Raymond Lam Is Tired of Playing the Good Guy

The TVB Anniversary Awards are just two weeks away, and Raymond Lam (林峯) is all prepared for the challenges to come. Although Raymond had just lost to Kenneth Ma (馬國明) for the Best Actor award in Malaysia last night, Raymond’s confidence is here to stay. The 32-year-old singer-actor exclaimed that he has no fear in going against contenders such as Damian Lau (劉松仁) and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) for the TVB Best Actor award.

“I am very proud of my character in Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>,” cried Raymond, who is nominated for Best Actor nomination for his role as Happy Sir in Highs and Lows, “Because he is as ‘hea’ (lazy) as I am! Haha! I am very casual when I’m at home. I don’t like doing housework.” Is Raymond saving all the housework for his wife to do? Raymond laughed, “There’s no need to. When I have free time with nothing to do, I will clean up.”

Full of Confidence

This year, TVB Anniversary Award’s Best Drama, Best Actor, and Best Actress winners will be determined entirely by audience voting. As a result, actors with the most fans have an advantage for the award. While other Best Actors hopefuls are busy holding their own campaigns to draw in more votes, Raymond used this time to leave the spotlight to film Michelle Ye’s (葉璇) Legend of the Purple Hairpin <紫钗奇缘> in mainland China. Raymond, who undoubtedly has one of the largest fan bases in Hong Kong, is unafraid of losing out in votes against the other popular candidates.

Raymond said, “After becoming a singer, my fan base increased, and it has helped me a lot. I think I am truly very lucky. Throughout my performance career, I’ve won many awards and titles… I do want to win [Best Actor]. For the past several years, the media has always placed the spotlight on me. Every time I attend an award ceremony, no matter if I win anything or not, there will always be different opinions out there. When I win it, they will talk. When I don’t win, they will talk. If that’s the case, why not win!”

Raymond won his first TVB acting award in 2003, the Most Improved Male Artist, for his performance in Survivor’s Law <律政新人王>. In 2008, Raymond won the My Favorite Male Character award for his role in Moonlight Resonance <溏心風暴之家好月圓>, and the same award again in 2011 for his role in The Mysteries of Love <談情說案>.

Raymond’s role as Happy Sir in Highs and Lows made him a popular candidate to win this year’s Best Actor and My Favorite Male Character awards. Asked if he has confidence to win Best Actor, Raymond thought for a moment, but later nodded his head and said, “A little bit… actually, yes, I do.”

Raymond Wants To Be a Dark Cop

Raymond expressed that he really enjoyed portraying Happy Sir, and was thrilled to know that the audience also enjoyed his character. “Happy Sir is a weird person, and because of that, I get to be more creative with the character.”

He was surprised to discover that filming for Highs and Lows was even more difficult than filming for period dramas. “Highs and Lows is a modern action drama, so everything has to feel more realistic. There is a lot of close combat, and every punch that was thrown was very real. Therefore, it was very easy to get hurt. Luckily, I only had minor injuries and scratches.”

When Raymond first received the script to Highs and Lows, he assumed he would be portraying a dark cop, which was Michael Miu’s (苗僑偉) role in the drama. Raymond was ecstatic to know that he was finally cast in a villainous role, but after thoroughly reading the script and discussing his role with the drama’s producer and crew members, he realized that his character was actually the drama’s most virtuous cop.

Raymond sighed, “I was a bit disappointed, but as I read the story, I realized that my role was actually very fun and entertaining. My role is the kind of character who keeps the audience at the edges of their seats because they can’t figure out what my character will do next. But television has a limit, so I could not go too out of the box when designing my character.”

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  1. “the drama’s most virtuous cop”

    Umm, no. He let Kate go several times when he should have arrested her.

    1. Most virtuous, as compared to the rest like Poon Sir or Sam Gor.

  2. Well I would love to see him play a villain, so TVB give him a villain role. I would to see how he handle it.

      1. ahh he did in Golden faith. Ok I’m gonna watch it. Let see how it turns out lol.

      2. He wasn’t exactly a villian, he was just used by his uncle as a chesspiece.

      3. is it similar to the way Bosco played his role in DB? not directly Villain, but more getting manipulate?

      4. @ Gar,

        then nobody is a villain…used by his uncle, but he still become evil.. evil = villain..

  3. YES PLEASE. He needs to do a villain role. Loved him in ASITP.

    1. And OK, he wasn’t a villain but he was great as the hothead in TOB too.

  4. Nah, TVB will not let him take on a villain role at this point in his career. What a pity.

    1. They let Bosco go for it in LOO and I think they tried with LF in Men with No Shadows, just was not successful.

      1. I think triad character isn’t necessarily villain. They can just be anti-hero that are following the rules of “gong wu”. But I can’t imagine Fung as a triad. He’s too handsome devil.

      2. The scriptwriter could have go all out with the Devil character. But, they copped.

      3. They let Bosco take the villain role in Growing Through Life.

      4. lol, Bosco is different though. Out of the young siu sangs, Ray’s status is the highest. TVB wouldn’t want to ruin is “prince image.” Like a few mentioned, MWNS was a flop. Y’all ever see Charmaine portraying another villain role after she gained her #1 Sister status? Yep.

  5. Wish him all the best for this year’s Best Actor. But personally I’d support Kenneth for his this years performance. I’m a fan of both Raymond and Kenneth, so im happy if the award goes to one or the other 🙂

  6. Didn’t he played one in Men with no shadows??? He sucked so bad in that show.

      1. I think he was supposedly a villain, but his acting was so bad, and ended up a semi-villain instead.

      2. I think he was overly perky, like teenager high on Ritalin in some parts. He also tried to convey his schizophrenia by opening his eyes really wide, then talking really softly. It was more sad to watch than anything (not sadness for character).

    1. ikr. The show was so horrible. Even bobby and tavia sucked in their roles.

    2. The script was terrible! No rhyme or reason for a lot of the story line. Don’t blame LF and all the actors and actresses. TVB badly need good scripts and good script editors!!!
      LF Love FUNG!

  7. This turns back time a good deal, but I found LF’s most complex role ever was good evil good character in Twin of Brothers (Twin Dragons of Tang Dynasty).

    1. That and also his characters in Tossing Rain, Turning Cloud and Face to Fate. I LOVE his earlier 亦正亦邪 roles. I’ve been a longtime fan of LF and I’m glad he’s so popular but I wish his more recent roles weren’t so “safe.”

      1. i am getting a bit bored of TVB these days, always the same types of dramas, i just wished they would do more ‘wu xia’ dramas instead, as those were always quite good. does this mean that tvb has a very tight budget these days and not enoung money to film wu xia dramas?

  8. Of course, he wants to play the bad guy and show his true self…

    1. haha, thought about that too, he certainly is not the goody goody type, can see it in his face

  9. Support LF for TV King!! He will get it.. I just know it!! Hahaha

  10. LF already won the Best Actor (the youngest ever) at the 2008 Astro Awards show with his role in “The Master of Tai Chi” as 段曉星.
    No matter what LF chooses to do in the future, his HONEY’s wish is for LF to be happy and enjoy his work.
    LF will always be Number 1 in our hearts! LF Love FUNG!!!

    1. Agree..Agree…i was a bit sad that Raymond lost his Best Actor in Astro Awards last Sunday…but i hope he will win the TVB one next two week…it is depend on voting…TVB only allow those has HK ID to vote…I have HK ID, but i am not sure if TVB will block the one from oversea…anyway, it will vote for Raymond if i am allowed….SUPPORT Raymond

  11. maybe he is tired of acting too, working in the same field for a long time can be stressful

  12. read this, http://img.tvb.com/p/weekly/file/805/805_26.11.2012.pdf
    does this not make you ‘sum tong’ LF, he is working so hard just for us.
    anyway it seems like the joke of what wong jo lam had said from LF’s previous concert ‘next time only let your reherse when you are actually performing your concert’ slowing becoming true. can’t believe LF only has, is it 2 week to prepare for this concert. ;(

    1. haha, he’s working hard for himself and not for us, are you working hard for your boss? then don’t collect your paycheck at the end of the month

  13. He doesn’t deserve tv king for his performance in Highs and Lows. Silly girls can make him win though.

    1. agree with you, don’t find him that good of an actor, he just got a lucky break, that’s all, nothing to be proud of

      1. LF is a good actor, once you like him and see all his positive sides you will always like him

  14. Honestly I don’t think LF needs to be cast as villain to showcase complexity. Tony Leung Chiu Wai was the darling hero siu sung of the 80’s and got to be playful anti-heroes like Wei Xiao Bao and Xiao Yu’er.

    LF’s image is too clean cut – I mean he doesn’t even get dirty or muddy in this roles, no matter how he starts off in a series he ends up looking like a lost puppy.

    For years, I could not shake Kevin Cheng’s image as male flower vase until he scratched his butt, wore slippers, and looked all scraggly for Ghetto Justice.

    Tony Leung had to jump to pretty risky roles such as ghetto doctor for prostitutes (Dr. Mack), assassin (Hard Boiled), gay lover (Happy Days).


      anyway in that clip was Eliza a ghost, was was the clip about, was it a film?

      1. It is a mini movie for promoting his concert coming in end of Jan 2013 in HK. Eliza looks very cute and pretty…I think she is a good girl…hope them to go real in life too since Raymond is so dry his love…and he is about the age to have some good woman support him 🙂 wish him the best…hope he can win TVB TV King too!!!

  15. I dont think he needs to play a ‘real’ villian- he just needs to play a very smart character, who can be ruthless- that should be entertaining enough.

    I just dont like to see him being a villian & eventually have to get caught for something- or worst end up being shot dead!!!! That’ll break my heart….lol….

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