Raymond Lam Promoted to Win TV King With “Highs and Lows”?

The 45th TVB Anniversary celebration is arriving year-end, and TVB has started launching series after series to promote their own artists to become the next TVB King and Queen. Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒> will be airing next Monday, September 24 to promote favorite son, Raymond Lam (林峰) to win the TVB King award. This upcoming series features both Raymond Lam and Michael Miu (苗僑偉) as police officers involved in anti-narcotics efforts.

Raymond Lam will debut as a policeman in Highs and Lows. Wishing to be in top shape, Raymond trained hard to build muscles and add definition to his physique  before filming began.

The original sales presentation clip for Highs and Lows featured Michael Miu, Roger Kwok (郭晉安), and Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎). However, as soon as Raymond Lam joined the series, the two TV Kings, Roger Kwok and Kevin Cheng, were removed from the show.

Highs and Lows is airing close to the time of the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards. With TVB’s earlier consideration that this year’s winners may be chosen via audience votes, this may possibly give Raymond Lam the edge he needs to win the TV King title.  Raymond believes this type of voting is a simple and fair way to truly show the public opinion. He said, “Winning is not important. This year I am very satisfied with both of my performances in the Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國> and Highs and Lows, therefore, I feel that I already have something to offer.”

The plot of the series also portrays the love triangle between Raymond, Ella Koon (官思娜) and Kate Tsui (徐子珊). Raymond’s costar, Michael Miu, is paired with Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) and Amy Fan (樊奕敏). It is apparent that TVB is promoting Raymond Lam as the main star. Many TVB fans felt that Michael Miu’s role in the series only helps to showcase Raymond’s talents and good looks.

Source: ihktv.com

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  1. I cannot wait to see this series!! I always loved Michael Miu’s acting 🙂

    1. Not really, as long as his “mom” is still with tvb he will be promoted to get the award.

      1. Which mom? If she is around he should grab the award long ago, why need to wait 11 years as he had leading role from 2001 onward.

    2. Correct, if this year he dun have then he might go same way to Nick Cheung, no TV king, aiming Movie King. With the contract 1 series per year, he wont appear in TxB series much now on. Not bad through. No TV king isnt a matter. Getting Movie King is way better.

    3. haiz no worry it’s one vote per audience this year with his big fanbase, he may be a big treat for the title towards Kenneth ma.

    1. He already tried “typhoon” last yr. Hopefully the audience reception is better this yr.

      1. Lolz, typhoon last year is covered by nose mountain? The curse even work this year when vincente typhoon cant pass the nose mountain, end up with not-too-high rating. Lmao, without nose mountain this time, but no typhoon, too. Only have Happy and Glory.

      2. i think josie meant his character Typhoon in men with no shadows haha

  2. All of the trailers for this series looks good so far, I’m actually pretty excited to see this,heard Kate’s performance was outstanding in this while this should be Raymond’s breakthrough role given his last few series weren’t that great.

    1. I also heard that Kate’s role is outstanding and Raymond has a breakthrough role. Same here.

  3. Raymond can win the Tvb award if he want since he a rich boy ,by the way he can will all the award including movie and singing ifvhe want since he a rich boy with a lot of money .

    1. Your comment is a bit ridiculous don’t you think? Being rich and buying awards is just a stereotype, it rarely happens in reality a majority of stars who come from wealthy families work hard same applies to the concept where money can buy you a spot in college, but if you don’t work hard even money can’t save you that spot. Raymond obviously have acting potential, don’t be stereotypical or discriminate those who come from families with a but more privileges than those who doesn’t.

      1. Totally agree with you! He obviously has talent in acting, singing and dancing and is a wonderful performer. It was not his choice to be born into a rich family and he has definitely worked his way up to where he is right now without his family’s fortunes.

      2. Gar,

        I agree with VFC but disagree with you even though you agreed with VFC. He has ZERO talent in singing and dancing…

      3. @TT
        I won’t say ZERO talent. He is quite a decent actor and singer. One of the better singers out of those who start off as singers too, I reckon!

      4. Agree. ZERO talent is too extreme. He’s a pretty good actor and singer.

  4. What I heard and read is Raymond’s character is refreshing and interesting and has a tragic love story with Kate. HAL itself look like a great series from the trailers. I think Raymond will be promoted as finalist although it’s hard to say who TVB will pick since Kenneth has a good year and good roles. But if TVB implement one person one vote Raymond has highest possibolity to win.

  5. If its live voting he has a huge chance Of winning. His fans are insane! That’s why I rather them not to but then again TVB always Riggs the awards anyways…

  6. The reporter is writing rubbish again. Sales presentation cast are never confirmed cast unless that series has already been completed or has started filming. Many series turns out to be different from its sale presentation.

    Why no one said/hinted that Kevin and Kenneth snatch Raymond’s role in ‘A Fistful of Stances’?

    1. With just 2 series (3 Kingdoms and H &L) and LF is expected to be TV King??

      Is this voting open to mainland tv viewers as well?? If it does, Kevin will have a chance with his mainland fans.

      1. It’s not the quantity that matters but the quality, if Raymond’s portrayal in HAL is outstanding enough then yes he can win the award.

      2. Oh well, he only films one series per year, cant compare with the overexposed ppl :p. TV isnt his top concern at all.

        But yes, quality is more important than quantity.

      3. you should look up to ppl who film less series and get the award with recognition cus they can get it with just a series while others need other series to back their crappy one up!

  7. the only reason raymond sayas its fair to go public voting is because he knows he will win for sure. all his fans will vote for him regardless if he truly deserves it or not. i dont think he deserves it. he KILLED the character in the three kingdoms. Everyone else outshines him. i think kenneth ma deservess the award the most.

    1. I don’t think Raymond is getting a nomination for Three Kingdoms neither is Kenneth since that series was just awful, I thought Kenneth did well in Hippocratic Crush but so far, HAL looks very promising besides public voting is fair since before the public voting TVB would pick unworthy ppl to win the award, it’s only fair this way so we can’t complain.

    2. the over-exaggerated kenneth in 3k deserves the award? i finally understand when ppl say the awards are meaningless now

    3. Not only him but a lot suppprt the one man one vote. So are they supporting LF? Oh so good frds.

      If he is nothing good then where his fans come from? And he is nominated with wat, you will know soon because the nomination will come in Oct.

      Cheer up, you dont need to be worried, LF dun film much for Txb now. Your MM will have chances because he will stick to Txb. Social works.

      1. lol Fox, when you say it that way, i don’t even know if I should feel happy for MM or sad for MM haha

  8. Does anyone know when the awards will be this year? It’s traditionally the first weekend of December but I noticed that both SSSS and the Confidant don’t finish airing until December 14 according to the current schedule. If the awards are held before the 14th, then Raymond will likely benefit the most with audience vote. However, if the awards is on the weekend after the 14th with the completion of both grand productions, it might be harder to judge.

    1. I think voting is stupid because the citizens aren’t gonna judge by acting and it’s not even professional. By acting skills definitely Damien lau. But fan base Raymond lam

    2. Likely 5 Dec as usual.

      Grand productions can end up as a flop. Rmb all the grand ones in the recent years?

      1. i rmb how horrible CBML is but tvb still push it to force ppl to like it. even win best series yuck!

  9. Ughhh no offense Raymond can’t act, Kate is annoying. Ella is pretty and that’s it. Michael is the only thing I will watch ths for

  10. everyone says LF will win if public voting but i dont think his chance are dat high because most voters are those “see lie”, oldies, wives etc that sit in front of the tv and most likely be voting (and complaining)! most of LF fans are not in hk so i dont think his chance are dat high

    1. You underestimate his fanbase in HK. If you go to HK you will see that he is really popular among HKers. His function in HK always have more fans to go than the rest of Txb peers. Even comparing to other artists in HK, his fanbase is known to huge.

      Real One man one vote is clearly for him to win but Txb likes to put hand in. So it’s up to Txb’s decision, to give it to who afterall.

      1. maybe i do underestimate it cus i only think he has a lot in mostly china. but yeah he definitely has more fans in hk compared to other artist but i think there r more ppl (wives, widows, oldies) that will vote for who they think deserve it, over LF

        in the end, i think although he might have more fans than others but i dont think his chances are that high unless he is superb in HAL

      2. Uhm, if you go to see his concerts in HK, you will see that there are many oldies who like him. In MissHK 2010, the oldies see lei can have tickets to go and most of them went to see LF – said by them. This nite has LF, Ron, Kate, KC, Nick Cheung, Bobby Au Yeung, Fala, Raymond Wong, etc. to be guests. I sat next to the group of see leis and they only focused on LF’s parts :P.

        In any functions with his participants, you will see that his fans covered most of the places. Can recognize his fans easily because they often wear the uniform.

        For example, a function he had in HK had nearly 1000 fans to go, and 1000 is a very big number in HK for a function.

        So I think you really underestimated his fanbase in HK.

        His chance is high IF Txb use the fair One man one vote without their involvement. If they rig it, the chance he won’t win is way higher because Txb has other kids in TV.

    2. Subtleness,

      Yes, you are right that “see lie” a.k.a oldies and housewifes are computer illiterates and not I.T affluences meanings many HK housewifes will not do online voting eventhough they support their idols.

      Remember , LF won tvb.com online vote award for most online vote in 2010 and rthk’s most online vote for popular idol singer in 2011. This clearly stated that LF has a better advantages in public voting systems because his fans are obsessed and fanatics to him

  11. Txb award on 19 Dec, LMAO~. We can see the purpose of them. To promote the two Confidant and SSSS. Haha, with this date, surely that they dun plan to do anything for HAL, it’s only a cannon folder :).

  12. Raymond will mostly win by fan votes. His fan base is huge and they vote for him because they like him and not necessarily because he is a good actor. Veteran actor like Damien who by the way, is way up there as one of those actors who can REALLY act, should win but small fan base, less votes, won,t win. But who says life is fair?

    1. Even without One man one vote system but the Txb’s decision, Damien won’t win because he isn’t in Txb’s list and he dun sign a contract with Txb.

  13. I’m not very keen on the idea of public voting for the acting awards, especially if it’s conducted online, as it will likely be won by whoever has the biggest, most dedicated, most organised and net-savvy (and therefore young-skewing) fanbase. The poll will be skewed towards the younger artistes who have rabid and net-savvy fans and veterans like Damien Lau and Michelle Yim will lose out.

    I can also foresee rival fanbases accusing each other of hacking or cheating at the online poll, using automated bots or proxies to inflate the vote count, etc.

  14. He obviously can act and if he becomes the drama king, it is still fine for me, I didn’t really convince about Kevin’s king the other day, I think Raymond is good, not that great but still acceptable.

  15. i dont think raymond will win this year.. i think something will come up and the award will be given to someone else

  16. Highly doubt LF will win this year, this gonna be KM or Wayne Lai time(again) for sure.

    1. I don’t think Wayne will win again, because he has 3 already :P.

      For MM, hmm, sorry to say this but I still don’t know what is the reason for Txb to give it to MM other than favourism card of Catherine Tsang?

      1. Btw, if having to choose between Wayne and MM, I choose Wayne because he has more solid acting. I don’t know how good MM is in THC because I don’t watch it, but 3K and TC, he is kinda so-so at acting to me, sometimes exaggerated. He has potential and good characters, but not that good at acting. Time for him to develop is still long.

  17. no way it will be given to wayne.. and wayne isnt currently promoted anymore if.. there might be a chance of kevin getting it again 2 years in a row like wayne

  18. The bluetooth in LF’s ear in the above pic look like Sony Ericson’s. Lolz, do we see all the cops use Xperia arc S like in Diva? I’m using one and it’s funny to see everyone has a same phone with me. But HAL is quite new, so maybe they can use S, not arc S. I think S looks manlier than arc S.

  19. I’m 50/50 on Ray being a favourite to win BA this year. I feel like he should have won during his peak years at TVB… ever since Mavis Gate and his focus on his “singing” career I feel like his acting has taken a hit. But I will watch Highs and Lows to see how he fares!

    1. In the last several years, LF’s acting hasn’t been spectacular and I’m one of his many fans. His performances haven’t been the same since Moonlight Resonance which I totally loved and the one that comes close in more recent years is Growing Through Life. The rest since then have been average, probably because of the awful scripts (Men With No Shadows, Sister of Eternal Flower). I hope his acting can bounce back with his cop portrayal in Highs and Lows and give audience a good look into his character and performance.

    2. Last year, among all the things he had, I like his acting the best in Snake movie because the character has a life and room to develop. I drop out the Txb series because I can’t finish any Txb series completely even the highly praised one. So I think it’s a smart move of LF to leave Txb slowly to silver screen. In just 3 years, he has chances to be in grand movies, try new things: A romantic movie, a war movie, a comedy and a thrilling one. These things can’t be found on Txb.

      Btw maybe he can have a hit next in China with the new ancient series ft. Michelle Yip, Tammy Chen, Benny Chan. Hehe, ancient series are always likable in China.

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