Yang Zi Quells Talk of Romance with Long-time Friend

Rumored to be romantically linked to actor Liu Xueyi (劉學義) recently due to a birthday gathering for him, actress Yang Zi (楊紫) later posted an update to her social media clearing up the air!

Cake Sharing or Guileless Convo?
The face of various quality productions, the popular 29-year-old actress has hardly had any rumors on the romantic front. Not long ago, her friend, actor Liu Xueyi was spotted visiting Yang Zi’s home late in the evening. Close to Liu Xueyi’s birthday on July 6, Yang Zi was seen paying him a visit at night, with photos speculated to be him feeding her cake.

In response to romantic rumors sparked by the photo, however, both posted brief clarifications on their Weibo, on the same day. On August 11, Yang Zi wrote that she has been friends with Liu Xueyi for “over ten years”, that there were other friends at the birthday event, and the so-called “cake eating” was merely Liu Xueyi asking her if the cake indeed tasted bad, that was it.

Written in short staccato phrases, her full Weibo status update said, “Me and Xueyi (are) friends for 10 over years, his birthday a group of us celebrating together were there at 8 plus, because of filming the next day it ended at 11, we ate our own cake not together, the cake he passed me was asking is this flavor awful I said yes, didn’t feed me it was actually a simple birthday celebration for friends, I don’t want to complicate things let it end here, will continue with filming”.

Who is Liu Xueyi

Liu Xueyi has played several supporting roles throughout his decade-long career and caught attention with his charismatic presence in xianxia drama Love and Redemption <琉璃>, which Yang Zi fronted.

The 32-year-old clarified that there was no feeding since the portion had been really small, adding that he ought to get a whole cake that was “better-tasting” the next time. Known to be good friends, he had previously delivered a bundle of snacks to her while the latter was busy at her filming set,  as a supportive gesture.

Source: HK01

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  1. A longer, clearer video clip has been released and it did look like she took the bite. If it’s true then she has not been truthful.
    Some netizens have been comparing her action to Zhang Xueying’s eating from the same bowl as Qin Junjie. However, if YZ did really take that bite, both YZ and Liu Xueyi are single (at least both have not admitted to dating anyone) while Qin Junjie was not (at least the announcement of his breakup was only made after that) when Zhang Xueying went to drink from the bowl while he was still scooping from it.

    1. Oh…is that way the breakup of Yang Zi and Qin Junjie was announced after? I have to say both Qin Junjie and Zhang Xueying career did not go very far after…

      1. @Hohliu The eating from the same bowl incident took place before YZ and Qin Junjie both made online announcement of their breakup. YZ had a separate posting saying Zhang Xueying was not responsible when online speculations ran wild that the latter was the 3rd party.
        Both do seem to have their career affected after that but uncertain if it is really because of that incident or more.
        BTW, I am not following Immortal Samsara now, will probably watch a few episodes, especially the last few later as I want to know the ending but the storyline isn’t getting interesting and I am not impressed with the acting of both leads.

  2. Wasn’t there a rumor that she was dating Lay Zhang back then? If this is true, let them be as they are both single. Liu Xue Yi is a good actor. I feel that he has been overlooked by Huanrui. I’m very much looking forward for his drama Love Never Fails with Yuan Bing Yan.

  3. If it is true then they have my congratulations. If not, then I am happy for their friendship. I personally don’t think it is a big problem if two friends eat the same piece of cake or drink from the same cup, as long as neither has covid or other viruses.

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