Tang Yan Reveals What Her Family Life is Like

Tiffany Tang Yan (唐嫣) and Luo Jin (罗晋) tied the knot in 2018 and welcomed their baby daughter one year later. The couple is usually low-profile about their family, but Tang Yang shared some details which revealed their bliss.

Since making her comeback after giving birth, Tang Yan is busily filming, attending events, and variety shows. Guesting on the show Ace Vs Ace Season 6 <王牌对王牌第六季>, Tiffany expressed that she is a person who needs a very strong sense of security. This sense of security comes from herself first and then her family next, as they will forever be her strongest backing.

When asked how many points she gives her husband on being a new father, the actress did not give an exact number, but revealed he has been a huge source of support. Tang Yan explained, “Giving birth made me so weak that I could barely move–I could only lie in one spot. During this time, Luo Jin took care of the baby and for the first two days, he barely slept because he was too busy attending to the baby overnight.”

Since becoming a father, Luo Jin would rush home to look after their daughter whenever he has a break. Even if he is tired from work, he would still take time out to play with her.

Tang Yan also showed to have prioritized spending more time with her family during a brand ambassador interview. She revealed that her daughter has a wide range of interests, so she bought a puzzle for her recently. Since her daughter is only one year old, she could not play it well so Tang Yang would spend time playing it with her. The actress believes it does not matter what activity they are doing, as spending time together is what matters the most.

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