Chapman To Blasts Director Pang Ho Cheung for Being a Chinese Flag Protector

Earlier during the anti-extradition bill protests in Hong Kong, protesters took down the Chinese flag from the Tsim Sha Tsui’s ferry terminal and dumped it into the sea. The Chinese government strongly condemned this act and many Mainland actors circulated this hashtag on social media: #the Chinese flag has 1.4 billion people to protect it. There were quite a few Hong Kong celebrities that supported this comment, including director Pang Ho Cheung (彭浩翔).

Last week, Chapman To (杜汶澤) angrily posted on his Facebook stating that he was cutting all ties with Pang Ho Cheung, whom he has collaborated on many movies with including Vulgaria <飛虎出征> and SDU: Sex Duties Unit <飛虎出征>.

Chapman had first posted a comment without mentioning any names, “You’ve already made enough money and you’ll never have to live in poverty! What the hell is this comment about being a flag protector?! Why didn’t you jump in to pick up the flag then?! Don’t keep cheating Hong Kong people of their money!” He changed his status to “I feel that in life it is inevitable that you will meet a few horrible people.”

Afterwards, news outlets had a field day guessing who Chapman was referring to. To prevent misunderstandings, Chapman posted again and clarified that he is only referring to one person and that is Pang Ho Cheung. “ Previously you had invested in a Chinese New Year’s film and promoted that you were filming it for Hong Kong people. What are you trying to do? Pretending to be cool? What right do you have to talk badly about Wong Jing (王晶)? At least he has the guts to say that he doesn’t care about the Hong Kong market! I’ll never forgive you!”

Many netizens applauded Chapman for his opinion and left comforting messages on his Facebook.

Chapman has been focused on running his own website for the past year and has always been outspoken about his political stance. He has been very involved in the anti-extradition protests and took part in the August 5 strike promising that he would not penalize his employees for not attending work.

There was a netizen who left a dark message on Facebook and Chapman held a Facebook live chat while driving out to look for this person to help him. He also shared a Netflix movie: Winter on Fire that he highly recommended. It is a documentary about the 2013 protests in Ukraine calling for the resignation of the president.

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  1. Chapman needs to keep his mouth shut. With that big mouth of his and his short-temper and his will to work only with those who share the same political belief as he does. He wouldn’t have many left to work with, and it makes sense why his career is practically dead and that he works primarily for ViuTV these days.

    This guy went from filming on average 6-7 movies per year for the last 20 years to 3 movies in the last 3 years because of idiotic comments like these.

    In an interview from years ago, I can’t believe this guy at one point compared himself to Stephen Chow and thought that he was better than him. What a joke! Stephen Chow sucks as a director and producer, but nobody can take what he had accomplished as an actor spanning 20 years. This man is a legend. Chapman To is just a speck of dust.

    1. @anon

      He did not work for Viu TV. He worked with Viu TV. He has his own production company where some of his shows are in collaboration with Viu TV or broadcast in Viu TV. But, he uses web as his main platform. Most of his shows are aired online. They are actually quite popular.

  2. Chapman To has always been a pompous azz and you can hear it from the way you see on interviews and functions. I am baffled on how he got so popular from movies from an ex unknown TVB actor? Like how? hahaha LOL

  3. I actually spoke with Chapman To thru a mutual friend on Facebook. I told him to 檢討吓 after he made a comment about Joshua Wong being deported back to Hong Kong. He angrily snapped back and made a reply but he had already blocked me before I can read his response.

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