Gregory Wong Out on HK$2,000 Bail, Needs to Report to Police Every Week

Earlier, the police arrested actor Gregory Wong (王宗堯) for his involvement in the Legislative Council incident on July 1 and charged him with one count of entering or staying in the precincts of the chamber illegally. On October 3, Gregory appeared at the Eastern Court, accompanied by his girlfriend Chloe, to face charges concerning that incident. He did not object when the court prosecutor filed for an extension, so he is out on an HK$2,000 bail at the moment. The 41-year-old is set to return to the same court on December 13.

In the meantime, Gregory needs to hand over his travel documents because he’s not allowed to leave the country. This can be troublesome since he received an invitation to the Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan, however, he can apply for an exemption if necessary. Gregory intends on attending to support Taiwan’s film industry and to show his fearlessness.

In addition, Gregory is banned from going near the vicinity of the incident, and he is required to report to the police station every week. His lawyers helped him fight off a curfew and complained on his behalf that he was detained for too long.

“Maybe it’s because I’m a public figure, but I wasn’t treated badly,” Gregory revealed. “The cops who interacted with me were kind, educated, and polite. They were very different from the riot police on the streets.”

Though he has already become a target, he is grateful for this unforgettable event as it helped broaden his experiences as an actor. Gregory thanked his family, friends, and media for the support.

Source: Oncc

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        Gregory Wong ‘I will riot’
        (Afterwards) ‘this experience will help my acting’
        This Gregory is a moron. What experience did he gain apart from visiting the insides of a police station? He thinks of himself of some sort of a hero or something by thanking everyone for support…

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