Denice Lam Wins Miss Hong Kong 2022

The Miss Hong Kong 2022 was held on September 26, 2022 and resulted in 27-years-old Denice Lam (林鈺洧) taking home the crown. Cecca Xu (許子萱) bagged three awards including first runner up award, Miss International Goodwill Award and Ecological Conservation Award. Joey Leung (梁超怡) won second-runner up and Miss Photogenic.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Hong Kong Pageantry, the contestant graced the stage and paid tribute to the past. While the pageants opened the event with a grand dance, many of the contestant performed with stiff movements and Astrid Xu (徐麟) was seen dancing like a robot.

During the self-introduction segment, Astrid, Gabrielle Wang (王子蝶), Cherry Chan (陳銘鳳), and Naomi Zhang (張可欣) struggled with their Cantonese pronunciation while Cecca and Chloe Cheung (張光怡) took the opportunity to highlight their academic background. Cecca revealed that she was admitted to Oxford and Cambridge but wanted to compete in the pageantry to get a unique experience.

During the show’s final segment with the top 5 contestants, Denice was asked what she would she say in her winning speech to her father and former actor Wilson Lam (林俊賢). Denice responded that she believed her father would be very surprised and revealed that her father did not approve her decision to compete in Miss Hong Kong 2022.

When Denice was announced as the winner, the beauty queen was in total disbelief and asked if the results were true. However, while Denice was sitting on the throne, Denice accidentally exposed herself.

Source: HK On CC

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  1. I wasn’t going to comment until I watched the competition, but I don’t understand these results. I think these three do speak the most confidently, but Denice didn’t even have to answer one of the questions. She just had to make faces for like happy, angry, sad, over and over again for the first question. She was a good sport about it, but nothing impressive here. Cecca has resting b face, and you can tell by the way she answers she’s very confident, to the point where it’s offputting. Joey’s answers were also pretty good, but maybe they deducted points from her for her height. I don’t know. Not a single one of the contestants were strikingly beautiful this year, or recent years really. They replayed a lot of old clips from previous Miss HK pageants. Even thought they were dated from the 70s and 80s with the old fashioned hair and dresses, the contestants were much more stunning.

    1. The last 2 years miss HK winners have been crap,
      Not pretty at all,

      2020 Lisa-Marie Tse was beautiful and she out shone the current contestants this year..

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