It was at the first half of last year (2010). One of the actors in the series, Elton Loo, already died by the time the series aired. Maybe that’s why Tavia not as underweight in the series.

  9. Tavia’s face look pale and tired. I agree with others who said she looks old in that pic.

      1. It’s hard to judge because this time her boobs look weird maybe because of the sagging dress?

  10. I saw Tavia in real person this year…i think she looks pretty and with good complexion…and it is definitely not inch of make up…I guess it is just a bad photo taken…

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