Tiffany Tang Stars in New Drama

Actress Tiffany Tang Yan (唐嫣) has finally wrapped filming work recently, after 3 long years on Wong Kar Wai’s (王家衛) anticipated romantic series,  Blossoms Shanghai <繁花>! As the 39-year-old will commence work immediately on her next project, xianxia costume drama A Moment But Forever <念無雙>, fans are calling the actress a busy wage earner.

Paired with Actor Liu Xueyi

However, compared to the hype around Blossoms Shanghai, netizens are not all that keen on her upcoming project, as they felt that Tiffany is not the best candidate for idol romance dramas due to her age. In addition, 33-year-old actor Liu Xueyi (劉學義) – her male co-star this time round – is a far way off in terms of fame and recognisability compared to Tiffany, hence leading to talk that she is “being demoted” in terms of resources. He previously starred in Love Never Fails <落花時節又逢君> with actress Crystal Yuan Bingyan (袁冰妍).

A Moment But Forever is an adaptation from the novel “Tian Xia Wu Shuang” (天下無雙), and Tiffany will be playing protagonist Ji Tanyin.

Source: HK.On.CC

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  1. I wonder if she can carry of a idol role? That will be interesting… even Liu Shishi is back acting.

  2. Wonder those who complain about her age to be in idol romance drama have also make similar comments about YM and if LSS’ latest drama is also an idol romance period drama (the tile “A Journey to Love” sounds like one but we also know that Eng titles may not be the best presentation), same complaints need to be made as well since they belong to the same era of leading actresses.
    I am not a fan of all three acting though though they each had a role or two whom I like.

  3. Don’t have a problem with her being in an idol drama, however, Liu XueYi? That dude is every where, and he’s only looking ok, acting ok, nothing too spectacular :/ main thing about all these older actresses, YM, LSS and TY in these idol dramas is that if their partner doesn’t have the look (compatible look) or the acting chop, it doesn’t work

    1. @LittleFish leading actors of their era have either moved on (Hu Ge) or sort of disappear (Wallace Huo) from idol romance dramas. What is left now are the younger actors like the two Leos, ZLH, Dylan, CY, GJ, XJ and XZ. For age compatibility and who have not moved from this genre will be the popular second leads who have tried to take leading roles like LXY and Jeremy Tsui.
      I was surprised to find LSS pairing with LYN in her latest drama because the actor/singer has only gained some popularity in supporting roles not too long ago.

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