1. Oh my god, the pictures are stunning! Just by looking at the pictures you can tell that’s true love!!

  2. They are so cute and sweet together! The photos are beautiful and shows how much in love they are. Love Priscilla’s casual and relaxed style but still elegant.

  3. These photos are so full of charisma and are gorgeous. You can feel their love and happiness. They have such a connection. I like watching both, but don’t really consider myself a fan of either. But these pictures are probably my favorite of all the celebrity weddings so far.

    1. @potatochip agree with u! They look so happy and genuinely in love, it’s heartwarming. I’m not fans of both either and I actually dislike Priscilla’s acting.

  4. Wow! The photographs are so stunning!! Out of so many wedding photos. I love theirs the most. If I got money I will definitely hired this studio for my wedding~

  5. Love these pictures; it simple yet classy. By looking at these pictures i can feel their love for one another. Very sweet & lovely couple. Wish they hav a blissful marriage.

  6. Nice photos but I don’t get why people bother with a wedding ceremony one year after they’re legally married and already living together. The newly-wed feeling is already gone so why bother to don a bridal gown and take bridal pics?

    1. @passingby2 According to Priscilla’s social media post, the wedding seems to be more for the family. She wrote that her parents were finally able to see her wedding.The number of guests were very small in number, so the celebration is really meant for the family.

      Priscilla seems to be a very pragmatic person, and not too romantic. I suspect she and Edwin didn’t want to fuss with a big wedding, that’s why they got married spontaneously last year and put off a proper wedding for a whole year. But a wedding does provide lifetime memories, so that’s why the couple had a small destination wedding in Bali instead.

      I suspect they are also planning to have a baby soon, so they wanted to have a wedding before baby arrives.

      1. @jayne Some of our family relatives got married young and didn’t have money for a big wedding banquet. So after kid is born, the couple has a big banquet –to celebrate the marriage and birth of the baby together. Haha my sister even attended a wedding banquet in which the couple’s kid is already 8 years old! Talk about a delayed wedding banquet!

        These banquets are a rare chance to gather together the important people in our lives…and doing so builds more memories. The timing of it may not be as relevant.

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