Sharon Chan Fawns Over Both Sides, Denies Using Stephen Chan’s Influence To Gain Leading Role

TVB Fadans Sharon Chan (陳敏之) and Fala Chen (陳法拉)  had been rumored to be under the “Stephen Chan (陳志雲) camp”. Yesterday, during their costume fitting with Roger Kwok (郭晉安) for TVB new drama Schemes of East and West《東西宮略》, Sharon was asked whether she had only gained this opportunity of having a leading role because she was one of Stephen’s “beloved generals”. In reply to this, Sharon responded, “There’s no relation. It was implemented a few months ago.” (Reporter: Are you a pledged follower of the “Stephen Chan camp”?) “He is my good boss, friend as well as my “shifu” [teacher], teaching me how to be a emcee. Everyone does not have any camp, all one of us.”

Although she was allegedly in the “Stephen Chan camp”, Sharon fawned over Virginia Lok (樂易玲) by thanking Virginia for helping her to fight for this role. When mentioned about how Stephen’s reprisal of his position is beneficial to her, Sharon responded, “Never gave any thought to that. I’m just thankful to God that he’s alright now. I was previously worried for a long time. But because I’m a “witness” in that lawsuit, it was not convenient to talk too much. However, now that he’s alright, I can finally heave a sigh of relief. I did message Stephen to ask after him and he replied that everything was fine.”

As for Fala Chen, she will be acting as Zhong Wu Yen (鍾無艷) [an intelligent and capable woman in the periodic times who was born with an ugly red birthmark on her face] in “Schemes of East and West”. Fala expressed that she did notice that Stephen has returned to work. Asked whether she’s part of the “Stephen Chan camp”, Fala laughed and joked, “In the past, people have said that I’m in “Catherina Tsang‘s (珍姐派) camp, Virginia Lok’s (樂易玲) camp, I have been linked to all the parties except the rebel party.”

On the other hand, Roger Kwok expressed his congratulations to Stephen Chan for seeing the clear skies after a storm, “Stephen Chan and I were previously familiar with each other but because I had to take care of my son after that and go back to the Mainland for work, we haven’t been keeping in contact with each other that often anymore.”

In other news, while filming outdoors for the new drama series yesterday, Fala bumped into Best Actor Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) who had ever paid attention to her performances. This caused Fala to be infatuated with delight and even posted her photo taken with Chow Yun Fat on Weibo and wrote, “Fa-Gor was standing behind me and watching me act. I was trying my best to gather my concentration. Aiyahs, that pressure was so huge!” Koni Lui (呂慧儀) had also snapped a photo with Chow Yun Fat too.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. Roger is a good choice. He can do comedy. Fala is surprisingly funny when she wants to be. Sharon is a good actress.


    Fala as CHung Mou Yim? And Sharon? Ha Ying Chun issit?

    Shouldn’t Fala and Sharon switch roles? If Sharon is Ha Ying Chun then that is a total miscast. For me Ha Ying Chun must be someone drop dead gorgeous and seductive. And a bit insane. Yes, Kate for once should have this role.

    1. I agree the seductive part for Kate, but not drop dead gorgeous. I think both Fala and Sharon are really pretty, so I don’t mind who will play the role of Ha Ying Chun. However, Fala playing the role of Zhong Wu Yen makes more sense as she will be the first female lead. Hopefully Sharon will shine in this series!

      I really like Roger and he can be act funny roles pretty well. Looking forward to this series! Kinda sound like the series from 2002 called Love is Beautiful with Mariane Chan and Anne Heung.

      1. I disagree. Better casting would be to switch roles. Perhaps they don’t want Sharon to be so beautiful that will upstage fala.

    2. I also think it would be better if Sharon and Fala switched roles.

  2. I liked Roger in those comedies where he played “Ah Wang” – someone who is “slow witted” and glad he won awards both times.

  3. They did not make Zhong Wu Yan look too bad. My mom said that in the actual story, she looked really bad… She had horns and a very ugly exterior and looked like a monster. That was one of her punishments for letting the fox spirit go. But after that exterior came off, she looked as beautiful as a goddess…

    1. I agree, Zhong Wu Yan of Fala looks too beautiful. Zhong Wu Yan should be an extremly ugly women at first b4 she may turn goddess.

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