Pierre Ngo Enters Hospital Due To Hand Injury

By on July 29, 2011 in NEWS

On his day off yesterday, Pierre Ngo (敖嘉年)injured his hand while assembling a cabinet. Immediately, the fourth finger on his right hand started bleeding profusely. Accompanied by his family, Pierre went to the hospital. In a telephone interview, Pierre revealed that he stayed at the hospital overnight and received several stitches. He has returned home and will follow-up on his hand injury later.

Pierre said, “This year, I have been frequenting the hospital. When I filmed Flying Tigers <飛虎> earlier, I had a knee injury. I have to pray to the gods more!” (Was the wound deep?) “The wound was quite deep, thus I was afraid to neglect the injury and went to the hospital immediately.”

Asked whether the injury would affect his work, Pierre said, “My work will not be particularly affected. I am currently on vacation and will not film a series until August. Fortunately, I am ambidextrous and can use both my left and right hands! I use my right hand for writing and holding chopsticks. When I play ball, I use my left hand, so the impact of the injury was not too bad.”

Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: Why is a good actor such as Pierre left with a long break between filming series?
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  • 5 comments to Pierre Ngo Enters Hospital Due To Hand Injury

    1. Kaytie says:

      Poor Pierre!! I hope his hand will heal soon. Hopefully he won’t have a lot of injuries when he starts filming in August.

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    2. jim says:

      so pittifuly pierre, hope recovered soon.

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    3. Dailukger says:

      Eat some food!! Your body need sustenance to heal. Look like a P.O.W!!

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    4. Funn Lim says:

      Actually he looks thin but when he was in KL as the judge, he looks rather good. Again it is the camera exposure

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    5. Vivien says:

      He look old and haggard! He should take good care of himself. August is only a few days more

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