Pierre Ngo Attacked by TVB Colleague: “My Shirt Was Soaked With Blood!”

Experiencing a peak in popularity as a result of his role in No Regrets <巾帼枭雄之义海豪情>, Pierre Ngo Ka Nin was brutally attacked by TVB colleague, Sin Ho Ying, at a karaoke bar. At the time, Pierre entered a private hospital and did not want to publicize the incident. Afterwards, a police report was filed and the media became aware of the attack.

Breaking the silence in a radio interview with Cha Siu Yan, Pierre described the events leading up to the attack. “I was singing at a karaoke bar with my hair stylist. Someone spilled water on my back. When I turned around, there was no one there. I went to the bathroom to wipe my shirt. After I came out, someone slammed a glass cup over my left eye brow.”

Pierre continued steadily, “After knocking the glass cup on my forehead, Sin Ho Ying threw his fist at me, which I blocked with my hand. Many people surrounded us at that moment and the scene became very chaotic. People gave me tissues to soak up my blood, but I saw that my whole tank top was covered with blood.”

Asked why Sin Ho Ying violently attacked him, Pierre said, “I do not know the real reason. In the past, when I first started learning martial arts, Sin Ho Ying was my coach. At the time, I was not his official disciple and I did not call him ‘Sifu’ (Master). Many TVB colleagues referred to him as ‘Sin Sifu’ but does that mean he [was my] ‘Sifu?’ Is he my lifetime [Sifu]? We did not seal the Sifu-disciple relationship with a tea ceremony. He said it was okay to call him a coach.  Okay, whether a coach or Sifu, if I learn yoga and find the instructor is unsuitable for myself, can I have an option to choose someone else? Is that my right to choose? When I changed my instructor [referring to asking Chan Kuen Tai to be his Sifu], I called Sin Ho Ying. We spoke about the issue clearly then. I do not know whether the incident sparked the karaoke attack. I really don’t know!”

A gauze pad covered Pierre ’s left eye when he went back to TVB City to meet with Virginia Lok Yi Ling and the press. He received four stitches and the cut was quite deep. Perhaps in the future, the scar may need to be surgically removed. Did Sin Ho Ying possess a violent temperament? “I have not seen it before and do not know how he acts in front of other people. Next month, my stitches will be removed. I do not want to blow-up the incident, but I have to answer to the police.”

Was Pierre friends with Sin Ho Ying? Pierre said, “I do not know how to answer that question. In the past I portrayed a lawyer onscreen and would ask for forgiveness for the perpetuator. But this is the first time something like this happened to me. It depends on the circumstances. After attacking someone, Sin Ho Ying pretended nothing happened and appeared to be shocked in his blog post.” (Were you angry?) “No, but I was unhappy. I did not implicate Toby Leung Wing Kei’s boyfriend in the incident. Many colleagues rushed me to the hospital at the time.”

Compiled from Wenweipo, the Sun

Jayne: Pierre Ngo’s popularity and career is rising quickly, thanks to Ip Man 2 and No Regrets. Pierre sounded visibly upset by the attack itself and yet in his response, he was a bit contradictory. While he said he doesn’t know the reason for the attack, Pierre does paint a pretty clear picture of what may be the possible motivation, emphasizing his own free will to choose a martial arts instructor. Asked whether he considered Mr. Sin his friend, Pierre pointed out that Mr. Sin pretended that nothing happened. Pierre seemed angered by the incident, yet he was trying to contain it publicly.

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  1. Whatever the real confrontation and conflict was between the 2, we will never truly know all the details. But, I think in this case, Pierre is the victim since he got injured, and Sai Ho Ying the guilty one since he assaulted him. Sai probably felt that Pierre betrayed him and used him to learn some martial arts, but never respected him and acknowledged him as ” si fu” and went with someone else instead. Regardless, Sai will probably be suspended for awhile before returning onscreen, if he ever does since his image is shattered even if he doesn’t go to jail. He was never popular to begin with, so I will not be surprised if TVB lets him go. I think his most memorable role was as “siu fung jie” in DIE 1 and 2.

  2. Huh? What? I don’t get it. So he got attacked and nothing happened after that? I know that actor. Doesn’t seem THAT violent. What the hell happened? Why reveal this now?

  3. It’s Sin (冼), not Sai, which is written differently (洗). No worries… it’s a common mistake because the characters are so similar.

  4. I remember Sin had a quick stardom moment on Three Gods and performed one of his own songs. People on youtube were praising him like crazy saying, pearl in the deep ocean.

    Aly’s assessment on the actual truth of the situation is pretty in-line with my personal opinion. I never really liked Pierro and probably never will. He’s got somewhat of a rascal image that isn’t very attractive.

  5. Sai Ho Yin of course will be suspended by TVB and charged for assault. Since Sai is the only one attacking Pierre is the victim. It’s clear that Sai is jealous that Pierre went to another teacher to practice martial arts.

  6. Is this Sin the same pronunciation as Sin Lap Mon, the HK director/artist. I know the are different characters but just wondering.

  7. Nevermind – I figured it out.

    Sin Sai Ho – is an upward ton.
    Sin Lap Man – this sin is a neutral tone.

    So two different sounds for two different characters.

  8. Haha, I’ve always pronounced Sin Lap Man’s ‘Sin’ like Sin Ho Ying’s ‘Sin’. Only by checking mdgb.net today I found out that I’ve been wrong all these while. Blame the HK people. I’ve always heard his surname pronounced with the ‘sin2’ tone instead of the ‘sin4/sin6’ tone in media. So, I follow suit.

  9. Kidd – for the longest time, I called Sin Lap Mon as Dan Lap Mon. Haha.

  10. Sounds like some rick james and charlie murphy relationship thing is going on.

    “once he stepped over the line, I’d have to check him and we’d have fun again after that”

  11. Sin Lap Man shouldn’t have attacked Pierre, drunk or not. Sigh…

    However, I find Pierre comparison of yoga instructor and martial art master a bit disrespectful. Practitioner of martial arts took the addressing of ‘sifu’ seriously – Pierre could say that he didn’t have tea ceremony (official) and omit his remark abt learning yoga etc. This pretty much indicate Pierre attitude toward Sin after getting himself a new sifu.

  12. His name must be very difficult to read. So many people saying typo errors. Rare name?

  13. In my case, Sin Lap Man was another actor.. dunno why I typed his name :P. But I know that Sin Ho Ying 冼灝英

  14. Maybe somebody is trying to get more attention from the incident. His pic with Cha Siu Yan look so much like seeking for sympathy.

  15. During Pierre’s interview with Eileen Cha, he should have taken the opportunity to clear up Steven’s good name publicly. Not many people know about his personal apology to Steven as most don’t get on weibo. People have this mentality that there’s no smoke without a fire concerning a rumor. And as we know, rumors and gossips can damage good names and reputations that take years to build up.

    Also, I totally disapprove of people dropping hints publicly that can harm other people.

  16. pierre has always been annoying to me. fame probably got to his head and thought Sin was nothing to be called his Sifu and went to find himself another instructor making the other upset at the snub. nobody is driven to that kind of anger where they would take action unless they were truly hurt. practioners of kung-fu have cultivated alot of patience and meditation. i believe pierre really made him mad. the action is not right but there is a clear cause here.

  17. Regardless of the reason, everyone in life has choices. Just because he decided to change sifu – doesn’t give Sin the right to attack him and scar him for life.

    When did we live in a society where it’s justifiable to attack someone because you were hurt? if that’s the case, everyone has the right to assault others? that’s why assault is illegal. Something to think about.

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