Edwin Siu and Priscilla Wong Hold Wedding Celebration in Bali

Last year during the TVB Anniversary Awards, Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) surprised the audience when he announced he and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) were already married since April 2018. The couple did not have big celebration at the time, choosing to quietly enjoy their marriage instead. However wanting to commemorate their marriage union with their parents, Priscilla and Edwin finally held their wedding celebration in Bali, Indonesia in the beginning of May.

Edwin and Priscilla shared photos of their lovely wedding on Instagram. Only the couple’s closet family and friends attended the destination wedding. The guests were very touched by their love, especially when Edwin serenaded Priscilla with Leslie Cheung’s (張國榮) classic song “For Your Heart Only” <為你鍾情>.

Priscilla wrote in her post, “One year ago, we were gifted a wedding. One year later, we are gifting this wedding for our parents. With them, there is love. Thank you to my parents, and [Edwin’s] parents for giving us this day to share our love. We definitely saw a rainbow today!”

When it comes to love, sometimes it all comes down to finding someone to celebrate the simple moments with. Priscilla especially admires Edwin for his simple and real personality. She said, “I love his silliness, and I know that he will always follow me. I love this simple but beautiful love we have for each other. I follow him and he follows me.”

For Edwin, Priscilla’s contagious smile really captures his heart. He said, “I really love her smile. I hope you will always be this happy as we share life together. If you don’t mind, I hope that we can continue our love in our next life.”

Aside from the happy couple, many of their friends also took the time to congratulate the pair. As one of Edwin’s closest friends, Raymond Cho (曹永廉) felt as it it was his own brother’s wedding. “I witnessed Edwin and Priscilla meeting, [falling in love], and finally [get married]! I’ve followed their case since Madam Cutie on Duty <師奶MADAM>, so I’m very happy for them. They love and cherish each other so much; its’ very precious.”

Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) commented on Edwin’s revelation, “Such a secretive wedding; I should learn from you guys! Congratulations!” Following Edwin and Priscilla’s romantic wedding, could Benjamin Yuen and Bowie Cheung’s (張寶兒) be next?

[Pictorial] Photos of Priscilla Wong and Edwin Siu’s Wedding

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This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Yes! One reason why I like this couple so much is because how simple and they are. Congrats to them!!

  2. Okay.. another wedding in Bali I heard she’s a money saver but still takes out those money out for the wedding hopefully a baby news soon congratulations!

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