Rebecca Zhu Simultaneously Juggles 3 Men’s Hearts?

Last year’s Miss Hong Kong winner, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗)–also known as Fala Chen’s (陳法拉) lookalike–got a lucky break to star in TVB Anniversary series, Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>. Fala decided not to star in the series due to an injury, which gave Rebecca the chance to play Siu Yu in one of the most anticipated dramas of the year.

This is Rebecca’s first TVB series, in which and she will have relationships with Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and (馬國明). In the series, Rebecca will seduce her husband, Kenneth, on their wedding night, and will eventually have an affair with Ron. This role will allow Rebecca to shine, and it is a good opportunity for her to move on her way to stardom.

Offscreen, Rebecca is reportedly living with last year’s Mr. Hong Kong, Clayton Li  (李晉強), while secretly dating a rich young man, whose family owns an investment company specializing in immigration. She is also rumored to be dating 2008 Mr. Hong Kong participant, Quinn Ho (何君誠). Reportedly dating 3 men at once, Rebecca’s personal love life is even more exciting than a drama.

In the afternoon of October 25, Rebecca was filming Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II> at TVB city. Before filming, she was spotted with her costar, Quinn Ho, eating lunch together at a restaurant. They were laughing and talking continuously for more than an hour. Afterward, Rebecca and Ho went back to work, and still continued to talk until even after the filming was completed.

On the same night, Rebecca and Quinn were filming on location in the Central district, and the scene required them to hold hands. After the scene was over, Quinn was still holding Rebecca’s hand to make sure she stayed warm. When they finished filming their parts, the duo took the company van back to TVB City. Quinn personally drove Rebecca in his flashy Honda sports car back to her apartment, where she is allegedly living with her current boyfriend, Clayton.

As the winner of last year’s Mr. Hong Kong contest, Clayton met Rebecca during a promotional event. In January, Clayton was photographed laying his head intimately on Rebecca’s shoulder while riding on the train, with the pair claiming they were only friends afterward. Recent tabloids reported that they are currently sharing an apartment together in order to be close to the TV studio. Rebecca allegedly dumped her current boyfriend, Kostyantyn Keshyshev, from her former ballet troupe, in order to be with Clayton, who is from a wealthy family.

Rebecca, Clayton, and Quinn are currently filming Triumph in the skies 2. Rebecca portrays a flight attendant, and Clayton is part of a ground crew. With different filming schedules, Rebecca and Clayton hardly see each other during filming.  Quinn, on the other hand, shares a large amount of screen time with Rebecca. Rumor has it that he is taking advantage of the opportunity to get close to her. Quinn is often seen driving Rebecca around town.

Rebecca Spotted at Karaoke With a Rich Man

With already two men under her spell, Rebecca is reportedly still not satisfied. A few nights ago after filming, Quinn was seen dropping off Rebecca, who was wearing heavy make up and dressed in tight clothing, at Tsim Sa Tsui. She was seen meeting another young man from a rich family and another couple for dinner at a restaurant.

Around midnight, Rebecca and the man were spotted strolling on the street of East Tsim Sa Tsui. The rich man is tall and attractive, and it appeared that Rebecca was infatuated with him. When they finally arrived at the Karaoke room, they sat close to each other almost cheek-to-cheek singing until 4 AM.

Since Rebecca reportedly is living with Clayton, she could not stay out all night with the rich man.  Finally after saying their long goodbyes, he sent her back home in a taxi.

Secret Date at Ocean Park

With no filming schedule the next day, Rebecca was spotted at 3 PM dressed in all black leaving her apartment. She took a taxi to Admiralty to meet with two male friends. Afterwards, they were picked up by the rich man’s driver to meet him at Ocean Park.

Although Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles is airing now, Rebecca was not recognized by anyone at the amusement park. She felt free to share ice cream and have heart-to-heart conversations with her male friends. Rebecca and the rich man escaped from the group and had their secret rendezvous. Around 12:30 in the morning, Rebecca and her group of friends left Ocean Park. The rich man was apparently going to take her home. However, Rebecca noticed the paparazzi was following her, so the rich man put her in a taxi and left the scene.


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    1. “in order to be with Clayton, who is from a wealthy family”

      There you go.

    1. Agree. She really knows how to get around …….. two guys from rich families + 1 more good looking guy!

    2. Well, with that kind of Curvy body and face, we certainly don’t expect her to just wait for 1 man right?

      1. That’s why it’s always advantageous for a girl when she has both the body and the face. Guys will always fall for the oldest trick in the book.

  1. If true, she is just exploring her options. Interestingly how come Kenneth’s name is not included?

    Anyway she really is almost unrecognisable in the photo above.

    Whilst I feel she has potential, I hope she learns to speak her lines louder. Hate the fact she is mumbling.

    1. That’s why I keep saying Rebecca looks different every time I see her, lol

    2. Seems like she’s only interested in rich guys. Maybe Kenneth doesn’t come across as rich enough for her? Plus i presume Kenneth is older than the other guys.

  2. Well, connections get you going in the real world. If it’s true, Rebecca knows where to start.

  3. she don’t look like Fala Chen at all, Fala is way better looking than her

    1. Agree. Fala Chen looks much prettier than Rebecca Zhu. Fala has more personality. Only in some angles Rebecca looks a bit like Fala.

      1. well, I do think that Fala is the prettiest actress in TVB now but she didn’t look that good before her plastic surgery either

    2. Agree too. Fala will bring out the role siu yau much better. Rebecca lacks the sunshine and sweet look, and the way she acts is quite odd too. Doesn’t flow with the situations and siu yau’s character. I cant tell how siu yau’s character is supposed to be.

      1. Rebecca did look young in SSSS, but her acting was terrible. She had no eye expressions, no facial expressions (or maybe 1 or 2), and her Cantonese was barely understandable.

        The age of Siu Yau (Rebecca’s character) was not that young. She was 25, mature enough to make a handle a lot of things.

      2. Yup, she looks young but lacking the looks that I mentioned above.
        Agree about the expressions, not much variations. Her tone is odd in some scenes. Example, a second before she is like in a frantic and I expected her to speak in a rush manner but instead she spoke calmly and as a matter-of-factly-like.
        I can’t comment on her Cantonese, mine is worst than hers.
        I thought siu yau was 20? She told Kenneth that her sister is 4 years younger then Kenneth asked someone to look for a girl that is around 16. At that moment I was thinking, “don’t tell me JJ is her sister and she’s acting as a 16 year old girl.” lol. Maybe I heard wrongly about the age.

  4. Gosh she is a newbie, maybe she should concentrate on her acting skills instead of playing the field…. otherwise she will just made a bad name for herself and ruin her reputation!

    1. once she hits the jackpot, she doesn’t even need to work anymore!
      i vote for playing the field.

      1. What? Comparing Joel CHan’s acting to Rebecca Chu?
        How many years of experience Joel has? His early acting was horrible to.
        This is only Rebecca’s first acting stint.

    2. How are you so certain that all of the above gossip information is true enough to judge her and send her down to hell already?

  5. Felt something was up with her, seeing how overdramatic she can be in SSSS, a girl that likes alot of attention.

  6. which one is clayton and which one is quinn in the photo above?

  7. IF fala is in SSSS then she will bright with her beauty, i saw a sale presentation last year and fala was so beautiful in slae presentation as the role SIu Yu which is replacing by Rebecca and nothing special from Rebecca so i think fala is way pretier than Rebecca

  8. Neither of the guys pictured above is cute! Can we say “skank!” Money or not….your looks don’t last forever. They’ll just play you like you play them and then when your all old and decrepit….they’ll just throw you away like the trash that you are! :O

    1. Both guys look better onscreen than in the pictures. Clayton won Mr.HK precisely because he’s cute (he totally failed in the final debate due to language problem but still won). As for Quin, he has filled up a lot, not as thin as in this picture. He played one of Raymond’s subordinate in HAL.

      1. Really? He’s in HAL…I didn’t even notice him at all. I guess I was too concentrated on watching Raymond…lol

      2. I guess he wasn’t that cute looking if people aren’t even noticing him at all! I’ve never watch Mr. HK, but based on the last article from JaneStar regarding this years contestants….being a winner or not doesn’t say much!

  9. I read Quin’s part. Eating together and having a lot chat is nothing wrong. You can still chat and eat with colleague when you have a boyfriend. Your social life don’t stop just because you are dating. As for driving her home, maybe they are heading the same path, so, Quin drop her off at her home?

  10. Personally I think Rebecca Zhu is not a simple-minded person. She went to Hong Kong to study at the age of 16 and competed for Miss Hong Kong seven years after she became a permanent HK resident. It showed that she was a very well-planned person. Not surprised to learn that she knows very well how to plan her future life.

    1. I agree with you that she definitely has something up her sleeves. She totally knows what she wants in life and is keen on reaching her goals. It’s not a bad thing as we all strive in life to live more comfortably.

      1. that sounds like fala too XD their “resemblance” is not just looks and body but also their ambitious personality too

    2. Sand cherry,
      Sand cherry,
      You hit the nail on the head! Moreover, those difficult by gone days ; when she had to decide to save money . Choosing between walking to work or riding a bus? Ahhh…the skills of survival. She’s a smart cookie. Making use of her assets. Anything wrong..?

      1. Nothing wrong. I was just saying that she is not a simple-minded person, but a well-planned person. It is a good thing for her! All celebrities need to be ambitious in order to be successful. Right?!

  11. Don’t believe everything from gossip magazine.
    Rebecca clarified in a telephone interview that she isn’t cohabiting with Clayton Li and that she’s currently single. She said: [“Perhaps it is because I have a drama that is currently airing. Thanks to the media for helping me to promote it. I actually haven’t met Clayton Li for a long time and Quinn Ho is just my co-star. As for the rich guy that the report was referring to he is actually a friend outside of the entertainment circle that I have known for 10+ years. That day I was going out with a group of friends. Everytime I go out I’d be photographed so I’m actually afraid that my friends won’t dare to go out with me so I have been going out less lately.”]

  12. After reading all the comments above i actually can’t believe that people on here are so dump that they actually believe that this rumour are true. You guys are so naive.LOL

    1. Not every rumour is true; on the other hand, not every rumour is false. Time will tell ….. All artistes will deny everything reported, such as the rumour on the divorse of Gaile and Leon. It became a fact after a few months.

    1. Square faces can be attractive too. Who said that you had to have an oval face to be attractive?

  13. She says she grew up dirt poor and couldn’t even afford 1 meal a day. Lolz she then says she known that rich guy for 10 years.

  14. Clayton Li is gay. He was really active in the gay scene back in Canada.

  15. So RZ is a player for upward mobility, fame and fortune…material girl…makes Kim Kardashian look like an angel…

  16. Personally, I really don’t like Rebecca… She has poor acting skills in Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles… Annoys me everytime!

  17. I dont like her acting in SSSS. Wished Fala took up the role instead… 🙁 But I guess every newcomer takes time to improve, we will see in time to come!

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