Tiffany Tang Appears With Mysterious Bulging Belly in “The Legend of Xiao Chuo”

The actress’s studio hit back with video of the actress filming outdoors.

Starring TiffanyTang Yan (唐嫣) and Shawn Dou (窦骁), The Legend of Xiao Chuo <燕云台> looked to bide well as online hype and discussions built up with its airing. However, viewers were distracted by Tiffany’s pregnant belly in some frames, and certain key scenes were suspected of using body doubles to stand in.  As green-screen rumors swirled online, the actress’s production studio swiftly shared a behind-the-scenes video in a seeming response to the accusations.

In the episode aired on November 4, the 36-year-old’s protruding belly had been especially apparent as she walked alongside her housemaid, despite the bulky ancient costumes the cast was wearing. Viewers also suspected the use of green screen in another horseback riding scene.

Tiffany, who had been pregnant with her first child during filming, had reportedly been given the royal treatment on set.

Video shows the Actress Filming Fight Scene Outdoors

In rebuttal, Tiffany’s studio shared four photos of the actress on set, in which her belly appeared flat, leading to conclusions that lighting and costume angles accentuated her belly bulge.

Two days later November, Tiffany’s production studio responded to the criticism by releasing a filming sequence she had done on the prairie. In the video, Tiffany and the team were seen filming outdoors on the grassland, quelling green-screen filming rumors.

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  1. Pregnant or not, they should never do dangerous scenes but always use stunts.

    The only time it’s appropriate to complain is if the scenes are not dangerous. Non-danger would include standing, sleeping, talking, massaging, kneeling, or just because the camera wouldn’t show the face.

    Stunts should also be professionals, not just anybody or else they will risk themselves too much.
    Another reason to complain is when stunts get too obvious.
    If we can only catch the stunts from making the speed super slow, I don’t care about that, nobody watches a drama at such speed. But if it’s in fast motion and we can still catch the stunts then that’s where it’s unprofessional.
    Like in some dramas where somebody will ride the horse without showing her head because the person is not her so the screen would just cut off the head. Those things would come off quite unprofessional but at least it’s for the safety of the actresses.

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