Wong He: A Storm Chaser for CTI

Wong He (王喜), who parted with TVB on bad terms last year, has recently signed with TVB rival television station, City Telecom (CTI). The actor’s first project with CTI will be a storm chasing travelogue program with Yan Ng (吳日言), which requires the pair to travel to Oklahoma, United States, where tornados occur frequently.

Last Friday, Wong He, Yan Ng, and the program’s crew members were caught shopping for storm equipment in Yau Ma Tei. Well-known for his adventurous and daring spirit, Wong He expressed that he is ready for another challenge. Wong He revealed that they will travel with a specialist, who will follow tornadoes through a satellite.

The adventurous Wong He said, “Tornado intensity is rated on a scale of 6. A F4 rating is already life-threatening. Originally the company wanted me to film the tornado from a distance, but I want to do more than that! I want to pass through one! This will be one of Hong Kong’s most dangerous productions in history!”

Wong He added that he will personally drive the vehicle to chase the tornado if he were able to do so. Asked about his salary, Wong He laughed, “It’s not bad. But I don’t know about Yan’s pay!”

Wong He Says TVB is Cruel

In 2008, Wong He filmed a TVB travelogue program about Mount Everest, in which he suffered altitude problems and a car accident. Despite Wong He’s sacrifices for the program, Wong He still suffered from cold treatment by TVB; the company even requested early contract termination with him in 2011.

Asked if Wong He was worried about the danger in chasing tornadoes, Wong He  implied once again that working for TVB is harsh, and said, “I’m not afraid of dying! I didn’t die when I suffered altitude problems in Mount Everest! I didn’t get even one cent from that stupid experience! I was originally thinking about buying some insurance, but CTI told me they already bought about $1 million HKD of insurance!”

Source: ihktv.com

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  1. It seems like TVB treat some of their artists bad. More so the not-so-popular and biological ones.

  2. No, even those most popular actors & actress also commented these remarks – “harsh, not enough sleep & cold treatments.” from TVB. It is really very
    sad to hear those remarks. Most of them
    are very happy to leave TVB & joint CTI.

  3. What is CTI doing? This is a guy who can act and yet they have him chasing storms. Isn’ that a complete waste of talent? And can someone tell Wong He to you know not burn all the bridges with TVB just in case CTI sinks?

    1. didnt Wong he had issues with 620? I guess it’s hard to avoid any dispute with that woman. She’s simply a troublemaker. To ask Wong he to keep the connection with TVb with 620 presence is simply difficult.

      1. True but didnt 620 handle most of the artist’s affairs? like job offers etc? anyway.. I have doubt with CTI since they have yet to produce any series so far.. Im doubting whether they’re just all talk and only an empty shell.

      2. It’s a representation of Virginia Lok’s chinese name Lok Yee-ling – which sounds like 6 – 2 – 0 in Cantonese.

      3. CTI is producing series now. But still waiting for airing license. I don’t think we can call it all talk and only an empty shell

      4. CTI, NowTV & i-Cable most likely have to wait till fall or maybe next year….

    2. I think Wong Hei had many problems with people (such as producers, scriptwriters, and co-artistes) other than 620 in TVB. He used to change his dialogues in his scripts and always wanted to increase his screen time in his series. Very few producers liked to cast him in their series.

      1. I know. He was rather egoistical for a long period of time.

      2. Guess this guy really have some kind of attitude problem. There are so many negative remarks on him by many who works with him ( remember one of them is Bowie ) . Guess he really a trouble maker.

      3. Just to be fair, when people don’t get along, it is not always your fault but the other peoples’ fault..

  4. TVB started from a peanut to a big pie of course TVB is conservative and stingy as ever this will never change their’s tradition.

  5. Storm chasing in the Middle of United States… been there, done that. Not very pretty.

      1. lol oh larry.. that’s kinda harsh for someone you don’t know 😛 Not nice to curse Wonghe.. he did no offense on ya.

      2. I think chasing Tornadoes is a difficult task anyway..it’s life risking if you’re not careful. Once you got swipe by it..then you’re just ‘gone’..

      3. Well, if he’s chasing tornado, better do a lot of homework. Lately, tornadoes these past couple of years have killed a lot of people….

      1. I had to duck and hide from the dangerous storms in Texas. I also survive a tornado in my backyard in New York City (Brooklyn).

      2. Larry,
        You’ve survived a tornado, earthquake, 911, etc. in NYC. I think I’ve done the same, though it didn’t really shake me at all.

        The heat in Texas might be even more deadly….

      3. I survive 3 tornadoes in my life…1 in Brooklyn in my neighborhood, 2 in Houston & Dallas, TX. It aint pretty.

      4. Heat waves are very common and people seem to survive if they are not very poor.

      5. Larry you’re da man!! A survivor!! But how come you encounter so many tornadoes? Or you’re tornado magnate?

        Wait. NYC got tornado?!

      6. Jayne, Larry, which is worse? Heat wave or the cold weather that many freeze to death?

      7. NYC very, very, very, rarely gets a tornado. That tornado was just a surprise.

      8. Does Malaysia have blizzards? Cold weather, very bad for me.

      9. Larry, Malaysia is sunny all year. No blizzards.

      10. I have never been through a tornado before but have been earthquakes. I can never forget the 1989 earthquake in California. Tornados remind me of the Wizard of Oz with Dorothy, her shoes, the witch…

      11. Is the weather in Malaysia that good? I know that California is known for good weather… My brothers enjoyed Malaysia so makes me want to go there sometime too.

  6. TVB doesn’t like Wong He because he is opinionated and very vocal about his beliefs. They only like easily tamed, docile artists who they can control.

  7. Larry, you do impress me. Those tornadoes are killers and Wong He wants to “go through” one though he hasn’t even seen one in real life first. That would be foolhardy for him to do so and I hope his teammates will knock some sense into him before he does that.

    1. Yep, bunch of amateurs Hong Kongers. He needs to do lots of homework and hire some professionals.

    2. I am thinking maybe he won’t really drive into the tornado. Surely insurance will reject such suicidal attempts?

      1. I don’t think he’ll go thru it either. If he does have a death wish, I don’t think hk $1 million is enough insurance.

        Btw, did Yan ng finally get rid of that bowl haircut yet?

      2. Of course HK$1 million insurance is not good enough. Just going to a hospital in the States for 2 to 3 weeks would cost an overseas tourist over HK$1 million. Right?

      3. He doesnt need to go through… thats a death wish.

        He can be near a tornado, meters away… still a death wish.

        Thats why I said… prepared for his tombstone.

    3. It’s impossible to go through a tornado and surviving it. And if you did survive, you won’t live the same again for the rest of your life. Hopefully Wong He and the crew will do more research!

  8. I think that TVB doesn’t treat every artist equally! It seems like they treat some artists better than others!

    1. It’s like that for all companies in general, not just TVB. If you know how to suck up to your boss and if they like you, of course you’ll have better treatment.

  9. LOL, “not a penny from the stupid experience”

    Sounds crazy, but he didn’t really specify the intensity of the tornado which he will pass through so I suppose it will one classified F0 which might work.

  10. I thought he signed with NowTV to do some work as a host…Is he free-lancing now?

  11. agree hes diffucult work wth but arent all great artist… hes a great actor… good luck wth chasing tornados..

  12. Quite a waste for Wong Hei’s talents if you ask me. How many people in HK actually care about tornadoes in the US?

  13. Wong is a charismatic, go all the way actor. I really like him in “Fireman”.
    Really want to see him in more dynamic dramas as he is a powerhouse like Alec Man!
    Good luck, Hei!

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