“Be Boiling” Aims to Recreate the Success of “Sisters Who Makes Waves”

The success of Chinese music survival show Sisters Who Makes Waves <乘風破浪的姐姐> has prompted the making of a male version Be Boiling <哥哥的滾燙人生>. With a surprising list of hot male celebrities rumored to join the show, there is already a flurry of excitement as there is apparently a high chance that superstar Andy Lau (刘德华) will be the show’s initiator.

The number of discussions and trends generated from the two seasons of Sisters Who Makes Waves have shown the tremendous potential of the upcoming male version to achieve the same. As the program seeks to form music groups with celebrities over the age of 30, it has uncovered their hidden charms while also reviving their careers.

The list of rumored contestants on Be Boiling include: Wallace Chung (鍾漢良), Hu Bing (胡兵), Luo Jin (羅晉), Feng Shaofeng (冯绍峰), Fu Xinbo (付辛博), Jordan Chan (陳小春), Qin Hao (秦昊), Chen Kun (陳坤), Wei Chen (魏晨), Zhang Yunlong (张云龙), Jia Nailiang (賈乃亮), Su Xing (蘇醒), Tong Dawei (佟大为), and Lu Yi (陆毅).

Additionally, it is notable that five of the hottest male Taiwanese celebrities, including Mike He (賀軍翔), Wu Chun (吳尊), Calvin Chen (辰亦儒), Jimmy Lin (林志穎), and Jerry Yan (言承旭), are said to be joining Be Boiling.

Many expressed their anticipation after the list was revealed, but there were also doubts as the gathering of so many popular celebrities sound too dreamy to be true. Previously, it was rumored that Be Boiling will begin its recording in July, with official casting announcements yet to be confirmed.

Source: Ettoday

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Now I feel so bad for participants of ‘Shine Brothers’. ‘Shine Brothers’ was inspired by ‘Wave Sisters’. Initially, the producers said ‘Shine Brothers’ will have 7 finalists that will form a temporary band like ‘Wave Sisters’. But, they keep on changing the competition rules and then announced that there will be no band, but, one final ‘Shine Ambassador’ who was just there to promote goodwill like Ms World. WTH?
    Now, they want to do a proper male version of ‘Wave Sisters’. 🙁
    What about the Shine Brothers, who was the pioneer participants? I bet some of them join with the expectation of forming a band.

    I actually feel kind angry reading this news. I feel bad for these 21 Shine Brothers who were played by the producers and used as tools. Yes, some get a revival in careers and get more people to know them, but, they should have gotten better treatment than negative publicity (initial promotion was how this older artists were outdated and oily)(all the older generation artists), being forced to do front flip with leg injury and then your mistake being blown up and not given explanation on the reason behind the stumble (Li Wenhan), use rehersal clip as performance clip to make you look unpepared (Yu Menglong), eliminating a contestant without an explanation (Casper) , changing rule again at the final so one constentant does get to do his solo performance that he was so looking forward (Wu Jiacheng) etc

    After going through all these and they end up with no band.

    1. @kidd I still remember just how rude/insensitive some of Zheng Shuang’s comments were. Good riddance to her…I to agree Shine Brothers 1 was really badly managed.

      1. @hohliu

        I don’t mind ZS’s comment though. Hers and Jin Xing’s commentaries are actually one of the highlights of the show. She provide commentary from the viewpoint of a fangirl and general public.
        She also said good things about the contestants in interviews and in behind-the-scene videos, she was seen encouraging Yu Menglong to be more confident.

      2. @hohliu
        Yup and even before ZS’s whole ordeal,she was already annoying, rude.etc… so good riddance to her and hope she never comes back again. She is a mad woman!

      3. @hohliu
        That is a part of it but I think she naturally has a bad character too. Her horrible parents made it even worse.

  2. I notice that the rumoured list has 2 Shine Brothers, Fu xinbo and Su Xing. Haha, so now they are addicted to joining boyband?

    I doubt Wu Chun will want to join. He does not like singing much. I remember when every FRH member get a solo song (because of X-Family series) and Wu Chun didn’t, he said he was glad he didn’t need to sing solo.

    Also, before this ‘Be Boiling’ was announced, there were rumours that there will be ‘Shine Brothers 2’ and Francis Ng was rumoured to join.

    1. @kidd
      It is not only the fact that Wu Chun does not like singing but he just cannot sing well at all. He was only added as a visual. I can feel he is a good person but is he a talented actor or singer? No way!

      1. @hetieshou

        Yeah, he does not have natural talent in both, but, I think he acts better than he sings and has also improved series by series and film by film. I think interest wise, he likes acting more than singing.

      2. @kidd @hetieshou I too feel he is more keen on acting then being a Idol… He hated the Idol baggage that came with the fame… He is even good taking on a bad guy role…LOL.

      3. @hohliu
        I agree and being an idol caused him to have to lie about his love life for many years… He wanted the best of both worlds but could not have both.

  3. Just found out that ‘Be Boiling’ and ‘Sisters Who Make Wave’ are produced by Mango TV while ‘Shine! Super Brothers’ is produced by Youku. I always thought ‘Shine Brothers’ and ‘Wave Sisters’ are both from the same company. My mistake.
    So, ‘Shine Brothers’ is not a sister show of ‘Wave Sisters’. ‘Be Boiling’ is the real sister show.

    ‘Be Boiling’ and ‘Shine Brothers 2’ will be 2 different show.

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