Roy Chiu Caught on Date with Tia Li?

After Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu (邱澤) and mainland Chinese actress Tiffany Tang (唐嫣)’s high-profile breakup earlier this year, it was rumored that Roy was romantically linked with Taiwanese singer/actress Tia Li (李毓芬), who was accused of being the instigator of the breakup. Although both parties have denied that they are in a relationship, Taiwan’s Next Magazine <壹周刊> recently reported that Tia was spotted driving Roy back to his home late at night.

Roy and Tia met in 2011 when filming the Taiwanese idol drama Office Girls <小資女孩向前衝>. They quickly became good friends, with Tia saying that Roy’s outer appearance was appealing to every girl, and Roy admitting that he and Tia had a “special” emotion. In February of this year, Tia was seen visiting Roy on the set of his upcoming drama Wine Beauty <紅酒俏佳人>, causing many to suspect that she was the third party in the relationship. Angered by the news, both Roy and Tia maintained that they were merely friends.

Afterward, Roy confirmed that he had indeed broken up with Tiffany. The news left Tiffany distraught and emotionally unstable, and it was even reported that she had attempted suicide.

According to Next Magazine, Roy and Tia were next spotted with a group of friends in late June. After partying until the early hours of the morning, Tia drove Roy back to his house. When she discovered that they were being followed by reporters, Tia quickly scampered, leaving Roy to fend for himself.

Roy explained that the cast and crew of Miss Rose <螺絲小姐要出嫁> had arranged a gathering, and that he could not drive home because he had drunk too much. Amanda, the director of Tia’s management company, likewise denied that the two were in a relationship, and insisted that Tia had dropped him off at his house on her way home. “Even friends would do this!” added Amanda.

According to the report, Tiffany’s manager Ji Rujing (紀茹璟) heavily criticized Roy after learning about the news. “Until now, he hasn’t mentioned breaking up,” she said. “Because of [the breakup], Tiffany was already unable to work for two months. If she sees this piece of news, her mood will definitely suffer, and she will be sad for a long time again.”


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  1. She looks like Vivian Hsu and the Singapore blogger Dawn Yang…guess they all share the same surgeon? O_o

    1. tia, angelababy and these other people maybe sharing same surgeon or plastic technique 😛

  2. I’m sure they are dating! Tia Li is pretty and is a better actress than singer.

  3. Real or not, I hope Tiffany gets better and further of these news will not influence her 🙂
    Tia is not my favourite, but she’s okay. She’s a really good actress, having the ability to act both good and evil.

    1. when yang mi forward the news of roy caught with tia li the true meter just rise up. how to respect when roy keep denying the cheating and push the blame to tiffany when he’s the one caught with tia repeatedly

      1. Exactly, when did he blame Tiffany? I heard he even defended her. YOu should not just blast people like that Sel_fi_wu. You should gather more info about this issue before you say anything.

      2. roy’s manager try to make tiffany look like a liar when it was roy’s side who keep denying things with tia alhough caught more than once. roy’a manager doing for roy isn’t it?

      3. I thought they already broke up before the Tia thing surfaced? The whole thing blew up with Tiffany’s assistant blasted Roy with the pictures of Tiffany and Roy together. In which only Tiffany and Roy should have the picture. If Tiffany didn’t give it to her assistant where would the assistant have the picture to broadcast their relationship?

      4. that’s what the manager said but the birthday pictures shows that roy and tiffany still together after the timeline he started to rumoured with tia li and never want to break up until tiffany found out his lies and got broken hearted

      5. Never wanted to break up? Obviously, he didn’t care for her anymore. He let her go so easily, if he really cared, he would have fought to have her back, but it was Tiffany who’s heart broken.

  4. Not my cup of tea… but I guess there are worse places to be caught 😛

  5. Noticed them from Miss Rose and Office Girl, they look more like a couple and great together!

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