Pregnant Tiffany Tang Had Entourage of 50 People to Assist Her on Set

While filming costume drama The Legend of Xiao Chuo <燕雲台>, Tiffany Tang (唐嫣) received royalty treatment on set after announcing her pregnancy in September.

Tiffany hired an entourage of 50 people to accompany her on the filming set, including makeup assistants, driver, personal assistants, and someone to constantly monitor the air quality index to make sure that the air around her is not polluted. Her 50-people entourage reportedly stayed with Tiffany in a five-star hotel for convenience to respond to her requests, while the rest of the production crew lived in a one-star hotel.

The production crew on set also took special care of the 36-year-old actress and made sure to thoroughly clean the set before and after filming to ensure a dust-free working environment. Because Tiffany also had a lot of horse-riding scenes, special upper body shots were filmed where the actress simply imitated the act of horse riding while using props. Because Tiffany’s belly bump continued to grow during her pregnancy, her costume had to be constantly altered to fit her new size.

On the other hand, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), who also stars in the series, is treated a lot more modestly on set. While filming a horse-riding scene, Charmaine accidentally fell off the horse and immediately got back on to continue filming. Luckily, no major injuries were sustained.


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  1. Her hubby dotes on her and she brings in the ratings investors like….With the major cap on their salary since the salary caps were in place. The top stars can get as much reduction as 1/10 of what they previously draw. I get this is the production company’s way of making up the difference.

  2. when i read that part about monitoring air quality, part of me felt a pang of pain for all the preggo mommas in china who are breathing in toxic air and don’t have the resources to ensure their babies don’t get sick in utero. tiffany is doing the right thing, although a posse of 50 people does seem a bit excessive.

    1. @coralie I have seen how bad the air can be in the Chinese cities. You cannot even see the next street clearly. The air quality is really very unhealthy. I know many that caught cancer in their mid twenties.

      1. @foodie yes, i’ve read about it, and don’t want to visit beijing for this reason. people say they blow out black nasal mucus after spending a day there. i don’t know how realistic that image is, but it makes me very reluctant to visit.

        it pains me to read about pregnant mothers who work in these polluted cities. they are endangering their babies to terrible health conditions before they’re even born.

      2. @coralie There are very high young cancer patients in China…I know of 3 friends and all three in mid twenties have cancer cells returns within 5yrs. Over 30yrs are more.

      3. @foodie
        I heard it is bad in Beijing but better in other cities. I heard it is overall getting better, however, is still bad compared to cities with clean air.

      4. @foodie
        Yes my friend lives in the GuangDong area like in Shen Zhen and it is better there but still not as great as cities with clean air. Glad that they are addressing this issue.

    2. @coralie it’s the reality. Soon it’ll be our future. In china, the bad air quality is because of the pollution created by human. In Australia, it’s the bush fire, result from again our actions on the climate. If nothing change soon, it’ll be bad air quality all around the world :/ among other problems we will be facing

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