Liu Xueyi Denies Tax Evasion

Chinese actor Liu Xueyi (劉學義) has been in many supporting roles over the years, but recently had his big break in In Blossom <花間令>. His handsome and righteous character won over many female viewers. Unfortunately, fame and rumors usually come hand-in-hand, including rumors of tax evasion.

Liu Xueyi’s agency issued a statement in response to the rumors. They emphasized Liu Xueyi has paid his taxes in accordance with the law and tax evasion is out of the question. They requested all relevant parties immediately delete the suspected infringing content. Their lawyer will follow up with the necessary legal action, including civil litigation, administrative reports, and criminal charges. They will not tolerate any infringement and asked the public to not believe in these rumors easily.

Besides the recent tax evasion rumors, Liu Xueyi’s most memorable news was his rumored romance with Yang Zi (楊紫). The pair was seen eating cake with the same spoon. At the time, Liu Xueyi was revealed to be dating Zhang Yuxi (張予曦). Yang Zi tried her best to clarify they were just friends, but Liu Xueyi’s reputation was already damaged.

With Liu Xueyi’s popularity, some are looking into his past for scandalous signs. The actor had allegedly made explicit remarks to netizens. He had also starred in R-rated movie Green Tea Bitch <綠茶妹>. At the time, this film was also reported for its explicit content.

As more of Liu Xueyi’s skeletons are dug up, many netizens are worried about Tiffany Tang (唐嫣) who co-starred with him in A Moment But Forever <念無雙> and whether this will have a negative impact on their drama.

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