Tiffany Tang Gives Birth to Boy-Girl Twins?

Not wanting to distract from the coronavirus outbreak, Tiffany and her husband did not make an official announcement.

On February 8, Chinese actor Luo Jin’s (羅晉) good friend and actress Xuejing Yan (閆學晶) spilled the news during a live show that 36-year-old actress Tiffany Tang (唐嫣) has given birth to boy-girl twins, though the couple has yet to put out the official announcement.

Although Xuejing Yan has already confirmed the birth, it is not known when Tiffany gave birth. Shouting out their congratulations to the couple on becoming parents, Tiffany’s fans have responded with a statement apologizing for “unintentionally diverting public resources”. They also gave related advice, saying the actress reminds everyone to stop consuming raw foods, put on face masks, wash hands diligently, reject fake news and trust scientific medical care, adding that ‘protecting oneself is helping to safeguard everyone.'”

Sharing the news on Yuanxiao Festival – a joyous day which celebrates the last day of the Lunar New Year had served to spread some good cheer. The fact that Tiffany did not make any official announcement was likely to do with the fact that she did not want to utilize unnecessary press resources. Keeping quiet about her delivery was also in accordance with Tiffany’s personality and her wish to not be disturbed, as seen from how there had not been many reports relating to her pregnancy.

Source: Sohu

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    1. @annebee There was a time i also thought they’d match up but i guess it wasn’t meant to be. I think Luo is just as good and i love the attention he gives to his wife

    2. @annebee I haven’t watched that series but I’ve seen quite a few series of her and Luo Jin and they are sweet together. The sweetness is always onscreen, same with Ruby and Wallace, so this is for the best really 🙂

      1. @littlefish
        I like her and Luo Jin together but honestly, I feel odd for Wallace and Ruby. Wallace and Ruby seemed to only marry because she was pregnant. That is just my feeling so who knows. It is not up to us anyways.

  1. Congrats and she is lucky to have twins. She gets 2 babies in one shot. Congrats to her and Luo Jin and their families!

    1. @hetieshou I know! And a girl and a boy! Pretty much done lol! I envied people with twins xD though not really, because it’s harder, but to have 2 little babies together, you get to see how much the same they are while at the same time how much different they are, and it’s one of those opportunities I would love to experience xD but I can only afford 2 babies xD and I’m done lol

      1. @littlefish
        Yes and I want twins but twins are more rare. I only have one cousin who had a pair of fraternal twin boys. It is harder but you can finish early if you want only 2 kids. Most can only afford 2 these days. I wanted a pair of twin boys and a girl but that is just a dream. It is a big blessing to have twins.

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