Sharon Ying wins first Miss Hong Kong 2022 Award

Holding its bikini rehearsals along with selection for “Miss Friendship” at the Hong Kong Coliseum, the first award in the Miss Hong Kong 2022 pageant has gone to contestant no. 13, Sharon Ying (刑慧敏)!

Sharon (right) has picked up the first award given out at this year’s contest.

The 29-year-old model happily said, “I really feel very surprised to win this award, turns out (it was because) I had gotten along well with everyone during this period of training. Because of the competition tomorrow, we had lots to prepare, plus we’re also having rehearsals tonight and might be ending rather late, so being able to receive this award has really (helped) put me at ease,”

The 1.75m-tall beauty added that she would be enjoying the competition process, regardless of the eventual results.

As the 50th edition of the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant, this year’s finals will be held on September 25, 8pm local time, with 55-year-old actor and singer Leon Lai (黎明) gracing the event as performing guest. The contest was embroiled in controversy recently after a female member of Hong Kong’s police watchdog questioned the need for contestants to be dressed in “little clothing”, and to answer questions in an air-conditioned room while being stared. Organiser TVB swiftly responded with a statement stating its right to take legal action.

Source: HK01

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