Chapman To, Chantale Belle Suffered Abuse from Their Fathers

Chapman To’s Late Show <杜汶澤喱騷> has been generating buzz since airing, and successfully introduced a new group of young starlets called “Chap Girls”. In the latest episode, host Chapman To (杜汶澤) invited actress Chantale Belle (貝依霖), and the pair revealed that they both had abusive fathers who beat them in their childhoods.

The pair was making a traditional green bean dish from Szechuan, the place where Chantale’s grandma was originally from. The young actress said that she was primarily raised by her grandma and occasionally looked after by her aunt and friends because her immediate family didn’t really care for her.

Chantale’s Father Regularly Beat Her

Stiffening up when talking about her parents, Chantale opened up about her sad childhood, including  how her father used to beat her. She said, “He beat me until my skin broke and would force me to drink alcohol. To be honest, I’ve been severely beat ever since I was five years old. There were times where I was hit with a dozen of rattan sticks tied together. And he threw a glass ashtray at my head.” Chantale’s dad felt that she was an unlucky child as his business spiraled after she was born.

Moving out of her home at the age of 16, Chantale said she hasn’t spoken or seen her father since.

Chapman’s Father Was Also Abusive

Feeling her pain in having an abusive dad, Chapman disclosed that his father liked to gamble and visit prostitutes. Whenever his father lost money, he would come home and hit his mom. Chapman recalls an incident that happened when he was in fifth grade, “My dad came home all drunk and hit my mom. She tried to hide in a locked room. He tried breaking the lock so I went to the kitchen and got a knife. When I told him to stop, he got really scared and left. That’s the day when I learned the importance of a knife.”

Chapman admitted he didn’t love his father. When his father passed away in Chapman’s elementary school years, he felt no grief. “I realized whether he was dead or alive, I didn’t have any feelings.”

After the episode aired, heartwarming and encouraging messages flooded in for Chantale. Netizens wished for her well-being and hoped she can continue to live a happy life.

Source: HK01

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