Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui End 2012 On A Hot Note

Because of work commitments, Raymond Lam (林峯) and Kate Tsui (徐子珊) were unable to celebrate New Year’s Eve with their friends, they toasted 2013 in advance with a party filled with curry and laksa!

For many Hong Kong celebrities, New Year’s Eve is not usually a day of celebration, but a day of work as they appear in highly-paid countdown events. Few celebrities will give up the opportunity. Likewise for Raymond and Kate, both went to Guangzhou and Macau respectively to bring in the new year. This did not dampen their moods though. Used to not being able to countdown with family and friends, both of them already had an advance celebration a few days ago.

At the party they organized, both were in a mischievous mood and made fun of each other. Using Kate’s weight as an excuse, Raymond forced Kate to chow down copious amounts of spicy food, causing poor Kate to be struggling with the aftermath of the spicy food. Only when she saw Raymond laughing did she realize she was tricked and as a result, she retaliated by force-feeding Raymond in return. This provided a comic moment for the rest of the party-goers.

Promising Year Ahead

Aside from their TV King and Queen awards loss, 2012 was a good year for Raymond and Kate. Both had ceaseless work offers which will continue into the new year. With countless advertisement deals as well, buying new properties may not be too far off.

“A Time 4 You Raymond Lam in Concert” will begin on January 26. Previously tied up with work in mainland China, Raymond had to work harder to prepare for his concert. He promised, “I have used water and fire in my earlier concerts. For this concert, I will use something new as my prop; I promise it will be just as fascinating as my previous concerts!”

After resting a few days, Kate will be back at work filming movie, Buddy Cops 2 <神獸刑警 2013> with Michael Tse (謝天華) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤).  This will be Kate’s seventh time portraying a policewoman. She said, “I don’t know why they like to cast me in such roles. But I’ll add a different dimension to this character so that viewers will not be bored seeing me as a policewoman again.”

Source: The Sun

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Happy New Year…Raymond…(and Kate)…hope Raymond..you have a blessing year in 2013…more changelling role in drama….more outstanding music….good health…less rumor and haters…and able to find a loyal woman to support you and stand behine you…all the best!!!!

  2. Happy new year Raymond and Kate
    I thought the 7th police role of Kate was “sniper attacks”. She will portray a cop again in buddy cops 2 then it’s the 8th

    1. Everyone can just talk everything they want but when comes to money offer they will quite down

  3. haha, u think both of them got wat wat before? hehe. Sometimes i sense it u know based on their relation and closeness. Aiyo, i wun mind even they wat wat b4. ITs normal for guy to want it. You dont expect LF to be vege after mavis pan le.

    1. This guy’s mind stinks like a sewer. If there is a circus looking for a loud-mouthed clown, we have the best candidate here.

      1. stinks? U never Fk by ur boy before? Whats so weird? LOL.

    2. haa,,,boys imaginations always unbelievably notti… raymnond look is hot and chok until they all can faint

  4. I like Kate as a police women
    She is so pretty and chok when she is in action!

    1. Totally agree
      She always looks beautiful as a cop and other roles too

    2. Yeah, I think of all the fadans she has the tough madam look. The others do not look tough enough, like Jodie in LOO

  5. So much noise & hype on this both artist last year. Wondering who will be this year.
    2011 Michael Tse and Fala strong contender for TVB Awards but no sound last year.

    Who this year ? Kenneth and Nancy ? Maybe two old star Francis Ng( Triumph in the Skies II ) Sheren Tang (Beauty at War)
    Sheren Tang is very popular in HK.

  6. Wait Bosco Wong is in Buddy Cops 2(The Sniper)?? It doesn’t say on the cast list!!

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