Chinese Artistes Encouraged to Attend Morality Education Classes

After a wave of Chinese artistes being exposed for their problematic behaviors, the Chinese government is taking a strong crackdown on the entertainment industry and creating a series of morality classes for celebrities. Although it is not clear if the courses are mandatory, several big stars such as Sun Li (孙俪) and Tiffany Tang Yan (唐嫣) have already enrolled in the course despite having a clean image.

The course is created with input from the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Radio and Television and aims to correct the problems in the entertainment industry. Artistes who attend the class are taught topics such as political acuity, legal awareness, social responsibilities and morality acumen. Since artistes have to take time out of their busy schedules to attend,  netizens suspect that many artistes are preemptively taking the courses to avoid being blacklisted.

Chinese actress Sun Li attended two sessions and shared that she found the content meaningful, and gained a better understanding of her social responsibilities. Confessing that the course will help guide her future projects, the actress shared, “I hope to bring more meaningful works that would spread good values.”

Source: World Journal

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  1. Wow! Communism Government exerting their power/control over the rich and famous. This is a clear reminder that Big Brother is watching and still holds full power, so don’t step out of line.

  2. which other countries have to take this type of class other than possibly north korea…?

    1. @m0m0 agreed… I’ve been thinking recently that China has been taking a few pages from North Korea. The propaganda, the strict control over people and news, and now the classes. It’s definitely devolving.

    2. Yes, both very similar that they wish to control their people. But the difference between the Nth Koreans and Chinese Governments are that the North Koreans exercise much tighter controls. They don’t allow their citizens to be exposed to other countries and don’t enable them to prosper financially. From the minimal knowledge I have of NK, are most are poor and live in substandard basic conditions. Only the very few at the top aka Kim Jong Un has full control of the money.

      Whereas, in Communist China, they allow and want them to prosper so the whole control can progress/prosper and become a super power. BUT they must still obey and tow the line. Or else, they will come down hard and this is what we are seeing now..

      1. china is now moving towards closing the country. their latest move to ban english from stores and taking away english testing requirements is a move to close up the country once and for all. i don’t have a problem w/ that since that’s been a practice for asian countries for millenias and we’ve seen how differently both the west and east flourished and had different ideas. probably a good thing if they are able to close up the country to invent things with their own ideas and solve in their own ways w/o being influenced by others. however, the part i don’t agree is of course the propaganda and feeding the people that china is superior to rest of the world just b/c it’s china w/ no substantial facts to backup the claim

      2. @m0m0 China has always prospered when it opened up its economy to other nations. I know “trading” isn’t what’s being discouraged right now, but by removing English as a taught/tested language, they are encouraging this divide between their citizens and the rest of the world. I forget who mentioned it, but the Japanese was once at the forefront of software development and one of the primary requirements was that the workforce had to know English. So they could join conventions and comprehend knowledge flow. Once they stopped making that a requirement…well, the Japanese is no longer on par in that sector.

    3. @m0m0 @Coralie Xi Jinping wants to be another Mao…He wants to reminds everyone; China is still a communist Country… And the best industries to sound the Gongs are the Entertainment, Social Media, Gaming and Education Industries.

      There have been huge changes in all those industries… Xi Jinping will even risk Share prices dropping, International investments unstabilizing and criticism to clean the Countries “Bad Practise”.

      Ultimately, this is their Political Regime. We as outsiders can only watch and comment. They are doing what they feel is best for their Country. I am glad I dont live in China…

      1. right on. while china is not exactly a terrible place to live if you are ignorant or could lookover the kinks and restrictions, once you know the truth, it’s like an enlightening moment.

    4. i don’t know but in my youth year…
      in QC (Canada), we have Moral & Religion Education Class ( secondary 4 – garde 10 around).

  3. with all of this mental problems of all this idols (actually, it’s from they management company too)

    they will need that… lol

  4. This is the metaphor I would like to use: it’s a short leash they have their citizens on but the tension is so great that it will snap. You either have a long and relaxed leash and they are not motivated to run away because you will forever feed them, give them enough freedom, and love OR you have a short leash and exercise a lot of control and they want to be freed. This happens to be a leash that’s short and tight and wants to give them a taste of running (making profit) which is unsustainable. I hear leashes snapping soon

  5. This is exactly why it’s dangerous what Xi Jingping did when he rewrote China’s constitution to go beyond a 10 year period of rule. Guy is getting drunk with power and is just clamping down now on everything. There is a reason why Deng Xiaoping put in that rule. He saw first hand how people with power hold onto it as long as possible, and they get worse and worse. He saw it with Mao. Now we are beginning to see it with Xi. Papa Pooh Bear is gonna lay down the iron fist even more this next 10 years. But you talk to people like my parents, and they think Xi is the best thing to happen to China. I’d argue the opposite and that history will show he’s been the worst thing to happen since Mao.

  6. This is beyond ludicrous control. We all make mistake. No government should be dictating the moral code of individuals’ lives. Everyone makes mistakes and should be given a second chance. The ones who cross boundaries and break laws should be brought to justice, which is only right. What Xi is doing is controlling the masses in his quest for the ultimate power, as if there are not enough restrictions in China already. If any classes should be attended, they should be filled by the delusional fanbots. Class name: How Not To Be Delusional 101. There newd to be something put in place on the curriculum of elementary school children. Teach them from young to not blindly think these men and women are perfect, are not gods and goddesses, and they do and say all kinds of unsavory things, like anyone else. They lie through their teeth and they make mistakes. Hope I make sense.

    1. It s a communist country after all. They control everything and could do whatever they want. Unfortunately…
      Not surprised at what china is doing

  7. I am not against these classes. I don’t think it is brainwashing. Celebrities do get away with a lot of things and the fame does build up their ego. There have been a lot of recent complaints where stars have asked for preferential treatment or exemption of costs when eating out or accepted expensive gifts from fans. Just cos they get away with these activities does not mean that it is right to do in the first place. Some stars just don’t understand the impact they have on their fans. It is up to their own self-discipline to control themselves but there are not many who have that quality.

    Some of them might not know they are stepping over the line and maybe the classes can remind them of possible consequences and they can turn back before they get caught (with tax evasion, fake contracts, drug/sex/alcohol addiction, false education status, etc…) and it all gets out in the news. One can argue that they are individuals and are not perfect, but just because you can’t be perfect does not mean that you can be slack and not try. They don’t have to be goody-two shoes but I would be happy if some of these brats at least tried to be nice/decent towards other people. I think celebrities deserve some privacy in their lives but they also have a public image to uphold as they are role models to which the community looks up to.

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