Raymond Lam to Film for NowTV?

In a surprising move, TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) has negotiated a deal for Raymond Lam (林峰) to star in rival station now TV’s grand production Han Empress Wei Zifu <大漢賢后衛子夫>. The 40-episode period drama is former TVB producers Lau Kar Ho (劉家豪) and Mui Siu Ching’s (梅小青) first contribution to now TV. The series also stars Niki Chow (周麗淇), and is set to begin filming in June.

Some speculated that Raymond is paving his path into the lucrative mainland Chinese market, and is planning to leave TVB once his contract expires next year. When reached for comment, Virginia Lok firmly denied the allegations, and assured that Raymond will remain with TVB. Ms. Lok further revealed that Raymond is scheduled to film a new TVB drama with veteran actor Tony Leung Ka Fai (梁家輝) early next year.

Since March, Raymond has been living in Hengdian, China working on 3D wuxia drama Lu Xiaofeng and Hua Manlou <陸小鳳與花滿樓>. Producers Lau Kar Ho and Mui Siu Ching tried to recruit Raymond for their new drama during this time. Due to conflicts between now TV and TVB, the husband-and-wife team asked their partner, mainland production company Hua Ce Media, to negotiate the deal with TVB. Virginia Lok initially requested a $20 million RMB fee for Raymond’s appearance in the drama. Because Raymond maintained a good work relationship with the producers, both parties finally settled the deal for $10 million RMB.

Since losing out on the TV King title during last year’s TVB Anniversary Awards, Raymond has repeatedly dodged rumors that he is planning to leave TVB. Reporters reached out to Virginia Lok regarding Raymond’s future plans. Ms. Lok commented that the new drama is a high-budget production that will give Raymond a lot of exposure within the mainland market. She added that the deal was reviewed and approved by TVB, and that in return, TVB will receive priority broadcasting rights. Ms. Lok also denied that Raymond is leaving TVB, sharing that he is currently negotiating contract renewal and is very likely to remain with the company. She also revealed that Raymond is scheduled to star with Tony Leung Ka Fai in a new drama series early next year.

Producer Mui Siu Ching also spoke about Raymond’s appearance in her drama, saying that he and Niki have already completed costume fitting. Mui added that Raymond was willing to take a lower fee and risk fatigue from filming two series back-to-back because of his friendship with the producers. Mui expressed excitement over Raymond’s participation, and shared that they are planning to produce a bilingual version that will be broadcast overseas.

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. LF…so proud of you…happy for you…add oil!

      1. he should make more $, before he’s left with nothing. karena is scamming him…just wait and watch. 🙂

  2. so he’s leaving tvb. goodbye and hope this means the deserving ones such as kenneth and ruco can finally get promoted 🙂

    1. correction, so raymond’s not leaving at all and instead is still the favourite pet of birginia lok and she’s negotiating all the grand productions only for him! no wonder that much publicity of his and karena’s relationship on almost every magazine!

    2. @virginia lok how much more exposure and promotion you want to set up in mainland to promote raymond? what about others who want to film a mainland drama but never get the chance such as steven ma and kenneth when they receive offers?

      1. this is why steven was mad at virginia lok because she only helps her ultimate favourite pet

      2. steven is back cuz he sucks @ mainland. but raymond has fans, cuz he constipate when he talks. maybe steven should learn to do that and he’ll be popular too. it’s not that hard.

      3. agree maybe ron can also learn from raymond as well

    3. kenneth’s acting is boring. it’s always the same expression. i see no improvement from keennth. raymond is better, but ruco is better than both lol

      1. Raymond sounds like he’s constipating when he talks and sings. REALLY.

    4. ignorant, there is no such thing as 1+1=2 in life. Work hard doesnt means can be millionaire. There are unlimited talented and hardworking people on earth so everyone deserve to be millionaire? It’s because LF’s life is good. Its called fate mr ignorant. In cantanose, 1st is life, 2nd luck, 3rd feng sui, 4th education 5th do good deeds. Ask others if u dun un what i mean

  3. She really loves him doesn’t she? Anyway this is called exchange of talents I suppose even if kinda one way.

    1. I don’t think it was Virginia Lok who negotiated this deal.. well it depends on when this deal was negotiated.

      As a tvb executive, their main goal is profit. And it seems that in this production, tvb has things to profit from.

    2. virginia lok has always love raymond and put him as her priority to manage. if you read back old steven’s articles, he pointed that virginia hindered his mainland progress when a grand production wanted him, which was why he made the decision to leave tvb’s unfair management. and now we are seeing virginia putting her all to push forward raymond’s exposure in mainland.

      1. everyone has a favorite. maybe he should learn to suck up more and constipate when he talks/sing then he’ll get promoted as well.

      2. I wonder. If he and Kevin both are rivals, whose side will she be on?

  4. Glad to see Ray leaving TVB and filming another drama. He hasn’t had much improvement since his last dramas and he is quite a flower vast.

    1. you didn’t read the article, but agree about the flower vase comment

      1. I think he isn’t renewing his contract.. but typo there: flower vase.

      2. I heard he’s not renewing his contract. Anyhow, no matter where he goes, no problem since he’s rich; the most important tho. for him right now is making love lol.

  5. nowTV doesn’t have hostile relationship with TVB. Better be business allies against Ricky Wong than a 3 corner fight.

    1. Yup…of course nowTV doesn’t want to be on hostile terms with TVB — after all, Ho Lai Chuen was a top exec at TVB for 30 years so no matter what, he’s going to have some sentimentality toward that station. It’s similar to when Ng Yu (also a former TVB top exec) left TVB to head up EEG — continue to maintain a good relationship with TVB so they can continue to get all kinds of perks and benefits…besides, I don’t think TVB wants people like Ho Lai Chuen and Ng Yu to be enemies — after all, they know so much about TVB and the nitty gritty details about how they operate that they could very easily make TVB management’s life miserable if they really wanted to…

      What I find interesting is that so far, in many of the news reports, the LKH/MSC series is referred to as “a Mainland production” — alot of articles don’t even mention the word “nowTV”….

  6. If he’s acting for NOWtv now, that would be a drama I wouldn’t see!!

    1. I also do not plan to watch anything starring LF (and/or Karena). And, I doubt people who are already sick of seeing articles about them will be interested in watching.

      Based on a recent drama, seems like LF “demands” the lead roles but his poor acting can’t carry lead roles well and the other actors/actresses around him have to do all the hard work to make him look good but he is still lackluster. (sigh)

  7. Raymond looks very hot and cute but he is not a good actor. He’s more suitable leaving HK and going to China.

    1. he’s not hot and cute, he’s Raymond Lame. not being a hater but he sounds like he’s constipating everytime he talks and sing. i dont see anything charming about him. he tries to be perfect but he’s not. there’s no such thing as chok and bb words. sound so lame, i mean use the correct wording if you try to be cool. and plus he dont stand up for the model that he slept wif. even if it’s not both of their fault for the exposure, be like a man, admit and stand up for the girl, even after break up. he tries to create this image of himself. but compare to the 80s’ superstar he’s like nothing. most of the time he sounds like he cant get something out. agree he should constipate in China instead of TVB.

      1. Raymond Lame!!! LOL 🙂

        That’s a good one.

      2. LOL bear!! I think he’s handsome but with all the news of him and Karena lately, I’m getting sick……… seriously sick of them.

      3. Agreed with you bear on Raymond Lame. I like it. The name tells all.

  8. Not surprised he accepted this drama because Karena Ng is starring in it too. They will consequently have time to flirt and see each other. Sigh…… sick Raymond.

    1. really?karena will be it too very happy and excited

      1. no it’s going to be awkward when they break up.

  9. yes this mean that TVB can finally have new actor/actress. finally! it’s been such a long time, 80s’ didn’t do that good job as the 60s’ and 70s’. cant wait to see the 90s’!

    1. and not even tvb actor can even hold a candle to him or even close,if LF leave tvb is finish cos there not a handsome in tvb or acting skill and popularity can’t compare

  10. I wonder if TVB allowed this because they will get broadcasting rights. All the ratings and ad revenue, without having to write the script and spend any money in the production. They aren’t doing it out of the kindness of their hearts for sure.

    I would imagine that they see this as the future of their station if they continue to get crappy ratings. I’m sure we will see more deals like this if this series makes them money.

  11. karena ng will be in this series too! wow that means more nonstop coverage of their dating. oh my god.

  12. Karena will be in the series too!?!? O…….. please give me the puke bucket….. hate to see them flirt, they’re so disgusting.

  13. Agree with most of the comments above. He looks hot but he is too retarded.. only wants to kiss Karena all the time. Uggh, disgusting man……

  14. For some reason, every time I see him now, I want to throw up.. maybe bec. of his affairs with Karena. Hope he really thinks carefully about what he’s doing because he’s acting like a teenager now… Raymond – your 30 and hot, NOT a teenager! Stop being a sugar daddy………..

    1. If slapping wasn’t illegal, I would slap Ray. He’s very annoying!!

  15. Please do not leave tvb….. only, leave show biz as u said u would.

    1. That’s another one of deceitful LF’s lies (to manipulate fans to get off his back).

      Raymond’s words: There had been rumors saying that he’s Li Hau Wor (one of TVB owners)’s godson, Raymond honestly replied:

      “Actually, my father knows Chan Kwoon Ming, who was one of the actors manager in the past. In 1998, we had a dinner together, and Mr. Chan asked me if I have any interest in being an actor. I’ve always knew that I’m not the type to do business, and since Mr. Chan thought I have the potential, I decided to join the training class. I worked hard by myself, without any help from others. Acting is my first job, and the one I’m most familiar with, if I don’t act, I don’t know what else I can do, and I know that I still have a lot to learn.”

      LF wants “exposure” even if it’s negative publicity/attention (with Karena).

      1. That kinda explains why he continually flirts with her in public. Very disappointed in how Raymond is acting lately.

      2. Isn’t Raymond the god son of the lady who cuts the cake every year? No?

      3. The cake cutting lady is mrs Li Hau Wor, with NoThanks comment, it seems like RL officially dismissed this as a rumour Funn.

  16. Why does it sound like a majority of the comments on this article is made by the same person?

    1. Umm, maybe because it isnt sound like, it actually is one person? Lol.

      Ignore the comments section whenever it is a raymond lam article if you want to keep yourself from becoming insane. I def would go whack-oh if I kept reading the same comments… over and over and over again.

    2. So you noticed it too?@For Realz, lol. It will continue. Yup, it is the same person.

      1. Ya- I saw the whole argument thing on the other article, and then I just thought things would die down, ie. that person would get over it/get tired/find something else better to do etc. but I guess not haha

  17. Ray would do much better if he left TVB. I don’t want to see him on HK tv again.

  18. Like the majority of the people here, I hate Ray more and more.. and it’s because of his relationship with that woman. Simply disgusting.

    1. I hate Ray because of that woman. Wish they disappeared from HK…… go to China or Africa. Hate to see them flirt.

  19. Heard that he gets $10 million RMB for filming 1 drama. Talk about overpaying… he’s not worth that much.

    1. He’s over-hyped too!! Don’t want to read that woman and his news………

      1. He has looks but they’re not natural.. I appreciate natural looks > plastic surgery.

      2. u just jealous u can;t be with him if all of u are fans,u support them no matter what LF still have the most fans all over the world

  20. Seems like his news never ends…….. the 2 other posts before and now this one and IT STILL involves Karena…. Ray definitely screw himself up by admitting his relationship. Look at all the hate…

  21. Honestly can’t wait for the day he dies. will hold a party after his funeral.

    1. Yes, me too. Dislike his front when see his back, hate his back when see his front!

      1. He will have Li-Fraumeni soon. No natural death for him.

      2. Hope for every time he smiles, he will cry as hard in the future!! Wish him forever frown.

  22. ….. more news of them. PLEASE stop Raymond!!!

  23. more news of him…… very sick of seeing him now.

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