Tiffany Tang Used to “Long-distance Marriage” with Luo Jin

Sharing rare snippets of her married life on a recent variety program, actress Tiffang Tang (唐嫣) revealed that husband Luo Jin (羅晉) and herself would often live apart in different cities!

Took Romantic Vacation Breaks During National Holidays

According to Chinese media reports, the 39-year-old shared that as both of them were actors, the couple understood the nature of each other’s work, and already had the consensus since they started dating that they would likely have to be apart and even live in different cities. After tying the knot and starting a family, the couple grew used to this mode of communicating, which Tiffany described as “a very normal habit” for the two of them!

In fact, the actress added that their time together was all the more precious due to their frequent separation. While each of them had work commitments, the two would meet together whenever there was a public holiday; either Luo Jin would fly back to their home in Shanghai, or the two would take a vacation together — which made her truly understand the common Chinese saying, “reunion after separation is sweeter than being newlyweds”!

Tiffany’s Parents Are Main Caregiver for Daughter
Collaborating on many productions including Agent X <X女特工>, Diamond Lover <克拉戀人> and 2016’s The Princess Weiyoung <錦繡未央>, Luo Jin and Tiffany registered their marriage in the year 2018 and welcomed their firstborn in 2018. As both continued working, as they had shared in previous interviews, Tiffany’s parents would be the ones taking care of their daughter Xiao Xiao Tang (小小糖).

Not the only celebrity couple who maintained a long-distance marriage due to work commitments, actors Chen Long (陳龍) and Wu Yue (吳樾) also shared about their respective situations on the program. Married with two children, Chen Long and his wife Zhang Lingzhi (章龄之)  used to bring their kids along to the filming site, and when the children reached schoolgoing age, Zhang Lingzhi started taking on less jobs to take care of them, while the couple used video or phone calls to stay in touch. Wu Yue, too, shared how his wife Liu Jing (劉晶) who works as an artiste manager, stopped work for 6 years at one point to care for the kids, so he could focus wholeheartedly on acting.

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. Beautiful couple. I love this pair. And was so happy when they finally got together.

    1. Funny enough, you mention this. The first time I saw his purple lips was in Beauty’s Rival in Palace. My first thought was, why is his lips so purple. I did not know him then. But I did grew to like his acting in the drama. He is a definitely a good actor. I started following his shows and learnt he is a popular actor in China…

      1. 1st time I saw him was in Princess Weiyoung. First I couldn’t get over the plot and Tiffany’s mary-sue armor and then I couldn’t get over his purple lips hahaa. I think he can act for sure, but his lips are so visually distracting that I can’t watch without thinking of smoker’s breath.

      2. I thought his purple lips in Beauty’s Rival in Palace was due to the character’s health!

      3. @BearBear Lol, yes, his character is a sickly King. But because his lips is already purplish, it just made it worse with makeup…
        @Coralie I did wonder if he was a smoker too… but it is so common in those days. Now, much less…
        Saying that, do you both not feel actors in those days have more natural make up then the current super white face, red lips etc? The current makeup look is just not for me.

      4. @Hohliu yeah some men (esp Korean ones) take that pale face, red lips look too far. It’s awkward to look at. Like why they gotta be that pale with bright red lips. Gah.

        I recently got some Korean foundation and man, I should’ve known. They’re so freaking WHITE. I am pale already, but their foundation makes me look like I spread toothpaste all over my face.

      5. @Coralie Lol, I remember a good friend bought be a tube of BBcream. I never knew what that was, but it is the most popular cream around now. I used it then I realised it is like a cream with foundation and it make my face look fairer and glows. But this cream does not clean off easily. It reminds me of my son’s bad sudo cream, it is not easy to wipe off. I only test it once…to be honest, I am just too lazy to put any makeup on my face…

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