Yang Zi Wants to Work with Cheng Yi Again for the 4th Time

Two months since Immortal Samsara <沉香如屑·沉香重華>wrapped up its run, Andy Yang Zi (楊紫) and Cheng Yi (成毅) have been filming their own projects. Despite abundant filming offers due to her charisma, Yang Zi hopes to work with Cheng Yi again in upcoming sci-fi suspense thriller drama Qi Gen Xiong Jian <​​七根兇簡>.

Yang Zi and Cheng Yi have previously worked on the first two installments of Noble Aspirations <誅仙·青雲志> in 2016. Playing only supporting actors at the time, the two improved their status and acting skills over the years as they were cast in Immortal Samsara. Finding Cheng Yi to be a compatible costar, Yang Zi hopes to work with him again for the fourth time.

Yang Zi Appreciates Cheng Yi’s Gentleman Behavior

Prior to leaving H&R Century Pictures in 2021, Yang Zi belonged to the same agency as Cheng Yi.. Despite the departure, Yang Zi and Cheng Yi remain close friends with a high level of trust.

In a past event, Yang Zi was wearing a short dress and while other male artistes were trying to figure out how to lift her up for a press photo  Yang Zi so she did not get exposed. Cheng Yi displayed gentlemanly behavior by reaching out his arms with his fists clenched to cover her and avoid any accidental touching.

Fans Strongly Ship Yang Zi and Cheng Yi Together

Although Immortal Samsara received polarized responses, the series still made significant achievements such as topping the most trending dramas list, scoring over one million views, and earning an overall revenue of over 450 Chinese yuan.

Currently rumored to join Qi Gen Xiong Jian, Yang Zi was originally expected to pair up with rising star Chen Zheyuan (陳哲遠), however due to the actor receiving negative backlash, there are possibilities that Cheng Yi may replace him.

While the cast has not been officially confirmed yet, Immortal Samsara fans are already excitedly rooting for Yang Zi and Cheng Yi’s fourth collaboration. They yelped, “Come on! Fourth time! Fourth time! Give us a happy ending! We don’t want angsty romances anymore!”

Source: Up Media

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The drama title sounds familiar. Is it another novel by Wei Yu (the author of Rattan)?
    Not sure about the first two collaborations of these two artists but they need to work on their chemistry as a couple onscreen. They seem more friends than a couple.

    Anyone knows why Chen Zheyuan receive backlash? Not another “he’s not popular enough to pair with the actress” kind again?

  2. I was excited when I read this article… but keeeping fingers cross…

    I really dont want YangZi to keep getting pair with newbies… Will be good to watch her co-star with actors that has comparable skills..

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