10 Hot Actors in “Love and Redemption”

Young and dapper actors are often the reason why viewers would get hooked on a series. Although it’s rare for a show to star more than a few eye-candy simultaneously, mainland Chinese xianxia romance drama Love and Redemption <琉璃> is gaining attention for managing to do so with its 10 handsome actors. Needless to say, the fine cast has sparked interest with their different personalities, aura, and performance – even the ones playing villains.

Here are the following 10 hottest actors in Love and Redemption:

Cheng Yi (成毅)

Playing the cursed protagonist, Yu Si Feng, actor Cheng Yi is required to wear a mask. Despite not revealing his entire face, Cheng Yi still had fans swooning over his ethereal demeanor and charming historical look. On top of that, fans also found the contrast between his usual calm, cool, and collected self and nervous self during his interactions with female lead Yuan Bingyan (袁冰妍), who plays Chu Xuan Ji, very cute and heart-fluttering.

Liu Xueyi (劉學義)

Xueyi, who took on the role of Shaoyang Sect’s senior disciple Hao Chen, is also gaining recognition for his attractiveness and historical persona. Though Hao Chen is a talented fighter with a warm and mature personality, it turns out he is possibly the main antagonist, as he hides his true identity as the White Emperor of the East. Previously having garnered praises for being the most charming Demon King in The Destiny of White Snake <天乩之白蛇传说>, it appears Xueyi will surge in popularity once more with another handsome villain role.

Bai Shu (白澍)

Portraying the cute celestial beast Teng She, actor Bai Shu easily became a favorite among viewers. With his long blond hair and gentle-looking face, he has not only captivated the audience with his angelic appearance but also his amusing antics with Bingyan’s character Xuan Ji.

Huang Youming (黃宥明)

A familiar face, Youming is well known for his antagonist roles and stable performances. In Love and Redemption, his good-turned-evil character Wu Tong has several enemies seeking revenge against him, which eventually leads to his demise.

Li Junyi (李俊逸)

Junyi’s portrayal as Zhong Minyan, the sixth disciple of the Shaoyang Sect, has instantly won over the hearts of viewers. His defined facial features and love for Chu Ling Long, played by Zhang Yuxi (张予曦), are proving to be a big appeal. Love and Redemption is the actor’s second project.

Zhou Junwei (周峻緯)

Although Junwei is already married, fans cannot keep their eyes off the young actor. His performance as the kind-hearted Ruo Yu, who is good partners with Si Feng and tragically turns crazy with the death of his sister later, merits praise.

Fu Fangjun (傅方俊)

Playing the monkey spirit, Wu Zhi Qi, Fangjun earned compliments for his historical appearance. In the drama, he has a sad love story with Hou Mengyao (侯梦瑶), who portrays the fox spirit of Zi Hu.

Han Chengyu (韓承羽)

Actor Chengyu’s striking visuals are catching the attention of many viewers. He plays Liu Yi Huan, who becomes imprisoned for breaking Li Ze Palace’s rule of no dating. After Si Feng rescues him, he begins the search for his daughter.

Yao Yichen (姚奕辰)

Yichen is making a worthy comeback after viewers criticized him for his underwhelming looks in Under the Power <錦衣之下>. His visuals as a merman in Love and Redemption are proving naysayers wrong.

Zhu Zixiao (朱梓驍)

Last but not least, Zixiao is another charming actor who frequently stars as an antagonist. As with his other roles, viewers are impressed with his portrayal of Yuan Lang, a calculated and scheming Deputy Palace Master with a hidden identity.

Source: Beauty321

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. they very much all lookalike and i can’t tell who’s who. they are probably pretty much but all too pale and thin so they look the same….

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    2. @m0m0
      Me too!
      Wait, who is who again?
      Next time give them different hair colors, so I can differentiate.

      It’s really too hard for them to stop those smooth shadings on the skin. These are humans, not anime. Without enough facial details, how are people suppose to look different?

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